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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Tim Tam's requests aren't really beneficial for anyone, and only seem to provide them with amusement more than anything else - but are they getting their kicks from getting to boss Flower Kid around and make them do pointless tasks For the Lulz, or are they just happy to have someone to cause general mischief with?
    • According to Tiff, Dr. Habit apparently breaks down in tears every time she tries to break off her record contract with him. Is this manipulation on his part, or is he genuinely that distressed at the prospect of one of his employees leaving him? He didn't have any problem mocking Wallus or Kamal until they quit, after all, but considering his mental state by the time the game begins, it's hard to tell.
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  • Anti-Climax Boss: Dr. Habit is set up to have a dramatic final showdown with Flower Kid, but is easily disarmed in all three endings. This may be intentional, since Habit is revealed to be just as miserable as he is insane, and even calls the turn of events in the neutral ending an Anti-Climax... but still, one would expect a little more back-and-forth, given how strongly he felt about his plans before and everything he did to suppress any interests that didn't line up with them.
  • Fanfic Fuel: What exactly Dr. Habit does with himself after the good/neutral endings is unknown, since Flower Kid has to leave the Habitat not long after, thus ending the game. Naturally, a lot of fanfic for the game centers around this premise.
    • Hell, this could apply to any of the Habiticians, since the ones you helped end up leaving the night before the big event and a few are implied to have more complicated issues than just the ones we solve in-game. There's a surprising amount of general fanfiction that either leave any Shipping in the background or forego it entirely in favor of focusing more on individual characters or platonic relationships.
  • Fanon: There's a lot of fanmade content that portrays Dr. Habit's puppet (affectionately dubbed "Lil' Habby" in official merchandise as a separate entity from the real deal, albeit one that was still created by him in the same vein as the Carlas.
    • A lot of fans also like the idea of Habit and Putunia becoming surprisingly close after the game's good ending, sometimes even to the point of Habit becoming a Parental Substitute after enough time passes. This is likely due to the implications on the game's website and in Habit's final PSA that they come from similar backgrounds, or at the very least, that Habit sees some part of himself in her.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Dr. Habit and Kamal. Big time. Between Kamal being genuinely concerned about Habit's emotional state despite his (justified) wariness towards him, one of the Steam trading cards implying that they were either close enough before the "Martha incident" or have become close enough after the events of the game's good ending for Habit to start sending Valentine's Day gifts to Kamal, and Yugo herself teasing the possibility of Kamal having had a crush on Habit at some point on her personal Twitter, it feels almost inevitable that fans would have latched onto this ship.
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  • Rainbow Lens: A younger Dr. Habit refers to his lily with he/him pronouns, is beaten by his father when he finds him giving said lily a kiss, was pressured by his parents to abandon his goal of becoming a florist in favor of a more socially acceptable medical career, and later mentions destroying and burying any seeds he had left, "deep, deep where they wouldn't resurface," which only results in a deeply depressed and emotionally unstable man who actively refuses to recognize how harmful his current way of living is. The good ending involves giving him a newly grown Tooth Lily, which serves as both a reminder of the once genuinely altruistic person he used to be and one of the few things that brought him genuine happiness in his youth, and as seen in the game's credits, this one act moves him to begin pursuing his old passion again.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: The game is about a temporary group home for the depressed or otherwise jaded that sucks at rehabilitating its patients, namely because the owner himself is a depressed Psychopathic Manchild who was never given an opportunity to try and move past his lingering trauma. With a premise like that, players who were expecting a longer game that offered an in-depth look into how depression affects people from different walks of life paired with a distinct 90s' cartoon-esque aesthetic might be a bit disappointed to find an engaging but rather short point-and-click puzzle game that only really goes in-depth with one character's issues, with the rest of the cast either having relatively simple problems or implied to have bigger things to worry about off-screen.
  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic: Dr. Habit, once again. His childhood and adolescence made it so that he never really had an opportunity to learn what happiness was, and by the time the Habitat's up and running, he's decided to make that everyone else's problem, to say the least. The diary pages you either find around the Habitat or receive from other characters portray his descent into madness in greater detail, but you only really get any hints that he realizes his plan won't actually help anyone near the end of the game, despite there being characters who know him on a personal enough level to recognize that something is not right and that he needs help. It's also implied that he was at least relatively stable when the Habitat first opened before crashing hard, but that's only in one line from Kamal.
  • Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds: Dr. Habit was mistreated and physically abused by his father at least once as a child, was forced to leave behind his rather humble dream of becoming a florist in favor of pursuing a career in medicine, and has been sinking deeper and deeper into depression and insanity with each passing year while trying (and failing) to keep up an outwardly energetic and caring persona. He's also completely off his rocker by the time the game begins and has made a habit out of stealing people's teeth for himself in the hopes that he'll somehow make everyone happy, claiming that he deserves them more than unhappy people while desperately trying to ignore the fact that he's clearly miserable.

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