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    After the Fact 

  • In his review of Simple Ways, Silver Quill ends the review by giving a shout out to everyone who's drawn fan art of his character, and ends most of his episodes after this one showing examples of this fan art in the credits.
  • After expressing his distaste for The Good, the Bad, and the Pony, it seems like he was going to rip into Twilight next, only to reassure her that he still likes her and won't let one badly written story spoil her character for him.
  • Putting the spotlight on Mr. and Mrs. Cake and praising the couple as one of the best examples of a married couple in media.
  • Putting on a parade honoring Applejack and doing an entire video explaining why she's one of his favorite characters.
  • At the beginning of Rainbow Dash's tribute video, Rainbow is about to make an entrance, but Scootaloo is unable to see over the large crowd. Silver notices her crying about this and promptly flies her up so she can see her idol's entrance.
  • In his supplement video to Tanks for the Memories, he goes into detail about death in the media as well as how he liked how the episode attempted to present it to a young audience, including Rainbow's journey through the stages of grief.
  • After the Fact - Magical Ethics opened with a response to Lily Peet making fun of her female OC, not realizing why she had a female OC. After the audience (repeatedly) made him aware that Lily was a trans woman, he re-edited the video with an assertion that he isn't out to hurt anybody.
    • Lily took the joke in stride, and even stated that Silver was a sweetheart for making the edits.
  • At the end of his Loveable Luna video, he offers the princess some "pre-emptive karma" for his inevitable review of Do princesses dream of magic sheep and opens himself freely for any sort of punishment she can give. What's her choice? Kissing him on the cheek. Silver is KOed instantly.
  • At the end of Twilight's Tribute, upon realizing that Twilight's still nervous, he reveals that he had prepared a present for her once she'd given her speech. Seeing how nervous she was though, he decides to give it to her early. It's a necklace version of her old Element of Harmony, which helps Twilight to go through with the speech.
  • In Spike's Special, Silver Quill distracts Spike so he can get a surprise kiss on the cheek from Rarity.
  • In Sublime Sunset, after giving Sunset some encouragement, reunites Sunset and Celstia for a visit.
  • In Friendship Games:
    • Silver calls out the faculty for not canceling the games after the first bout of wild magic nearly gets students killed.
    • He later makes an announcement to Canterlot High (with plans to make a similar one to Crystal Prep) that the Friendship Games will be replaced with a Friendship Fair that will promote friendship without the need of toxic competition. Granted, he had to tie up Celestia to do this, but his heart's in the right place.
  • In After The Fact: Rarity Takes Manhattan Film Sparks actually claps for Rarity's success after Suri's treachery. An actual animation of his character was created just because he was that impressed.
  • After The Fact: Twilight Time has Silver sympathizing with Spike over how much he suffers and even giving the little guy a hug. At the very end he sets off with Spike so the dragon can get some much needed therapy.
  • After The Fact: Flash Sentry has Silver opting out of acting as Flash's executioner, noting such a thing is way too far for his tastes. He even helps Flash up and gets him out of his chains.
    • Silver also admits at the end that he doesn't have any personal resentment for Flash, noting that he's more put off by the missed opportunity he represents. It doesn't stop him from trolling Flash but at least it's Nothing Personal for Silver.
  • After The Fact: Applejack Appreciation has Silver personally pulling a carriage carrying Applejack. He's ecstatic to do so and notes he'll start the review after one more lap.
    • The episode ends with a rock rendition of "Who's a Silly Pony?" that is done completely seriously in honor of Applejack.
  • Silver gushing over Brave Starr in his Fallen Idol review.
  • The Good, The Bad and The Ponies review has Silver telling Twilight that as frustrating as he considers the issue he still likes her as a character.
  • Equestria Girls has Silver praising both Flash Sentry and Spike for their roles in the movie, even noting that he might take shots at Flash but he still believes in credit where it's due.
  • "Watching Techno Chicken?" shows that Silver has a photo of himself getting nuzzled by Sweetie Belle.
  • Fantastic Fluttershy starts with Silver giving Fluttershy a pep talk to encourage her to go to her celebration.
  • After The Fact: Fluttershy's micro has Flutters hugging Silver when he reaffirms she's his favorite character.
  • Silver cheering Pinkie up in Pinkie Pie Party.
  • Silver points out in After The Fact: Made in Manehattan that while viewers are likely expecting some Black Humor about all the ponies in the street there are children and elderly ponies present and there are limits on his craziness.
    • He even decides to block of the street to help with the performance and pulls out his gun on some testy taxis that are honking at him.
  • After The Fact: Crusaders of the Lost Mark has Silver praising the Crusaders for their maturity and kindness towards Diamond Tiara. At one point when he stresses how much adults struggle with this lesson he brings up The Doctor's speech about why he does what he does because it is simply kind and praises them for their kindness already being ranked with someone who has been doing it for over a millennia.
    Silver: Can we get these three halos? Or maybe sainthood?


  • The ending panels of this comic will break your personal D'aww meter.


    Other Things 

  • After Dr. Wolf got his channel back, Silver Quill did a livestream with him, expressing his actual joy in having his friend back.
  • During his "Watching Techno Chicken" video Golden Fox looked to see what kind of files he had on his computer. He found thìs. Silver'screen reaction says it all.
    You all think so little of me.
  • It's subtle but when Silver is talking about My Hero Academia as part of his video explaining how he can remain an optimist, he primarily uses the main character's actual first name rather than the insulting nickname turned hero name that many fans use. It doesn't matter that Izuku himself wouldn't care if the name got used; Silver respects the kid too much to use something that was used to harm when he's building Izuku up.
  • A single line from Without Context: Ralph Breaks the Internet.
    Silver: Thanks for everything Stan.


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