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  • Author Appeal: Character designer Dave Madan based Carmelita's design on Salma Hayek, whom he had a big crush on at the time. In other words, her status as Ms. Fanservice was completely intentional.
  • DVD Commentary: Level commentary, actually, for those who beat the speed runs in the first game.
  • Fake Brit: Constable Neyla is voiced by American actress, Alesia Glidewell donning a British accent.
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  • Fandom Life Cycle: The original trilogy are at Stage 4, and are beloved PlayStation classics. Not so much with Thieves in Time, which dropped to Stage 6c.
  • The Other Darrin:
    • Carmelita’s voice actress has changed in every single game. It's almost a Running Gag by now that while everyone else keeps their original VA, hers will always change.
    • In the Japanese versions of the games, this applies to the main cast (Sly, Bentley, Murray and Carmelita) from Sly 3 onwards, with the said new cast also re-voicing them in the Japanese version of the HD Collection, and several VAs have also changed there as well:
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    • The Finnish dub remains consistent, but the Sequel Gap between 3 & 4 took its toll. Bentley’s Finnish VA didn’t return for Sly 4. He returned to record the new controls for the VITA version of The Sly Trilogy, and while the Vocal Evolution is very noticeable, he still sounds like Bentley, so why he was replaced remains a mystery. Additionally, Dimitri’s Finnish VA died in 2011, so had Dimitri actually had any lines, he would have been voiced by somebody else.
  • What Could Have Been: The first game was at one point briefly considered for the PS1 but that idea was quickly scrapped. Artifacts of this in the first game include outdated mechanics such as lives and one-ups when the sequels didn’t have those mechanics.
    • Early designs of Sly were more chunky and his clothes varied from wearing less clothing to a turtle neck design, He was also much younger at one point in development.
      • Sly’s original name was going to be JT, but his name was changed early in development.
      • Sly originally had a Jersey-style voice.
      • Sly originally had a cane with multiple unique functions. At least some of these functions included creating a sort of water cone that could reveal a hidden maze with the spray of some water, freezing crabs to make them crust over and die, and freezing fish into blocks of ice to create walkways.
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    • Carmelita Fox originally had a different less revealing design that was only found in very early demos of the first game.
      • Carmelita Fox’s voice was more Hispanic than the final.
      • Also her name was originally Chase Montoya Fox.
    • Bentley’s voice was more stereotypically nerdy than the final.
    • Murray was going to be bisexual, but it was scrapped because he reminded the testers of Barney the Dinosaur. Regardless, it would have been inappropriate for a kids’ game at that time. Although some elements of this behavior appear in the fourth game.
    • In some concept art there were two meerkat like characters named Zig and Zag its unknown what their true purpose was but in early versions of the game mainly in demos one of them is seen in treasure chess that acts as checkpoints. In a podcast with Kevin Miller, he stated they were News Reporters.
    • Originally the Fiendish Five was somewhat different.
      • The Panda King was more Han inspired then Sumo Kung-Fu inspired.
      • Muggshot was originally a cowboy-inspired Bull Dog instead of a gangster and his location was a Junk Yard in Texas.
      • Clockwork originally started out as a thousand-year-old Stone Gargoyle then became a Mechanical Hawk then to his final design of a Mechanical Owl.
    • The original currency consisted of both coins and dancing cash bundles. The cash bundles were removed for localization reasons.
    • Originally in the first game Sly’s eyes was always meant to be seen even in the dark but it was never implemented due to technical issues, but it was implemented in the sequels and onward.
    • The first game had other Thievius Raccoonus page abilities that were planned such as “Teleportation” but were never implemented.
    • Originally the game's power-ups were going to correlate to the Fiendish Five gang members, It was possibly scrapped when they changed the member's level and character themes. This aspect is somewhat kept with Mugshot.
      • This is evident because the first level was going to have the Panda King as the first member of the Fiendish Five instead of Sir Raleigh. Sly would also learn The Ninjaspier jump (or possibly the climb move) from the Panda King's section of the Thievius Raccoonus also Clockwork was the only one that doesn't have a page where you gain a power-up, It's just a mention.
    • Sir Raleigh’s level was initially going to be completely underwater, with the Cooper Gang needing a submarine-like watercraft to get around.
      • Also his Boss Fight was much different in concept art, With him using a mechanical crab with razor blade claws.
    • An early concepts for the Cooper Van would have had it transform into an RV as a secret hideout for when you visit different stages
      • At one point the characters would have driven other vehicles a such as a Snow Ski and a Regular Car showing that the Cooper Van was not yet conceived.
    • Similar to Crash and Spyro, Sly would have been redesigned for an Younger Japanese Audience according to this concept art.
    • Sly 2 originally had a level in Monaco but it was cut for time and space constraints.
    • Early concept art of Dimitri had a more realistic design in style as well as a Pimp theme instead of a Disco theme.
    • Early productions into Thieves in Time had a mole as the Big Bad, and Penelope remaining a Face.
    • Thieves in Time was originally going to have an Ancient Egypt-themed level, where Sly would meet his ancestor, Slytunkamen. The idea was shelved due to time constraints and the space limitations of the Playstation Vita. Ancient Egypt would find its way into the game… in the secret ending.
    • Dimitri was initially going to be playable, or at least make a physical appearance, in Thieves in Time. Dimitri was even featured in the announcement trailer, with David Scully reprising the role, and his 3D model showed up again in magazines promoting the game. In the game proper, Dimitri only appears in the 2D-animated cutscenes, and his voice is not heard once. In spite of all this, David Scully is still credited as Dimitri's voice actor in the credits, and Dimitri makes a physical appearance in the standalone minigame pack Bentley's Hackpack.
    • A New Game+ mode for Thieves in Time, called Horseshoe Mode, was planned. It would have gotten rid of the health meter in favor of making the player a One-Hit Point Wonder that could collect up to two horseshoes to prevent death after getting hurt, just like in the first game. This was scrapped due to negative reactions from play testers.
    • A film had been planned for a 2016 release, but was cancelled when Ratchet & Clank (2016) and Assassin's Creed (2016) underperformed at the box office. A TV series will be made instead.
  • Word of Gay: Aside from Murray originally planned to be a bisexual in the first game some elements of this behavior appears in the fourth game such as wanting to cross-dress.

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