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Sly's games tend to steal our breath as much as Sly... well... steals.

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

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    Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus 
Police Headquarters (Paris)
  • The first lines of dialogue between Sly and Bentley, establishing their dynamic for the game:
    Bentley: (shouting) Sly! Come in! Sly! Do you read me?
    Sly: Yeah, I read you. Loud and... very loud.

  • There's a bunch of empty rum bottles scattered around Inspector Carmelita Fox's office. Even before we first meet her, we can tell just how hard she's been taking her failures to catch Sly.

  • Sly and Carmelita confront one another before Sly interrupts himself to say that Carmelita's shock pistol brings out the color of her eyes.

Tide of Terror (Isle O'Wrath)

  • This conversation between Sly and Bentley when you first approach a machine wheel:
    Bentley: Sly, see that machine wheel? If my knowledge of mechanical engineering serves me right, applying significant rotational torque to achieve maximum velocity should yield a positive result.
    Sly: You mean something good might happen if I get the wheel to spin fast enough?
    Bentley: Isn't that what I just said?
    • On that note, there's this exchange, which probably does a better job of summarizing their dynamic than the Police Headquarters example above:
      Bentley: Do not forget, Sly, you have to get close...
      Sly: ...Then press the circle button to grab [the ladder], yeah, yeah, yeah. Relax, Bentley. I live for this stuff.
      Bentley: Yeah, and that's what worries me.
  • Forget engineering or piracy, Sir Raleigh's specialty is Chewing the Scenery like a spoiled and demanding king:
    • When Sly first reaches his hideout:
      Raleigh: (over intercom) I say, chaps, my heartiest congratulations to you all! The storm machine has sunk its fiftieth ship last night, and the loot has already been unloaded! Our operation is moving along splendidly, with the possible exception being... the gross NEGLIGENCE displayed below decks, and... I demand the boilers stay at full pressure at all times! If you lazy, low-brow, technically incompetent pack of guttersnipes DID YOUR JOBS RIGHT, WE'D HAVE SUNK A HUNDRED SHIPS BY NOW! (calmly) ...But of course, fifty boats is a fine, fine achievement. Carry on, my boys, carry on.
    • After Sly's stolen most of the treasure keys, his second intercom announcement in "The Gunboat Graveyard":
      Raleigh: (over intercom, clearly attempting to hold back his frustration) Ahoy, dock hands! Capital job unloading that cargo last night. You're the crown jewel of my operation. Do me the service of proving your worth yet again by protecting the treasure key that I have stored down there. It appears there's a prowler on the premises. And if any of you... let him get his hands on that key... I'll personally flog the lot of you... FOR AN ENTIRE FORTNIGHT!
    • And last but not least, his confrontation with the raccoon himself:
      Raleigh: (upon being confronted by Sly) Obviously, we should have snuffed you out as well. So, without further ado, let me make amends by, what... BLOATING TO GARGANTUAN SIZE, AND SQUASHING YOU LIKE THE INSIGNIFICANT BUG THAT YOU ARE!!!

  • Following Raleigh's defeat and arrest, the Isle of Wrath is renamed the "Isle of Nice".

Sunset Snake Eyes (Mesa City)

Vicious Voodoo (Haiti)

  • Regardless of its That One Level status, "Down Home Cookin'" takes place in a barn, where it turns out one of the ghosts that had been scaring you earlier just wants to make some gumbo, but is scared of the bomb-toting roosters.
  • You know how you do a typical boss battle with the Arc Villain of the episode four out of the five times? Guess which one is the odd boss out? Mz. Ruby! Her boss battle is a rhythm-based minigame (or at least, it's supposed to be) where you have to time your button presses in tune to the music. It's sudden, it's weird, and it's oddly hilarious.
    Sly: Dig-that-voo-doo!

Fire in The Sky (Kunlun Mountains, China)

  • While the idea of Panda King burying villages who don’t pay for his "avalanche protection service" in avalanches is horrifying, it does lead to a humorous Genre Savvy moment during his announcement afterwards.
    Panda King: Attention, valued employees. Sadly, Hikam Village did not pay for avalanche protection service, and so I am forced to bury them alive under many tons of snow. Please be on lookout for any surviving villagers who come looking for revenge. Thank you, that is all.
  • Should Sly manage to unlock all the vaults up to this point, he'll unlock the "Meeting the Ancestors" trophy. Now, what does Sly do in Sly 4? Oh, he actually meets up with a number of them.
  • During a segment where Bentley is trying to crack the cypher on a map leading to Clockwerk's base, he remarks that the cypher itself isn't the problem; It's that not only is the dialect difficult to parse, presumably because Clockwerk applied the cypher to his native Russian, but because his penmanship is atrocious. Of course, since Clockwerk is a gigantic owl with no hands to speak of, the idea that he wrote it to start with is its own form of comedy.

The Cold Heart Of Hate (Krak-Karov Volcano)

  • During the final phase of the battle against Clockwerk, the giant scary owl who was a pure Knight of Cerebus just prior lets out odd non-sequiturs as his body is auto-repairing itself.
    "I am... selling... flowers..."
    "Feet together!"
    "Shift F5, shift F7, F5 will live."


  • Carmelita gives Sly a ten-second head start as a token of gratitude for rescuing her, but he spends the whole countdown staring at her with a smug expression. As she reaches zero, he gives her a kiss on the lips. Carmelita then just has a dazzled expression of "Wow, what was THAT?"... up until she realizes that Sly's handcuffed her to the railing.
    • The "anime" version of the ending adds an extra detail: Sly uses his cane to grab her arm, prompting Carmelita to make a split-second expression of shock before the Kiss of Distraction.
  • As imposing as the Sequel Hook Cliffhanger is, Murray's "Oh no" reaction to it combined with a stock scream is rather amusing.

    Sly 2: Band of Thieves 
A Shadow From The Past (Cairo)
  • Sly and Bentley's very first exchange. Bentley came up with code names and everything, and Sly is having none of it:
    Bentley: Breaker Alpha Foxtrot, this is The Wizard. Do you read me, Sitting Duck?
    Sly: This is Peking Duck. I hear you, Blizzard.
    Bentley: No, Sly. I'm "The Wizard," and you're "Sitting Duck."
    Sly: I read you loud and clear... Lizard.
    Bentley: No, I'm... Forget it. You're not taking this seriously!
    Sly: Yeah, I'm not.
  • Proceed through the museum and eventually Sly hits a locked gate. As you scrabble to find a way through, suddenly "THUNDER FLOP!". This your first intro to The Murray.

The Black Chateau (Paris)

  • Basically everything Dimitri says, due to his Large Ham nature and tendency to use Mixed Metaphor. Even when he's ordering Sly's death:
    Dimitri: Check one, check two, solid. Dimitri on the mike with a shout-out to all my nightclub samurai. Stand tall and feel beautiful. I hear there's some raccoon-dude giving us static. If you all spot this crackerbox, BANG! Make him unhappy. Take no prisoners. Go hardcore. Extreme, ALL OVER HIS FACE! Okay, peace out.
  • "Oh cupcakes!"
  • Just before Dimitri's boss fight, he and Sly banter and try negotiating with each other. Unfortunately, neither of them understands what the other is saying; Sly's completely lost by Dimitri's slang, and Dimitri doesn't seem to know who or what Clockwerk even is as Sly discusses him. Eventually, Sly just gives up and initiates the fight.
    Dimitri: So raccoonus-doodus, you're, like, totality bumming my house up and bringing me down. So very uncool. Why can't you let birds and bees be free, bro!?
    Sly: Listen, Dimitri. You have no idea what you're playing with—it'll bring more than your house down.
    Dimitri: Look bro, I can see you are a tough cowboy. A man with taste, style, vision, a connoisseur of finer things—like me. Look, I'm sure two cats like us in a bag can work something out, huh? We smoooth. Look; seeeee the money. You like the money. You can take all you want. I can-
    Sly: No deal! You and the rest of the Klaww Gang have to be stopped. Clockwork will never again see the light of day. Just hand over the tail feathers and we can-
    Dimitri: What is this with clocks, bro!? Have you no vision? Are you hearing what I beam to you? You think you have juice? Don't show me a little mind when talking about such big things. You think you can swing the bat? Show your bling and let me shine you!
    Sly: ... I have no idea what you're saying... And your suit sucks!
    • Dimitri retorts with this should he defeat you the first time:

A Starry Eyed Encounter (India, Part 1)

  • Just before Sly begins his dance with Neyla, he makes a rather perverted comment about Carmelita.
    Neyla: You aren't by any chance here to turn yourself in? Old Ironsides would fall out of her dress.
    Sly: As good as that sounds, how about a dance first?

The Predator Awakes (India, Part 2)

  • Some episodes have a mission where you bug the villain's office so that you'll have access to their communications. In this episode, you do so with a literal bug.
    Sly: Let me get this straight... we're going to bug Rajan's office... with a bug?
    Bentley: It is an elegant plan, I agree.
  • When Bentley finds out that Neyla double-crossed Sly and the gang.
    Bentley: I can't believe it! That double-crossing, cockney... LIAR!!!

Jailbreak (Prague, Part 1)

  • Sly's deadpan snarking about Bentley insisting the "water tower" in the Contessa's prison is a giant attack robot... which is ultimately proven right.
    Bentley: Like I said... Giant... Attack... ROBOT!
    • Even better is the slideshow montage where Bentley reaffirms that the water tower is a robot, going to the point that he scribbles a frowny face with mad eyes mid-slideshow.
      Bentley: No really, Sly, I'm serious. The Contessa has a giant attack robot. It just looks like a water tower.
  • "I'm a little teapot short and stout. Tip me over and I'll SMASH UP EVERYTHING!"

A Tangled Web (Prague, Part 2)

  • In order to get some information out of General Clawfoot after Murray brings him to the safehouse, Bentley breaks out... a feather. Along with a surprising amount of ham.
    Bentley: Talk, you scoundrel!
  • This exchange:
    Sly: You're a good man, Bentley. Just make sure those traps don't rip you into a hundred little turtle pieces.
    Bentley: Why'd you have to say that!

He Who Tames The Iron Horse (Canada, Part 1)

  • "You can run from me, but I know where you're going: jail!"
  • One objective for Murray is to abduct two bear cubs to break open a cage for a trolley that would be used during "Operation: Choo-Choo." Bentley's slide presentation makes the mission a bit more hilarious: "Don't worry, the cubs won't be hurt. Although I can't say the same for the guards."
    • The beginning of said mission has this exchange:
    Bentley: For this job, we're going to have to rely on a stronger force... the love of a mother for her child.
    Murray: Uh... you got something to tell me?
  • Neyla attempts to insult Sly during "Operation: Choo-Choo" for his reliance on his friends. Naturally:
    Neyla: What's the problem, Poodle? Afraid you can't take me on? Have to call up your little friends for help?
    Sly: (speaking into a transmitter) Come in "little friends," Neyla's got me pinned down.
    • After Bentley helps out Sly the first time, the follow-up exchange is this:
    Sly: That was some fancy flying, "little friend."
    Bentley: Whatever you say, "Poodle."
  • Every so often, Carmelita and one of the goons will encounter each other, and fight. Carmelita wins most of them.
  • Likewise, every so often, goons will end up in a fight with the local bears. Bears tend to win.

Menace From The North, Eh? (Canada, Part 2)

  • From one of Bentley's slideshows: an image of Sly getting an electric shock. Makes you wonder where Bentley gets all those images from...
    Bentley: Given my electric engineering background, this plan has a ninety-seven percent of chance of success. Pretty good, huh?
  • While redirecting the cutting laser into the ice holding the log-chopping book, Sly unintentionally frees a mammoth from the ice, which immediately runs off...
    Bentley: I've never seen such a majestic creature! So full of life, so ready to live! [splash] So much for that. He's back in the deep freeze.
    • Even funnier, Sly and the gang later come across said mammoth, frozen in the lake.
    Sly: Was wondering what happened to that guy. Guess he prefers to be frozen.
  • Expect to find more than a few goons getting mauled by the nearby bears.


  • Some of Sly and Carmelita's similarities may be considered this. Ex: Carmelita likes art, Sly steals art.
  • Jean Bison's epilogue. He becomes a member of the EPA... and gets frozen again.


  • Murray's Turnbuckle Launch charge-up animation has him squat and shake violently; combined with the groan he makes, it looks like he's "trying to push something out."
  • A secret gadget that functions like the alarm clock can be acquired by entering a code. The gear in question is T.O.M. who lures the enemies by shouting. In some cases he even shouts "Peanuts".
  • After completing the aforementioned missions where you bug the offices of the villains, you can listen to them speak about various things through a loudspeaker installed in the safehouse, at least until you finish the episode. Some of the lines are pretty funny. Some examples:
    Dimitri: Carmelita, la-da-ding! Throw the cuffs at me!
    Rajan: What's this I see in my meditation pool? A bug?! I know your true use... you will work well to eat those pesky mosquitoes!
    Jean Bison: Ooh, my back's killin' me! Thank Jiminy for the Canadian healthcare system.

    Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves 
An Opera Of Fear (Venice)
  • If you get caught by Octavio in the mission "Octavio Snap," instead of having his guards attack you (which most villains would do if they catch you, failing the mission), he instead is disappointed and unamused that he caught you:
    Octavio: I've got a shadow, huh? You stink! Back in my day, thieves knew how not to get caught!
  • In the first mission to infiltrate Venice Police HQ, when the lights are going haywire and Sly must hide under the tables, the ape mercenaries at the meeting can be heard saying some pretty funny things:
    (lights on)
    "Let there be light!"
    (lights off)
    "Oh, come on."
    (lights on)
    "I can see, da! I can see!"
    (lights off)
    "Make up your mind already."
    (lights on)
    "You look a lot better in the dark, Pietro. Seriously, you are an ugly, ugly man."
    • And then later Sly's distracting the mercenaries and Inspector Fox so Dimitri can escape:
    Sly: Hello assorted meatheads! And lady. Anybody feel like some exercise?
    Carmelita: Cooper?! Grab him, men!
    Sly: Aaaaand I'm out.
    • Even funnier when you have the chase with Carmelita, and you realize that the mercenaries don't follow her outside.
  • For one mission, Sly has to take over guard duty in disguise so Bentley can sneak into some coffee shops. During one of the post swaps, the guard on duty thanks Sly for taking over as his mom is cooking spaghetti. He mentions that it's so good that he wishes to be buried in his mother's pasta sauce, to which Bentley reacts somewhat dumbfoundedly:
    Bentley: Yeah... that's, uh, that's strange.
    • As Bentley's doing his work inside the shop, Sly prattles on about how he must be missing out on something if he's never had food that good, up until the point Bentley completes his work and exits the shop. Bentley gets annoyed and urges Sly to focus on the job, to which he agrees. Sly then adds that they should go get something to eat afterwards.
    • From the same mission, at the first stop:
    Bentley: I can't believe that worked! You've got the worst Italian accent I've ever heard! No offense.
  • From "Run 'N Bomb", there's Sly's hilariously bad threat to Octavio after the rogue opera singer takes Bentley hostage:
    Sly: Put my friend down, or I'm gonna knock out all of your teeth, one at a time. And make you eat 'em.
  • The entirety of the opera duel between Bentley and Octavio. Bentley just horribly repeats "la" at different pitches, and if you lose, Octavio says that he can't go on because you're too awful. Furthermore, the song ends with an absurdly-high, Incredibly Long Note held by Bentley.

Rumble Down Under (Australia)

  • Before a mission where the Cooper Gang has to act tough to intimidate the local miners, Bentley asks his teammates how they can just "get angry." The response?:
    Murray: Find the match, deep inside yourself... light it, and let the fire burn up your guts and BOIL YOUR BLOOD!"
    Sly: Uh... yeah. I pretty much do the same thing.
  • "We here are known around these parts for our drinkin' skills... and this just happens to be... a lemonade bar."
  • "Bentley, I could use some help! How about putting a few of your sleep-darts in 'Carme-large-a' here?!"
    • Later, this exchange:
    Sly: You got a better idea?
    Murray: Yeah! But we'd need a giant fighting robot.
  • The gang having fun with Carmelita's camera while she's unconscious. The photos are hilarious.
  • In order to defeat a magically-altered and gigantic Carmelita, Sly must climb up her clothes, twice! As Bentley stated, can't get much closer.
  • Sly's reaction to the fact that the Miners had booby trapped the Guru's walking stick.
    Sly: Another booby trap for a stick!?! These guys are paranoid.
Flight of Fancy (Holland)
  • How the opening cinematic for this episode ends. Penelope revealing her avatar: it's the body of a beautiful woman with her real head taped on top (if you look closely, you can even see the remains of a "hello" wave that she failed to crop out). And Bentley has the same thing with his face taped over some muscular hunk's body!
    • Which is then referenced when they see each other for the first time and Sly comments on how their avatars were a bit... exaggerated. The cutscene makes a point of showing them staring blankly at each other.
  • When Sly asks Dimitri for info on the dogfight competition's secret roster, Dimitri refuses to talk because he is afraid of the Black Baron finding out about it. How does Sly convince Dimitri to help him? By telling Dimitri that he can outsmart the Baron... since Dimitri has the best fashion sense of anyone he knows.
  • Bentley needs to pick a fight against Muggshot so Carmelita can send him to jail. The insult that triggers it?
    • Before he snaps, Muggshot can tell Bentley not to say anything if he didn't have anything nice to say at all. In response, Bentley remains silent for several uncomfortable seconds. Muggshot is dumbfounded and legitimately hurt:
      Bentley: You know, I've been thinking about your appearance.
      Muggshot: Look, if you don't got nothing to say nice, then don't say nothing at all. Get it!?
      Bentley: ...
      Muggshot: What, ain't got no sassy comments, smart guy?
      Bentley: ...
      Muggshot: Oh, I get it, you got nothing nice to say so you're keeping quiet. That's real cute.
      Bentley: ...
      Muggshot: You really don't got nothing nice to say?... That's cold.
    • Sly tricking Carmelita into chasing him as part of the above plan:
    Sly: Hey, Inspector Fox! Still looking for a date to the prom?
    Carmelita: Quit running, and I'll pin the corsage on you!
  • One of the missions involves getting Murray to make one of the Belgian pilots laugh. While the one option that works (physical humor) is still great, if you try all the others you'll get some real So Unfunny, It's Funny gems. Murray's attempts at jokes are downright surreal.
  • There's a giant wolf roaming the landscape. Fights between it and the guards tend to result in the wolf winning... it's also pretty likely that you'll be minding your own business and suddenly the wolf's trying to eat you.

A Cold Alliance (Kunlun Mountains, China)

  • Penelope's reaction to Murray asking anyone if they want to see his blisters.
    Penelope: No way! Is he serious?
  • When the gang first comes to recruit the Panda King for their heist, they at first find him too lost in meditation to interact with by normal means. As such, Sly and Bentley discuss possible solutions:
    Sly: Let's just shout in his ear.
    Bentley: No, to break him out of this trance, we'll need to delve into his mind.
    Sly: A hacksaw, then?
    Bentley: No!
  • During the mission to destroy a crypt of hopping vampires, Sly tries to hype up Panda King for what's to come. It's incredibly forced, which both parties recognize:
    Sly: There're gonna be fangs everywhere!
    (Panda King just stares at Sly, blankly.)
    Sly: Right... I'll head back to the safehouse.
    (Another pause.)
    Panda King: Yes, do that.
  • When Panda King talks to his other half on working with Sly and the gang. When his bad half keeps refusing, Panda King convinces him with this:
    Panda King: If strength were all that mattered, Tsao would be an ideal son-in-law.
    Inner Panda King: (without hesitation) Very well, Cooper shall live.
    • There's also this afterward:
      Panda King: Fear not, Cooper. I shall not kill you today.
      Sly: Um... ditto.
  • One mission has Penelope instruct Murray to break open a strongbox, which turns out to be a trap that sprays him with Knockout Gas. Murray's reaction before falling unconscious?
    Murray: OHH, KOFF, HOOGH-! That's... bad... gas!
Dead Man Tell No Tales (Blood Bath Bay)
  • Sly's attempt at a pirate accent.
    • On that note, the pirate insult competition. They refer to it as cursing. Well, they're G-Rated pirates.
      Sly: You're a brainless, clam-tongued, waste of skin!
      Pete: That be true enough, but you're a stupid, scurvy-ridden, cabin boy!
      Sly: You are a pin-headed, cross-eyed, piece of filth!
      Pete: Har, har! But methinks you're a blathering, grog-abusing, whale-fart!
      Sly: You're a donkey-eared, barnacle-backed, cow pie!
      Pete: Ha! Yah swear like a child! You're a bleating, yellow-bellied, bag of vomit!
      Sly: You're an idiotic, pus-faced, sack o'maggots!
      Pete: That be true enough, but you're a cricket-sized, twisted, anchor-head!
      Sly: Oh yeah? You're a pig-breathed, knuckle-dragging, swabber!
  • Bentley attempts to speak Dimitri:
    Bentley: Cool, Daddy-O. How 'bout you take your "pimped self" down 'neath the H20, and get nasty with the scuba... yo, with bling.
    Dimitri: Hey man, you can try, but you'll never capture my essential style. It's like smoke, ungrababble and all over the place! But no matter, no thing, come at me with some turtle talk. You've got your own flavor.
    • And Bentley does it again when Dimitri finishes the mission! Except here, Dimitri doesn't bother talking him out of it.
    Bentley: Magnificent, bro! Your method and madness have cold set us up with a fat pirate gat. You're a solid gold all-star on the Team Cooper label!
  • LeFwee might be a chauvinist Jerkass who flagrantly toes the line between Faux Affably Evil and Smug Snake, but he has some very funny lines.
    • While being forced to walk the plank, Sly tries to get LeFwee angry in front of his men. For the most part, LeFwee is hilariously unconvinced.
    LeFwee: (on the fact that his plank has splinters in it) Oh now, I take a great deal of pride working a bunch of splinters into the feet of all about to walk my plank! Har har! 'Tis the extra touches that makes all the difference.
    Sly: "Slanderous scabbard?" I could do better in a coma, while speaking another language, to deaf apes!
    LeFwee: Hmph. Your word-smithing is preposterous, presumptuous, patently premeditated!
    • Oh, and the guy even sneaks in a sexual innuendo for good measure.
      LeFwee: I'd never have a problem with the ladies, especially when I've a broadside aimed at their sailboat... Savvy?
  • During a mission with Penelope, Bentley expresses some frustration over not being capable of the athletic feats Sly can do. When Penelope tries to reassure him by saying that Sly can't "rewire a satellite or write ASCII code," Bentley dryly retorts that Sly can't even spell ASCII.
  • The ending cutscene for this episode has Carmelita not appear. Sly's response?
    Sly: Oh well, I'll just send her a postcard. (cue a postcard with the group in a conga-line, Sly with a Pirate hat and eyepatch on, Panda King with an unamused frown, and the Guru on the corner of the postcard that's signed, "Wish you were here" - Sly)

Honor Among Thieves (Kaine Island)

  • Before Dimitri is about to go diving during the Cooper Vault heist, he tries flirting with her:
    Penelope: Okay, first: get over yourself. Second: I mean it, get over yourself!
  • This exchange:
    Murray: Nice! We'll have the Panda King give the van a boost! Stand clear Sly, we're about to get awesome!
    (Panda King lights the fireworks)
    Panda King: (Gleefully) The fuse is lit!
    Murray: Buckle up, Bentley... we're about to fly!
    (The van shoots up into the air)
    Murray: YAHOO!
    (The van lands at the entrance to the Cooper Vault)
    Bentley: We're never doing that again.
  • During the "Beginning of the End" (In Medias Res) intro mission, Sly exclaims that Dr. M should "buy a knock off at the gift shop" after the latter tries to steal Sly's cane. In this final episode, when you return to the vault, there are piles of knock-off canes in front of the vault. Apparently, there WAS a gift shop.


  • The insults Bentley slings when he's using his grapple cam. Most of them are the kind of insults you'd only expect a child to react to!
    "Over here!"
    "Hey, fatty!"
    "Come over to this position!"
    "Follow the sound of my voice~"
    "Yo, ugly!"
    "Yo mamma!"
    "Eat dirt!"
    "I'm yelling at you!"
    "Hey, pay attention to me!"
    "You're a bad person, I mean it!"
    "Up your nose with a rubber hose!"
    *Clucks like a chicken*
    "You! With the low self-esteem!"
    "I'm right here!"
    (singsong) "You will never find me!~"
    "Aloha, idiot!"
    "Hey, you! Unattractive person!"
  • The unlockable video "The Evolution of Sly", which shows early footage of Sly 1 and 2. While it's interesting to see what the games looked early on, the devs also consider a lot of things Old Shame.
  • Whenever Carmelita Fox shows up, it’s possible for her and the local goons to end up in a fight. Grab some popcorn and watch the fun — from a safe vantage point of course. Don't worry — Carmelita wins these fights.
  • During the "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue, we get a few gems:
    • Anime fans might recognize Murray’s racing pose.
    • Panda King retires and moves two doors down from his daughter. At her insistence, he personally screens her future suitors, and so far Jing is still unmarried. Turns out having a stony, short-tempered Pyromaniac for a dad can really put a crimp on your dating life.
    • The Guru takes on some celebrity disciples (who just happen to be the same Beatles expies who upstaged Octavio), drawing in a lot of unwanted publicity. To escape the paparazzi, Guru decides to move his teachings to Central Park, New York, thinking it’d be the last place they’d ever look.

    Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time 

  • In general, the improved in-game animations can get you a laugh due to them being more clear and expressive, even during simple Binoc-u-com conversations. There are more than a few examples, but one of them might just be Sly's baffled, open-jaw reaction to El Jefe's statue.

I Smell A Rat (Paris Prologue)

  • The main characters are all given titles when they're revealed in the prologue (Sly the Thief, Bentley the Brains, Murray the Muscle). When Carmelita, who's caught Sly in the middle of stealing something, shows up, it reads "Carmelita the Girlfriend"... before a red X crudely crosses out the "Girlfriend" bit and changes it to "Carmelita the Ex-Girlfriend."
    • And after Sly makes his daring escape out the skylight, he pops his head back in to say, "I'll call you!" while making the appropriate hand-gesture. He has to duck to avoid being shot by Carmelita.
  • "Welcome to Air Murray. Thanks for flying!"note 
  • During the animated scene where the Cooper Gang gives Dimitri the Thievius Raccoonus, Dimitri decides to give Bentley an incredibly garish and sparkly hat. True to form, Sly snarks that the communicators would limit the gang's exposure to Dimitri's fashion critiques.

Turning Japanese (Feudal Japan)

  • The following remarks from Sly's first meeting with Rioichi Cooper, who's locked in a cage.
    Sly: Just stay put.
    Rioichi: Very funny.
  • Bentley's attempts to give Rioichi pre-mission tutorial advice like he usually does with Sly lead to no impact whatsoever, as anything Rioichi responds with can be best summarized as "I'm an experienced ninja and I already live here, I know how to do my job", with the look on his face saying "Get to the part where you shut up, please."
  • Murray dressed as a Geisha. That is all.
    • Not to mention the guards going completely gaga over his performance as "Madame Geisha," complete with Tex Avery-style Wild Takes. All the while, Rioichi is popping up around the shot during the performance cutscenes, with an expression of "are you freakin' serious right now?", mixed with heavy amounts of Squick.
    • There's one point where Rioichi is standing right in front of them, waving his hand in their faces, and they still don't see him because they're too transfixed on Murray's act as "Madame Geisha."
    • If you do the rhythm game perfectly, even Rioichi is transfixed by Murray's dancing.
    • Fail this dance (rhythm game) and you get a hilariously catty remark out of it.
      Job Failed Alert: That dancing stunk worse than rotten sushi!
    • He'll also remain in that outfit for as long as the Gang's in Japan, and wears it for the assault on El Jefe's fortress. And it is glorious.
  • "'El Jefe'? Isn't that Spanish for 'Big Baby'?"
    • On that note, get too close to El Jefe before he's vulnerable and he'll give you a full-on slow-motion Shoryuken in response.

Go West, Young Raccoon (Cotton Mouth Bluff)

  • A subtler moment: Bentley tries to use cowboy language to sound cool. Sly, with his trademark smirk unchanging, just tilts his head and quietly shrugs when Bentley tries explaining it.
  • Sly's defacing of Sheriff Toothpick's posters has to be the funniest act of vandalism you've ever seen. And he knows it, giving the posters serious, artsy names like they're actual artwork. Listen close enough and you can even hear him corpsing a couple times.
    Sly: Not for sale! It's "Puny Green-Horn"!
    • When pickpocketing Toothpick's Cuban rice-and-bean-flavored lollipop, Sly's expression is a straight face as opposed to his usual smirk. He's then curious as to whether to give it to Murray.
    • The fact that not only did Bentley expect nothing more than a load of petty vandalism to be enough to get Sly chucked headfirst into Toothpick's maximum security prison, but it actually was.
    • The "Job Complete" screen has Sly quietly accept his new Jailbird costume until the ball and chain lands on him. The dejected expression he makes is gold.
  • While Sly is breaking Tennessee out of prison, Sly starts talking to Bentley. Tennessee is understandably confused.
    Tennessee: Son, who is it you keep talkin' to?
    Sly: Uh, I have a thing in my ear... that lets me talk to my friend. And now he's telling me you need to carry some of that TNT so we can blow the gate.
    Tennessee: Sure. Ah got voices in my head tellin' me to blow things up, too. Heh, they been right so far! Let's get to it!
    • And another, more grim-yet-funny exchange during the prison break:
      Sly: Why am I the only one with a ball and chain here?
      Tennessee: Listen, friend. They're plannin' on hangin' me tomorrow. Wanna trade?
    • Sly and Tennessee escaping the prison by paraglider? Cool. Sly creating the necessary momentum for both of them by kicking Tennessee off the edge of the cliff the prison is on? Funny.
      Sly: You ready?
      Tennessee: Well, er, not really.
      (Sly kicks Tennessee off the cliff, grabs him and opens the paraglider, with Tennessee going from screaming to... yee-haw-ing)
  • Later into the episode, Bentley gets rather attached to his disguise and in particular the fake mustache, leading to him lamenting the fact he can't grow a real one and this line:
    Sly: You're not going to start wearing that mustache all the time, are you?
    Bentley: Jealousy is such an ugly emotion, Sly.
  • While bugging Toothpick's office, you see him accidentally shoot one of his goons, and his reaction is basically to just go "Uh, oops."
  • After rescuing Sly and the others, as Carmelita and Tennessee, during the escape, the group jumps onto some unconscious mooks. Said mooks make a squeaking noise as they are jumped on.
  • Before Sly goes racing to obtain a key, Bentley tells Sly he needs to use his ball-and-chain to complete the race:
    Sly: Good idea, because you know...
    Bentley: Don't say it!
    Sly: (cuts to gameplay) That's how I roll!
  • During a shooting competition to get a key, Carmelita may say this:
    Carmelita: It kind of helps if I picture Sly's face on the target.

Clan Of The Cave Raccoon (Gungathal Valley)

  • The intro scene has Sly see a pterodactyl fly by. What does Bentley do? Break out an anti-pterodactyl cannon.
    • Sly calls it the dinosaur repellent.
  • The very first time you see The Grizz in Gungathal Valley. Imagine walking through a prehistoric world and then all of a sudden you're encountered with one of the strangest and most out of place characters in the entire series.
  • This exchange:
    Sly: Hey Bentley, why don't we have a phone like that to talk to Dimitri?
    Bentley: Do you really want Dimitri calling you?
    Sly: Good point, forget I asked.
    • The Grizz's phone reception constantly failing, with him growing increasingly frustrated.
    Grizz: You're choppy... You're choppy... You're choppy!
  • How the gang finds out Bob's name.
    Sly: Uh, my name's Sly. Sly Cooper. What's yours?
    Bob: I am called ...gibberish... .
    Sly: Riiiiight... How about I just call you Bob?
    Bob: Sure, whatever. Now can we get out of here before more guards show up?
  • The animated clip that showed Bob Cooper's past. This includes:
    • Him finding the communicator and chewing it. In fact, he runs off while Sly just shrugs his shoulders.
    • He carries Sly back to the hideout by his collar.
    • He downs an entire cherry pie in front of Murray.
    • The crayon-like drawings that explain The Grizz snatching eggs.
  • If you get caught by The Grizz when you're tagging him with homing darts:
    Job Failed Alert: Nobody fools with The Grizz!
  • Bob finds the time machine's missing temporal sprocket with the "Job Complete" cutscene playing... just before getting attacked by a giant pterodactyl who promptly steals said temporal sprocket.
    Bentley: Well, that's not entirely surprising.
  • In one mission, Murray has to retrieve the stolen parts of a time machine gadget. How? By chasing down penguins, catching them, and squeezing them until they cough it up. Complete with squeaking sound effects!
  • The mission "Getting Stronger." All of it. Mainly for Murray's one-liners.
    • To elaborate, they need to get Bob in shape. Murray's way of doing this is to put Bob through an eighties-style training montage, complete with appropriately cheesy 80's and scene transitions... which is technically the very first of its kind, given that the crew is in the Ice Age when doing it!
    • Failing any of the minigames during the practice run in this mission will result in the game really kicking you when you're down with quotes that wouldn't be out of place in the Henry Stickmin Series.
      Job Failed Alert (Slippery Slope): You cracked under pressure.
      Job Failed Alert (Penguin Popper): You don't want it bad enough!
      Job Failed Alert (Super Sling): Your hardest target is success.
      Job Failed Alert (Duck and Cover): You're moving in slow motion!
      Job Failed Alert (Whack-a-Chump): Maybe you should try it with your eyes open next time!
      Job Failed Alert (Sumo Slap): What a pushover!
  • Just the fact that one of the missions was called "Ice Ice Bentley."
  • When Carmelita argues with Sly after a mission about how Sly could have done better, you can see Bob in the background looking back and forth at the two in either curiosity or knowing.
  • An amusing reference upon Murray arriving at The Grizz’s lair:
  • Murray's confused reaction to the Grizz saying that all he ever wanted to do is ice skate.

Of Mice and Mechs (Medieval England)

  • Sir Galleth being very gung-ho. In his animated cutscene, he tries to escape through a door, but Sly stops him. So he tries going through a window... and gets pulled away by Bentley, Sly, and Murray in a large chain.
    • Before that, the portion of the cutscene that explains how Sir Galleth was captured in the first place. Just after fighting his way to the Black Knight, Galleth lunges at the Black Knight... only to get popped. Bonus points for the punch being seen from Galleth's perspective and for Galleth's cane and helmet being the only things shown hitting the ground.
  • If you get caught by the Black Knight at the beginning of "Shell Shocked Heart," you can get a rather funny line from Bentley.
    Bentley: Sly, I said "tail," not "fail"!
  • While tailing the Black Knight, it's possible to hear this gem.
    Black Knight: I wonder if I can program one of the guards to give me a haircut. On second thought, that's probably a really bad idea.
    • Of course, given the identity of the Black Knight, it probably would have been more of a close shave.
  • Compared to his classic leg twitching or just looking around, Sly's idle animation for his Archer Costume is using it as an air guitar.

40 Thieves (Ancient Arabia)

  • Salim Al-Kupar has an ''enormous'' appetite. In fact, he downs a giant chocolate cake that Murray was about to eat in one gulp (and also gained a Balloon Belly to boot!)
    • When Sly first meets Salim, Salim is unwilling to join the team... until Sly mentions that they have food back at the hideout. Salim is immediately right next to Sly, and his reaction is basically "didyousayfood?"
  • Similar to the phony "Job Complete" cutscene from "Clan of the Cave Raccoon," when Sly obtains Salim al Kupar's thief outfit, there's a guard in the background during the Item Get! cutscene. You might think this is a goof, but then he actually attacks Sly (and is promptly smacked down with Sly's newfound time-slowing powers).
    • Furthermore, because the shop where the costume is cannot be entered, Bentley comes up with the plan that, for one time, they will have to buy the costume legitimately.
  • While undercover wearing the Arabian thief outfit, Sly Cooper impersonates himself as the delivery boy and enters Le Paradox and Miss Decibel's tent. What's more, Sly Cooper talks to them with his trademark... Italian accent. Not only that - Sly manages to fool them, which leaves this remark from Bentley:
    Bentley: Sly, it's a good thing we're in Arabia, because in Italy, that accent would be considered a felony!
    • Don't forget Bentley's reaction to the fact Sly's using it:
      Bentley: I said "crazy," Sly, not "suicidal"!
  • Bentley explains that in order for them to get into the room where Le Paradox and Miss Decibel are inside, Carmelita will need to distract the guards... in a belly dancer outfit. Then this occurs...
    Bentley: However, since we don't want to announce our "presence," we need a diversion for the guards. So I have taken the liberty for fashioning an outfit for Carmelita, who will use it to lure the guards away from their post by performing a belly dance.
    Carmelita: What?
    Sly: Possibly your best plan ever, Bentley.
    Bentley: I'm sorry I didn't ask, Carmelita. But you're the only one who can pull this off!
    Murray: Um, Bentley... I could do it!
    Carmelita: I am not getting into that outfit!
    Bentley: I realize it's a bit... revealing, but think of it as going undercover.
    Carmelita: Bentley...
    Murray: I'm positive THE MURRAY can squeeze into that thing!
    Sly: Hey Carmelita, you should totally model that outfit for us... to make sure it fits!
    Carmelita: Shut up, Ringtail! I'm only doing it for the team.
    Murray: Listen! Silk is very elastic!
    • Murray really wants to cross-dress and go dancing ever since his "success" as Madame Geisha. And to make it funnier, during the above presentation, Bentley has placed a picture of the outfit Carmelita is to wear in his slideshow, placed on a mannequin. Murray proceeds to draw his head and hands over the mannequin's own.
    • As they reach the location, this conversation occurs...
      Bentley: Ok, Carmelita. We need you to distract those guards and get them away from that door!
      Sly: Yeah! Bust a move, Carmelita!
      Carmelita: How about I BUST YOUR FACE, Cooper?
      Bentley: We're counting on you, Carmelita! Meet us inside once you lose the guards.
      Carmelita: Bentley, you owe me BIG TIME for this one! *knocks his head*
    • Much like Murray's dancing stage, most of the time you hear Carmelita mumbling about Bentley's idea and her wearing a belly dancer outfit during her "distraction."
      Carmelita: This is the WORST undercover assignment ever...
    • Fail the belly dancing minigame and the game gives another funny quip.
      Job Failed Alert: That was more like a belly FLOP!


  • The Reveal in the teaser trailer:
    "I'm not your cheesy macaroni Sly Cooper! You got DIMITRIII-III!!!"
    (lights break, screen goes black, a door is heard opening)
    Sly: Bentley, this is the last time we ever leave Dimitri in charge of the hideout.
    Bentley: It was also the first time.
  • For the previews, anything that Sir Galleth says. It helps that he's a Large Ham.
    Bentley: Do you see anything, Galleth?
    Galleth: Aye, Bentley. I do forsee the wretched beast lay low by my blade!
  • The Gamescon 2012 trailer has one with Carmelita blasting a sword that Sly had in hand. What sells it is not only his expression, but also Bentley and Murray's... it screams "We are in SO much trouble."
    • They really are, given the time machine runs off of artifacts from the era they need to travel to, and that tanto dagger was their only ticket back to Feudal Japan, if they needed to help Rioichi again. Not to mention possibly their only way home from the Old West.
  • GameTrailers's preview has a funny line: "With Sucker Punch in more Infamous projects".
  • Likely unintentional, but the game's subtitle "Thieves in Time" can be shortened to "TiT". Sly must've been taking some pointers from Ratchet this time.


Alternative Title(s): Sly Cooper And The Thievius Raccoonus, Sly 2 Band Of Thieves, Sly 3 Honor Among Thieves, Sly Cooper Thieves In Time