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Nightmare Fuel / Jane the Virgin

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"On the bright side, Jane's Quinceanera was no longer the worst party she'd ever been to.."

Even for a affectionate telenovela parody, Jane the Virgin has moments that are absolutely disturbing.

Please be aware that there are spoilers below:

  • The entire premise of the show. Imagine going for a routine pap smear and being mistakenly inseminated with a stranger's sperm. Whether you're a virgin saving yourself for marriage or not.
  • The next moment would be Roman Zazo's death. He's pushed off a balcony and falls onto the ice sculpture. The sequence isn't seen but the sculpture impaling him is... rather dark and disturbing for a comedy.
  • The end of Chapter nine sees Alba looking for Petra accidentally sees Ivan held hostage by Magda. Alba tries to escape to report this. The lift takes too long and she has to take the stairs, only to be pushed down by Magda who can actually walk.
  • Milos slitting Petra's throat. Granted, it's a set-up and they're using fake blood, but for a few seconds, it really seems like Petra might die, and it looks horrific.
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  • Rose killing Rafael and Luisa's father, by burying him in concrete.
  • The season one finale shows Adult Fear at its best. Mateo is abducted by Sin Rostro, moments after being born.
    • Chapter Ninety-Seven follows up on this, while Jane adds a Switched at Birth scenario to her novel to add suspense she starts to worry that it might have happen in real life too. Imagine raising a five-year old only to discover that it was they were never yours.
  • Season 2's finale is pretty dark also. Michael gets shot by Sin Rostro, just after he and Jane got married. Anezka paralyses Petra, who then pretends to be Petra to sleep with Rafael.
  • Chapter Sixty-Nine: Luisa had committed herself to a mental hospital because she wasn't mentally stable to run the Marbella by herself, because she was talking to an imaginary person. The episode's end revealed that she was set up by Anezka and Magda, and the person she was talking to.
  • In Chapter Seventy, Anezka starts feeling lonely and misses Scott (who was murdered by Eileen in the time jump. The next we see her, she has killed herself, but the narrator said that it was made to look like that.
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  • Chapter Ninety-Five brings us an Imagine Spot of Lina's disapproving five-year old daughter with Jane's face superimposed on top. It's as Uncanny Valley as it gets.
  • Rose's death. Not only does she fall to her death and get impaled on a statue (in a nod to Zaz's death), but she's then set on fire. It's for sure, but there's enough true horror there.
  • The knowledge that a well-known crime boss had mastered Latex Perfection can be this in general. The possibility that someone you might be close to or working with may not be who they really are can be unnerving.

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