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Per troping policy, all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

Fridge Brilliance

  • You play as a local florist who is generally well liked by the cast and builds up a positive reputation off of helping people be truly happy in the face of an environment that not only fails at doing so, but is actively discouraging you from doing so in its place - in other words, you're everything Dr. Habit wants to be. No wonder he's jealous of you.
  • A flower-related name seems to be a pretty good indication that the character in question has some connection to Dr. Habit, no matter how minor - Flower Kid, KamalNote  Bora, even Putunia Mollar, etc. However, if you want to take it one step further, Dr. Habit's relationship with each of these characters could also be taken to be representative of his relationship with his upbringing and his past interests.
    • Flower Kid is set up as Habit's heroic Foil practically from day one and is just as likely to be his savior as well as his murderer, similar to how Habit's interest in flowers was one of the few things that made him actually happy, despite making him all the more susceptible to abuse and ostracization.
    • It's implied that Kamal and Habit were friends (or maybe even that Kamal was an Implied Love Interest, depending on how seriously you take that Steam card illustration) even when Habit's mental health began to take a turn for the worst - unfortunately, it got to the point where Kamal began avoiding Habit by retreating to the terrace after Habit berated him one too many times (for something he himself caused, to add insult to injury.) The similarities between their falling-out and a younger Habit destroying any seeds he had left in order to pursue what was expected of him has not gone unnoticed by fans.
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    • Putunia sees Habit as her Arch-Nemesis, the Green Menace, but Habit himself only acknowledges her once, on his bulletin board - and it's to say that she "understands." Combined with everything else we already know about Habit, it's very plausible that Putunia serves as a reminder of both the idealistic Cheerful Child he used to be, as well as the abuse he faced; of course he would be sympathetic to her, even if the feeling isn't mutual.
  • Trencil's default sprite shows him chewing bubblegum - which at first, only looks like a design choice made to obscure his fangs so that the player wouldn't immediately pick up on him being a vampire. Once the player learns that he dislikes drinking blood, however, it easily provides an in-universe explanation: the gum could be a way of weaning himself off of any lingering blood-sucking tendencies he might have left, similar to how former smokers will often use gum to quell the need to have something in their mouth.

Fridge Horror

  • There are kids at the Habitat - which is, as stated in the game itself, a wellness retreat meant specifically for those who are depressed or otherwise unsatisfied with their lives. Millie's age is unknown, but she can't be much older than 11, and Putunia is 7. Not to mention that there doesn't seem to be any adults tagging along with them. All of this begs the question - what would cause an elementary school-aged child to feel as though they needed to go somewhere else to be happy again, and why wouldn't their parents get involved?
    • There's a full image of Dr. Habit's bulletin board from the final PSA floating around the Internet. The photos on said board are acccompanied by notes that are, for the most part, only semi-coherent remarks relating to the characters in question (i.e. calling Jimothan a bad cook or expressing anger at Ronbo for opening his carnival against Habit's orders.) But the only thing Habit has to say about Putunia is, "So strong. Little one understands. :-(" Combine this with Putunia mentioning the fact that nobody yells at her as a perk of staying at the Habitat on the game's official website, and you'll start to get the impression that she doesn't have the most stable home life.

Fridge Logic


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