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  • Chapter 2:
    Narrator: Suddenly, Jane's quinceañera was no longer the worst party she had ever been to.
  • Chapter 4:
    Narrator: When Xo told Jane her father was a military man, this was not what she meant.
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  • Finally, The Reveal of how Michael and Jane met—it was her alcohol-fueled 21st birthday, the neighbours complained about the noise, and the cop they sent over was actually Michael back when he was in uniform. And with enough alcohol, a cop showing up at a girl's legal-age birthday party usually means one thing… And the real kicker is how the truth gets out—when Jane plays with his gun and it goes off!
  • Chapter 7:
    • The nuns at the school have been shamelessly touting the Jane The Virgin thing behind Jane's back, leading to hopeful mothers showing up just to give her a hug and catch some of her "fertility" in return. Jane assumes it's because her dad is a big TV star at first:
    Jane: I'm sorry, do you know my dad?
    Woman: Of course. (casts eyes skyward) Everyone knows Him…
  • The Eureka Moment where Michael figures out that the hidden surgery underneath the Marbella was intended for plastic surgery: he's casually scoping out the clientele, then notes that some of them may have had work done, with an overlay with arrows showing where it looks the most likely. Eyes, nose, whatever—and along comes one bugger who needs so many arrows that even they get confused.
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  • The start of the speech when Rogelio's great acting rival beats him at an awards ceremony:
    I'd like to thank God—for making me in His image.
  • Chapter 14:
    • When Michael finally confronts Rafael with the truth about Rose being Sin Rostro the whole time:
    Narrator: I don't want to interrupt, but it's important for you to know what Jane is thinking.
    Jane: (in chyrons) THIS IS FRIGGING CRAZY!
    Michael: All the evidence leads to her. She's been running her own plastic surgery ring.
    Michael: She's been surgically changing the faces of criminals…
    Michael: We believe she may have also altered her own face.
    (cue the rest of the scene playing out like an actual telenovela)
    • Luisa and Michael's interview at the police station about how her and Rose first met i.e. The Greatest Love Story Ever Told
      • When Rose offers to buy Luisa a drink.
    Luisa: 34 days sober.
    Rose: Gotcha, I'm just getting out of the drug world myself.
    Michael: Course, when she was talking about the drug world, she was referring to her former half a billion dollar a year business.

    • And how they first made out in the pool.
    Luisa: And then, she kissed me. And then, there were fireworks.
    Narrator: It was also the 4th of July.
    Luisa: And then, we made love. (cue the two women naked making love in the pool under the fireworks) Raw, passionate, desperate love.
    Michael: Okay, then what?
    Luisa: We made love again. (Scene flashes back to a naked Luisa and Rose making out in the pool again under the fireworks)
    Michael: Okay, after that?
    Luisa: And yet again.(Scene cuts back to the pool)
    Michael: Okay well, let's assume you guys had sex a bunch of times. Can we skip ahead?
    Luisa: I'd thought I'd never see her again.

  • Chapter 15:
    • All of Jane's facial expressions when she's somehow suckered into giving sex novelist Angelique Harper a full body massage.
  • Rogelio's alarm ringtone. That is all.
    (prerecorded singing) "It's another beautiful day to be Rogelio, wake up Rogelio, wake up Rogelio…"
  • Chapter 28:
    • After realizing Petra made herself pregnant with the rest of his sperm sample, Rafael has such a beautiful Oh, Crap! reaction that the narrator gives a full instant replay.
    "For those of you keeping track at home, that's now three children for Rafael, and zero sex. #rafaelthevirgin"
    • Made better because this is kind of a Laser-Guided Karma for Rafael, who just laughed at whoever the unfortunate father was. The narrator lampshades the hell out of it.
    Yes, Rafael, you are the poor sucker.
  • Jane has to narrate everything for Mateo, to develop his language skills. This leads to the Latin Lover Narrator feeling threatened.
  • When Rogelio telling the Villaneuvas what blackmail material his ex-wife has on him, he has to explain what Scientology is to Alba. Jane silently laughs through the whole thing.
  • Every second Britney Spears is onscreen, Adam Westing as a good-natured ditz to a truly hilarious and hammy degree. Especially when she's followed her troupe of backup dancers.
  • Lee Reherman and John Salley Adam Westing to provide color commentary on Jane's attempts to get Mateo to sleep through the night.
  • In Chapter 36, Petra has the twins. Jane asks her what the girls' names are to which Petra replies Anna and Elsa. Jane points out to her that those are the names of the sisters from Frozen and Petra says that she's the only person who'd think that.
    Narrator: Let it go, Jane. Let it go.
  • In one of the greatest pieces of Product Placement ever, the voice service in Jane's car reads out Rogelio's absurd Tweets. And later she imagines it berating her for the awkward scene with Jonathan.
  • Petra's simultaneously horrified and glazed over expression as she's forced to participate in a Tastes Like Diabetes introductory song in a new mothers group.
  • Rogelio gently reminding his shows new overly enthusiastic technical adviser Michael, that the fifteenth century fighting doesn't have to be totally believable due to it being a telenovela.
    Narrator: That's an understatement
    (cue montage of Emilo drowning in cement, Rafael being drugged, Rose ripping off her Wig and Anezka appearing in Petra's doorway)
  • Rafael is beckoned by his brother to go alone on a boat with him, despite Michael's warnings.
    Narrator: With Michael's words ringing in his ears, Rafael decided not to go with his brother. (Rafael walks down the pier where his brother is waiting) Well, it was worth a shot.
  • Anezka remembers Magda's words, "Chase two rabbits you don't catch either", and then she remembers that one time she did. Cue photograph of her holding two large rabbit carcasses and grinning.
  • The Narrator changing the title from "Jane the Virgin" to "Jane the Lackey" and then deciding he's going to be optimistic about Jane's future and changing it again to "Jane the Soon-To-Be-Published-Author".
  • Petra and Rafael's Imagine Spot which has them celebrating over the fact that Scott's death had nothing to do with the infamous hotel.
  • The reveal of Scott's killer: The real Eileen. To which Luisa gives an understandable "Come on, Eileen?", which naturally leads to the flashback of the murder being scored with that song, with the pipe connecting with his skull the literal second the chorus starts up.
  • Adam has his own narrator, who is very protective of him and refuses to even remember Petra's name since she's such a distraction from the love story.
    • "Adam the Virgo"
  • The Narrator quarrelling with Adam's narrator and changing the title to "Jane the Person This Story Is Actually About"
  • Chapter 66, Jane and Rafael are arguing by texting. It gets so intense that Jane is tickling Mateo really hard.
  • Rogelio infiltrating the Focus group in drag.
  • Anna playing in the coffin in Chapter Seventy-One
    Elsa (flippantly): Mommy, Anna died!
  • "Petra" trying to kick Magda out of the hotel, hurrying up her packing.
    Magda: I have one hand. It takes time.
  • The Narrator's outraged "Move your head!" when Jane shifts in the frame and blocks a saucy text from Rafael.
  • Jane and Rafael finally come clean about their relationship, only to find everyone knew from the start, complete with a montage of how they weren't exactly subtle about it. And Alba won the bet over when they'd reveal it.
  • The repeated use of the Law & Order theme as Petra consults with J.R to get herself cleared of murder.
  • Chapter 79: Alba successfully passes her citizenship test is a Moment of Awesome, but what makes it a funny moment is when she imagines the portrait of Trump hanging in the office transforming into Obama. And to top it off he winks at her.
  • Chapter 86: Jane has trouble proving she's Mateo's mother with a photo of the original actor, which she says is from a weird angle.
  • Chapter 96: Petra's ongoing struggles trying to get rid of her now seriously injured mother.
    Dr. Price: We amputated your mother's leg, but she's taken a turn for the worse. Sorry to have to tell you this, but she's now on life support.
    Petra: I told you before, you can pull the plug.
    Dr. Price: Actually, you need to put that in writing.
    Petra: I did put it in writing.
    Dr. Price: A text with a plug emoji and a thumbs up doesn't count. You need to do it in person.
    Petra: Fine.

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