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Heartwarming / Jane the Virgin

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  • "Chapter Twelve": Jane calling Rogelio "Dad" for the first time, and his reaction.
  • Rafael's amazing proposal to Jane, getting her favorite author to narrate it in the guise of a book reading.
    • Michael and Jane starting to repair their damaged relationship and begin to bond over their love for a romance novelist. By the end of the episode, they're joking like old friends again.
  • "Chapter Twenty" has Alba speak her first intentional words in English to her Priest
    Alba: If this did not happen, I would not have my new friend!
  • "Chapter Twenty-Five" features the Villanueva baptism throughout the years. From Alba and Mateo Sr. writing a letter for baby Xo, to teenage Xo embracing the baptism upon seeing the letter for herself, to Jane reading it for Mateo Jr in the present.
  • "Chapter Thirty": when Alba gets her green card.
  • "Chapter Thirty-Six": also doubles as a Tear Jerker but Jane's fantasy if she had never broken off her engagement with Michael the first time, in which Rafael and Michael are good friends, and the three of them all serve as doting parents to Mateo.
    • Also in that episode, the birth of Anna and Elsa, Rafael and Petra's twins.
    • Followed immediately by Michael Re-proposing to Jane, who keeps interrupting and accepting before he can even finish.
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  • In "Chapter Thirty-Seven" Jane tries very hard to get Michael's parents to like her, and Michael is going along with it even though he does not like his parents criticizing Jane. But he loses it and shuts them down when they refer to Mateo as "some other guy's kid."
  • "Chapter Thirty-Eight": Jane and Michael finally getting their own home.
    • Unknown to both of them, Petra, not Rafael, had bought the house, so they could afford the rent
    • After his kidnapping, Jane helps poor, traumatised Rogelio to brave it for his TV interview.
  • "Chapter Thirty-Nine": Michael's vows to Jane. We never hear them, note  but according to the Narrator and Jane's reaction, they were perfect.
  • In "Chapter Fourty-four", the wedding is one big one. Especially when Michael goes to say the standard vows and, much to Jane's surprise, does so in Spanish. (And that Alba helped him practice so he wouldn't mess up.)
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  • Michael's waking up after his successful surgery to remove the bullet from his spine. Even playing with Jane, pretending to have amnesia after waking up, only to immediately begin laughing at her, revealing his charade.
  • While helping Rafael at the Abbey, Jane, trying to distract a Sister she mistakes as the Mother Superior, breaks down and admits to her that she hasn't been going to church, due to her being mad at God for what almost happened to Michael. The Sister instead of shaming her over her anger, gently assures Jane that her reaction is perfectly natural and that like all relationships, having one with God can take work at some points. By the end of the episode, Jane, her faith renewed attends mass with Alba.
  • "Chapter Fifty-Four", Luisa assuring Rafael that he is her brother, no matter if it is biological.
    • Petra finally reconnecting with her twins after Anekenza stole the bonding time by paralyzing her.
  • "Chapter Fifty-Five": The reveal that Jane and Petra had weekly brunches for the sake of each other and the kids after Michael's death and Rafael's imprisonment, as well as the shot of Rafael, Jane, and Petra with their children at the brunch table. It took some time, but they're finally all on somewhat decent terms with each other.
  • One of Jane's pre-readers gushing about how much she loved the book, after Jane had been suffering a ton of insecurity that she was tarnishing her relationship with Michael.
  • Jane's speech at Xiomara and Rogelio's wedding, about how they're not "meant to be"—but Screw Destiny.
    Jane: Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to witness the marriage of two people... who are not meant to be. [beat] It's true. They met when they were teenagers, and they were both a mess, honestly. And then they didn't see each other again for 23 years. And the reunion? That was a mess, too. Breakups and makeups and misunderstandings and hurt feelings and old resentments. [thunder crashes] See? Even Mother Nature seems to be rooting against them. My parents are here today, not because they are meant to be... but because they chose each other. In the face of a million obstacles, they chose each other. When it seemed like they should give up, they chose each other. And they keep choosing each other, in the face of every single twist and turn life brings them, every single day. And that is not destiny. That is not fate. That's commitment. For richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, through stormy days and sunny skies, they have earned their happy ending.
  • In Chapter Seventy, Jane meets Isabel Allende at her book launch party, and tells her how much her books meant to her. Specifically, the memoir Allende wrote after her daughter died, which helped Jane deal with losing Michael. The two women bond over their grief, and Allende offers Jane sincere words of encouragement and congratulations for her book.
  • Jane and her estranged Mother-In-Law Joyce reconciliation at a reading of her romance novel about Michael. After the two faced a rocky mourning period in the wake of his death, Joyce asures a touched Jane that Michael would have loved the novel as much as she did, and she even asks if Jane could sign her copy.
    Narrator: It was the most important review Jane had ever received.
  • Petra dressing up as the tooth fairy and appearing to Mateo after her daughters tell him that the tooth fairy isn't real.
  • Jane delivering a familial "I love you," to Petra, and though she is annoyed, Petra genuinely returning the sentiment, and, though awkwardly, sharing a sweet and warm hug with Jane.
  • Meta: At the finale table read for season 4, none of the cast knew Michael would return. When the door opens and Brett walks in, everyone cheers, Gina jumps into his arms, and Justin, Yael, and Andrea all go hug him.

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