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Hellooooo and welcome to the Second Funniest Podcast! And with me is the one, the only.......
— Justin Worsham

Second Funniest Podcast is an ongoing podcast starring comedian Justin Worsham (Showtime, Blue Collar Radio) and voice actor Kevin Miller (the voice of Sly Cooper). Originally known as The J/K (Justin/Kevin) Show, and currently renamed to Gamerland Podcast. The show started in a very Slice of Life style before becoming video game oriented. They have discussed voice acting, their marriages, childhoods and video games over the course of the years. The series has a number of running gags without suffering from Continuity Lockout and has featured many guests. Currently in season three of their show, the podcast has two spin offs: The Dad Podcast and Insert Title Here Show.


All the latest episodes are to be found on Spreaker. (keep in mind that episode numbers start with the # of the season).

Tropes used within Second Funniest Podcast