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Nightmare Fuel / Smile For Me

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  • When bedtime rolls around, the world will suddenly darken and Flower Kid's vision will become blurry and woozy. This can be a surprise if you're not paying attention to the clock, and it suddenly hits you while you're in the middle of a conversation.
    • If you don't make it to your room in time, you're treated to "Dr. Habit's Bed-Time Stories for Insomniacs and Bad Children". They consist of still images of seemingly abandoned locations while Dr. Habit gives you some vaguely threatening words reminding you who's in control around here, all while eerie ambient music plays. It absolutely does not help that Dr. Habit likes to add heaping helpings of Paranoia Fuel and Nothing Is Scarier in several of these "special episodes."
  • Since you are only required to help 11 of the 22 Habiticians, it's possible for the other 11 to stay behind during the ending. The laughing gas makes them act mindlessly happy and turns their heads into photo-realistic objects. Some are more humorous, like Trevor turning into a Pomeranian, but most fall deep into the Uncanny Valley. Tim-Tam's head becomes a giant eyeball, Millie's turns into a burning baby-doll head. Worse still, their appearances may just be Flower Kid's own laughing gas-induced hallucinations, meaning they have to face Habit while trying not to succumb to its effects.
    • If you helped everyone and they all leave, then they are instead replaced by the Carlas, Dr. Habit's floating paper "children," during the ending. It's very unsettling to see nearly dozens of these things pop out of the darkness, like they're about to grab you and drag you away.
  • Wallus the janitor. Despite being a sweet guy himself, there's an eeriness to the fact that taking his photo only produces an image of pure darkness (due to him hiding in an unlit wall.) Once you get the camera upgraded with a flash feature, however, reveals he's staring directly at you.
  • Habit himself is scary enough on his own, given that the climax involves him strapping Flower Kid to a dentist's chair and yanking out a few of their teeth as he rambles about his plans, but what about his dad? If you have access to the rooftop and a pair of shears, it's possible to enter a room where you're treated to a lovely slideshow of a child Habit with his favorite flower, a lily, and he seems to be genuinely enjoying himself... and then he sees his father, who proceeds to beat him bloody. Whether it was for any perceived "feminine" behavior or something else, it's horrifically jarring, and a far cry from the all-knowing Psychopathic Manchild we've been seeing so far. It can also double as a Tearjerker, depending on how much you care about trying to snap Habit out of it.
  • There are several self portraits of Dr. Habit that can be found all around the Habitat. While a majority of them depict the doctor smiling as usual, there are a few that are... concerning. Whereas Habit's other portraits were presumably made to brighten the place up, these almost seem like a cry for help (and considering his backstory and Sanity Slippage before the beginning of the game, they might as well be.) Honorable mentions include:
  • The Big Event itself. You wake up either to find the Habitat either completely devoid of life, its residents having evacuated the night before, or the remaining few that you didn't help drugged out of their minds (and given how the world distorts around you despite it being daytime, you probably aren't far behind.) When you wake up in Habit's office, the issue isn't so much a matter of how to attack than it is how to make it out relatively unscathed, given that you're effectively trapped in the building with Dr. Habit at the height of his insanity. Habit also makes it very clear that he won't hesitate to inflict bodily harm in his current state - it's impossible to make it out of his Motive Rant without losing a few of your own teeth in the process. Sure, he ends up being easily disarmed and is all but outright stated to have been in the throes of a manic episode, but Jesus.

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