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Bentley: Sly, come in! SLYYYYY! DO YOU READ ME?!
Sly: Yeah, I read you. Loud and...very loud.

Murray: I hope you weren't harmed by my meteoropic entrance.
Sly: No Murray, I kept at a safe distance.
Murray: Good, the Thunder Flop knows neither friend nor foe, only destruction!

Muggshot: What, are you kidding? You break into my place, steal my stuff, trash the joint. I feel transgressed and violated. Let's rock!

Sly: If you hated the Cooper line so much, then why did you let me live when you stole the Thievius Raccoonus?
Clockwerk: Because I wanted to show the world that without your precious book, the Cooper line was nothing!
Sly: Ah, well, that's where you're wrong: the Thievius Raccoonus doesn't create great thieves, it takes great thieves to create the Thievius Raccoonus!
Clockwerk: Enough, Sly Cooper, it ends here. I'll finish you like I finished your father. Then the Cooper line will be erased and the only Master Thief will be... Clockwerk!

Carmelita: Freeze, Cooper!
Sly: Inspector Fox, as beautiful and unpredictable as ever.
Carmelita: Whereas you crooks are so predictable. You always return to the scene of the crime.
Sly: Crime? I haven't stolen anything...yet.

Sly: No deal! You and the rest of the Klaww Gang have to be stopped! Clockwerk will never see the light of day. Just hand over the Tail Feathers and we can-
Dimitri: What is this with clocks, bro? Have you no vision? Are you hearing what I beam to you? You think you have juice? Don't show me a little mind when talking about such big things. You think you can swing the bat? Show your bling and let me shine you!
Sly: I have no idea what you're saying. And your suit sucks!
Dimitri: [Dramatic gasp] LET'S DANCE!

Sly: Bentley, you there?
Bentley: Yeah, pal?
Sly: I'm about to head inside the vault... and I want you and Murray to come with me. We're a team, a family. We should do this together.
Bentley: OK, be right up...partner.
Murray: Nice! We'll have the Panda King give the van a boost! Stand clear Sly, we're about to get awesome!
(Panda King lights the fireworks)
Panda King: (Gleefully) The fuse is lit!
Murray: Buckle up Bentley... we're about to fly!
(The van shoots up into the air)
Murray: YAHOO!
(The van lands at the entrance to the Cooper Vault)
Bentley: ...We're never doing that again.

"You're a bad person. I mean it!"
Bentley via grapple cam

Octavio (After backflip kicking Bentley out of his wheelchair): You're right to be scared, hippo. Your wheelchair friend shouldn't have been so smart.
Murray, breaking his aboriginal fossil necklace: THAT DOES IT! I'll floss my teeth with your spine!

We really wanted Sly Cooper to be a game that was as much fun to WATCH as it was to PLAY. The team really put themselves into the game and there’s all kinds of things to discover and explore in each of the worlds off the main path of a game mission. The levels themselves start in a pretty literal location to establish "ground rules" but as you get further along, the locations slowly get more fantastical and imaginative. Players can and do get lost in these worlds and characters. I also believe what has kept Sly resonating with people is that while it may look like a simple and colorful show for kids at a first glance, there are some deeper issues to friendship that the guys deal with: the idea of loss, sacrifice, revenge, romance to name a few. These are things that a younger player might not immediately understand while playing the game, and in some cases even challenge them, but because of that, I think it’s something that stays with them and as they get older, return to and appreciate on a completely different level. At its heart the Sly Cooper gang is about creating lifelong relationships and having crazy adventures with your pals.
—Original Sly Cooper art director Dev Madan, describing the appeal of the series