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     Character-specific WM Gs 
Voice of Reason secretly loves Friendship is Witchcraft.
  • Why else would he still be watching new installments in the series, even after declaring that he loathes it with a burning passion?
  • Jossed, as he's now officially no longer watching any new installments of that series.

BronyCurious is Tommy Oliver.

Robin is Voice of Reason's past self.
  • Either that, or Voice is his father.

Dr. Wolf is a machine created and powered by his nieces.
  • How else is he able to create great-quality videos in such a short amount of time?
    • Or alternatively, he's The Doctor
    • Subverted as far as his in universe origin. He's actually an Uplifted Animal granted sapience by a unicorn mage.

Toon Kritic is a Red Lantern

Aeon is a Macrophile
Some works show him as either gigantic or tiny, and every time he REALLY seems to enjoy it. This becomes especially in his second magic lesson with Bliss. His quotes in said video are... interesting:
Aeon (referring to his tiny stature): "Ending up like this is a Tuesday for me, and I often really like it too."
Aeon (when asked about why he's tiny): "I have some interesting..... interests and hobbies."
Aeon (referring to Giant Bliss): "As hot as this is, I suppose I should tell you how to fix this."
  • If "How to be a Brony Reviewer Recap" was any indication, he might also be into vore as well.
    Confirmed, his deviantart page is full of it.

Dr.Wolf has Kul'zak's Relic from Minecraft Diaries/ Dr.Wolf's late master was Kul'zak.
I already made a theory video a while back on this but I'll state the evidence for my theory: We know of only the tiniest of details regarding both Dr.Wolf's master and Kul'zak. We also know that the library Dr.Wolf was in was very similar to the Irene Dimension in it's function. And from what we saw of Kul'zak from Season 3 of Minecraft Diaries his appearance was similar to Dr.Wolf's master. Plus it has been hinted that Dr.Wolf may be more powerful then he appears (When he "Sensed the forth wall breaking"), I believe those small things are building to a big revelation about Dr.Wolf.

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