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Note: For the sake of this page, if a Anylist has thier own page on TV Tropes, put their fridge on their. If you want to see TF2 Analysis, Click here. Thank you for your time. I am also aware the that as of right now, the Fridge only contains stuff about Cartoonz and Blight, but feel free to add other stuff.~ Troper Info ~

Fridge Brilliance:

  • Cartoonz's Leitmotif is "How Bad Could I Possibly Be" from The Lorax. At first it seems it's just a song playing up his snark and arrogant nature. However, after listening and watching to the song and it's "mustic video", the song (or at least the first verse) perfectly fits Cartoonz's personality perfectly: A person who believes that's it's "Survival of the fittest" (One line even out right implies "Strong will destroy the weak") and will do anything to be in control. The song also has Sellout vibes (especially since it focuses on corporations being powerful), which fit his Hashtag and Sell-Out mannerism. Even the character singing it (the Once-ler) has shades and a hat.
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  • Why does Cartoonz wear Ash's Original Cap? He wants to be The Best (like no one ever was).
  • Why is Bliss' evil clone Thunder Blight? Blight is usually a infection, or something that damages and destroys things. What does the evil clone do? Infects and damages the world around here.
  • In a strange twist, Cartoonz was actually correct about Toon "never being the same again" instead of being a threat. ToonKritic's persona won't be the same again, becuase now it's been updated.


Fridge Horror:

  • Let's say Cartoonz deleted Toon Kritic despite him winning and his amulet wasn't destroyed by some force. The comments would be full of angry and pissed off commenters writing profane and mean things in the comments. If #LastChance is anything to go by, Cartoonz's amulet was fuelled by hatred from even the commenters, making him bigger and stronger. With all that power, imagine what a gigantic, all-powerful Cartoonz destroying the entire community, and later other communities. Nobody would be safe!
    • What exactly would have happened if Thunder Blight DID manage to destroy Bliss. If Cartoonz was anything to go by, she could destroy and infect other channels!

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