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  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment:
    • Halfway through Tommy Oliver's review of "Equestria Games", the video suddenly cuts to Digibrony rambling (seemingly drunkenly) in an Australian accent. This goes on for two-and-a-half minutes before it cuts back to Tommy, who picks right back up where he left off. If Digibro's later videos are any indication, he apparently gets drunk easily.
    • Voice of Reason begins ranting on "Dragon Quest" in his review of it with Buc Brony and they're suddenly hamsters! After those few seconds, it's not brought up again save for a blink-and-you-miss-it message saying, "Just kidding! We love you Aisu!"
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  • Crazy Awesome: AntonyC and Saberspark, two of the hammiest and most charismatic reviewers.
  • Creepy Awesome: Ink Rose to some, especially after her "Meet the..." video.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple:
    • Digibrony and BronyCurious has become quite the fan favorite pairing.
    • ILoveKimPossibleAlot and AntonyC is also quite a favorite among the fans.
    • Eliyora and Acharky.
    • Josh Scorcher and Ink Rose, even though Ink is six years Josh's junior.
    • GoldenFox and Keyframe, especially after learning how much GoldenFox supported her.
    • Voice of Reason and SEGASister.
    • Thespio and Midnight Sonata.
  • Harsher in Hindsight:
    • TheAnYPony's video on how one can achieve success on YouTube. In it, he used Digi as an example of how one rises to become a successful YouTube celebrity. Cut to season four a few months later, where Digibrony had grown more harsher and critical in his videos, to the point where his opinions on season four of MLP and as well as his new irate and mean-spirited personality had really made people grow to dislike him.
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    • In Nightmare Night 2014, we see Baron Tall Tales, an expy of Tommy Oliver's OC who is called the zombified remains of a "long dead" critic. Less than a year later, Tommy would leave the community.
    • ANY heartwarming moment between them and former analyst ToonKriticY2K has become cringeworthy to revisit now after Zak was exposed as a sex offender and pedophile, thus they cut all ties with him.
    • The videos with both Josh Scorcher and Lily Peet are rather hard to look at after the two of them broke off their friendship in a rather public falling-out.
  • He Panned It, Now He Sucks!: They all get a lot of this. The entire Analysis Community has often been criticized for being overwhelmingly negative; however, the majority of reviews for most episodes by most analysts tend to air on the positive side. It's actually extremely rare for any episode to receive highly negative reviews, and even when it does it will often only be a few analysts doing so.
    • Tommy Oliver has made it no secret that he considers Fluttershy to be his least favorite of the Mane Six. He expresses this by calling her "Cheesy Gordita".Explanation  Considering that a Hub poll in 2013 resulted in Fluttershy being declared the "fan-favorite pony", it's no shock that Tommy's opinion is not taken well by many. He also got a lot of flak for panning the episode "Equestria Games", simply because it focused on Spike and not the games themselves as he thought they'd be promised.
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    • Voice Of Reason's undying loathing of Friendship is Witchcraft. His opinion was not taken well by the legions of FIW fans, who banded together to make his video the only MLP Analysis video to date to have a net negative rating. (The fact that his initial review contained several factual errors didn't help either; his followup video where he addresses his errors is net-positive, but just barely.)
    • Digibrony detests "Boast Busters," which doesn't sit well with all the Trixie lovers in the fandom. His overall dislike of Season 4 has also rubbed a lot of fans, and even some Analysts, the wrong way, to the point that when he announced at the end of his "Twilight's Kingdom" video that he was retiring from MLP reviewing, more than a few fans responded with variations of "good riddance".
    • Robin's scathing review of "Bats!" also left many fans to be pissed at him. This was later humorously recalled in his review of "Rarity Takes Manhattan" in which all of the other analysts form an angry mob and attack him.
    • GoldenFox infamously got a lot of flak for his review of "Filli Vanilli," not because he despised the episode, but because of how he took his anger of the episode on Pinkie's behavior, which resulted with a huge fan backdraft that is considered the catalyst for why the Analysis Community is so divisive.
    • While "Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?" is already a fairly divisive episode among the fanbase, with haters (such as Silver Quill, Voice of Reason, and Lily Peet) and defenders (including Keyframe, GoldenFox, and Dr. Wolf) everywhere, Joshscorcher got flak for his criticism of the episode and its portrayal of Luna's character. Many fans accused him of being a Bias Steamroller, especially since Josh has openly never liked Luna's Ensemble Dark Horse status and always favored Princess Celestia more.
    • In a somewhat non-MLP related example, MisAnthroPony received notable amounts of backlash after he released a video criticizing the Nostalgia Critic's review for Norm of the North. It is currently the first video by MAP since the end of his rant videos to have a net negative rating, and it received some response criticism. MisAnthro actually made this a Running Gag of sorts following the "Change The Channel" fiasco, but even fans of MAP wish he'd drop the subject, especially since it's clear it's just a Bias Steamroller against Doug Walker (if MAP's endless statements on Doug's non-working behavior on the drama give indication).
      • MisAnthroPony actually invoked this around 2018 with his Star Wars reviews. MAP endlessly ranted and Rage Quit in regards to The Last Jedi. Like with his criticisms of Channel Awesome, even fans of MAP wish for him to stop complaining about the movie after he made a two-hour-long rant about how the movie "sucked".
    • To say fans are sick and tired of Sketchy the Changeling's endless tirades and wank fests on Pinkie Pie would be an understatement.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: One of Josh Scorcher's first complaints of "Appleloosa's Most Wanted" is that he wanted to see the Crusaders get their cutie marks already, and by that point, the fact they haven't done so yet felt like the writers were stalling. Later developments aside, that video was uploaded only two days before the episode aired.
  • Launcher of a Thousand Ships:
  • Moral Event Horizon: Lethal Aurora crosses it from the beginning by being the first villain to commit on-screen murder, in a manner that is NOT Played for Laughs.
  • Never Live It Down:
    • To say the Analysis Community's reputation regarding their entitled nature over "Equestria Games" has yet to heal is an understatment. Same with their complaints over Pinkie Pie's "Flanderization" Post-Season 2.
    • Golden Fox's reputation regarding "Equestria Games" and "Filli Vanilli" left a horrible sore spot, especially when the latter is considered the catalyst for the Analysis's damaged reputation since fans sent death threats to episode writer Amy Keating Rogers.
    • It might be safe to say that ToonKriticY2K's reputation has taken a turn for the worse, even among former friends, after he was exposed as grooming teenagers into sexual roleplays and engaging in general abusive behavior.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • Ink Rose has her own page.
    • The surreal nature of Digibrony's review of "The Return of Harmony" was more than a little creepy.
    • In Josh's review of the Cutie Re-Mark, Ink Rose's expressions at several points are really unsettling. There are moments where she stares at the audience/Josh with eyes that are looking directly into your soul. The cute background music doesn't help these moments either. Ink, stop staring at me! Also, Ink Rose's headcanon on why the last alternate future in that episode was a lifeless wasteland? "Every villain was released, and everything in Equestria is dead!" The implication was already there, but the way she says it sells this quote.
    • Flight of Blight. Thunder Blight herself manages to be pretty menacing and has a genuinely unnerving Leitmotif, but the real Nightmare Fuel is that Lightning Bliss spends most of it fading away into nonexistence and her screaming in pain from it is terrifying. According to Word of God, Blight was originally much worse in the original script to the point some of the things were too uncomfortable for her to go through with.
      Robin: Ok, somebody's gotta stop her, she's killing Blissy!
    • GoldenFox's breakdown in his "Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep" review is both this and a massive Tearjerker.
    • Golden's dark side Crimson Fang invokes this as well. Unlike others with dark sides, such as Thunder Blight, Crimson acts like a surprisingly calm professional with an undertone that can give a sense of something amiss with him. This is made apparent in his introduction episode when criticizing Golden over his behavior with recent episodes.
  • Portmanteau Couple Name: Here are some the few out of many, many pairings.
    • AnYHood (AnY Pony X KatrinaHood).
    • DigiCurious (Digibrony X Bronycurious).
    • ILoveAntonyCALot (ILoveKimPossibleAlot X Antony C).
    • JoshRose or FireRose (Josh Scorcher / Commander Firebrand X Ink Rose).
    • FireMau (Josh Scorcher / Commander Firebrand X Aramau / the Fiery Secretary).
    • StormBeats (Storm Analysis X Clifford Beats).
    • PostPal (Postscript X Rosepal)
    • GoldenKey (GoldenFox X Keyframe)
    • SEGAVoice (SEGASister and Voice of Reason)
    • PuzzleBloom (PuzzleBrony X Sweetie Bloom)
    • and many, MANY more.
  • Tear Jerker: Has its own page.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: In Winter of 2013, Digibrony revamped his whole image on his YouTube videos where he smokes all the time, even indoors, and even in his redesigned OC. The reality is that he's been smoking since way before becoming a reviewernote , and thought he should simply embrace who he is publicly. A vocal group were not pleased. Digibro's new style of reviewing episodes also came under attack. Beginning with "Twilight Time", he began giving brief explorations of the episodes' themes and relating them to his personal life rather than thoroughly explaining why he thinks an episode is good or bad, like how he did previously and how the majority of his peers do. All of this was largely the result of a combination of Fan Disillusionment and Artist Disillusionment, as he had grown tired of the majority of YouTube comments he received focusing on his opinion of an episode rather than the analytical points he brought up and the fact that he doesn't like the majority of the episodes in season 4. He later indicated that he would only be doing this for season 4, and that reviews of other episodes would be done with the same style and OC as before. After season 4 concluded, Digibro retired from MLP analysis and began focusing on anime.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Before his voice deepened, Storm Analysis had been mistaken for a female quite a couple of times.


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