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  • From the game's website:
    I can hear you saying!: "Well What Is The Name Of This Magical Place Where I Can Learn To Be Happy?" sTOP ASKING ME QUESTIONS!!
    • Dr. Habit also has the courtesy to include a few testimonials - Putunia's in particular stands out, due to it being so riddled with typos that you get the impression she wasn't even trying to sit still while writing it out. The caption under her photo is also just a drawn-out "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA."
  • Mirphy's quest line. She wants to capture a photo of something nobody in the Habitat has ever seen before: a butt - because every other Habitician is always facing the player.
  • Meeting Trevor in the boiler room. He's a teenage Conspiracy Theorist with an interest in werewolves (not unlike that one odd classmate you might have known in middle school) and several... interesting theories about the true nature of the Habitat:
    Trevor: Listen, I've got this place all figured out. I have REASON TO BELIEVE that there is a vampire among us.
    • Even better? Trevor turns out to be right - Trencil is a vampire, although he's nowhere near as malicious as Trevor insists he is.
  • Dr. Habit planting thinly-veiled cries for help all around the Habitat in the form of his wall art, torn-out journal pages, and the aptly-named Trauma Room? Concerning and disturbing. Dr. Habit proceeding to divulge intimate details of his childhood trauma to Trencil within minutes of the latter's arrival to the Habitat? Strangely hilarious.
  • There are two ways to complete Randy's quest line: you can either get Gillis to open a pickle jar for him (which takes him quite a while), or you can break the jar over Randy's head. Randy himself is perfectly happy either way - the only difference between the two outcomes is that breaking it will leave him with a bloody forehead.
  • Making Parsley happy involves getting Jimothan to cook "The Jimothan Special" for him - steak and mushrooms with a cheese topping. Except the steak is a painter's palette, the mushrooms are loose screws found in the carnival, and the cheese is the list of ingredients that Jimothan gave you.
    • Part of preparing the "meat," according to Jimothan, is to compliment it like you would a beautiful woman, after which you're supposed to beat it - which is when it dawns on Jimothan that he should probably stop calling it "her."
  • Motivational posters can be found in nearly every corner of the Habitat. Most of them are goofy while still getting the point across, some are decidedly unmotivational, and others are... uh...:
    I wanted to make artichoke dip. So I tried to get ahold of an artichoke, which was more difficult than you would think. I was at the Entire Foods grocery store, and after asking the butcher for the 4th time where the artichokes were, altercations occurred, and security had to escort me out. I stubbed my toe on the automatic doors on the way out. That happened every time I tried to purchase an artichoke. Not the security guard part, just the toe stubbing. Somehow, in any grocery mart, I go and stub my toe. It's never the same toe, either. Sometimes big. Sometimes pinky. Sometimes that middle-left toe gets stubbed too. My feet hurt all the time. My doctor says its because I have scoliosis but I say you know what, It's because I'm constantly stubbing my toes at grocery stores. I still want to make artichoke dip.

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