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About Funny Moments in the NBC series Heroes, not CMOFS involving Heroes.

Season 1

  • In the "Pilot", Mohinder, in complete seriousness, posits to a bunch of students that God is a cockroach.
  • In the pilot, after Hiro gets kicked out of the karaoke bar and rants to Ando about being special, Hiro calls themselves "yogurt".
    Hiro: "It's what we all are! Homogenous. Yogurt."
    Ando: "Yogurt?"
  • Niki's Establishing Character Moment in the pilot: She stops in the middle of stripping on camera for a client and tells him that it'll cost him more money to see more skin. When he angrily signs off, she just rolls her eyes and mutters "Pervert." Even funnier? His screen name was "huggerz69" and it's later revealed that it's Ando.
  • Hiro and Ando are often good for comedy. Highlights include Hiro's 'whoooosh' scene with Nathan in 'Godsend'.
    • "FLYING MAN!"
  • Nathan trying to teach Hiro how to say "villain".
  • The episode where Hiro and Ando cheat at Poker they are confronted in the parking garage by the casino owner (or maybe the pit boss) and some thugs. Ando tries to scare them off by telling them "My friend has a very big power" at which point one of the thugs knocks out Hiro, who was just standing there smiling as he didn't yet speak English, with one punch.
  • No single Hiro and Ando moment will ever beat the poker scene:
    Man: "You're going to the bathroom together?"
    Ando: "Yes. That is how we roll."
    • Hiro getting hit is always funny. especially when he makes that "oi" sound.
  • In Season One, Nathan shows us how to make a single line of comedy work:
    Peter: (punches Nathan) You son of a bitch!
    Nathan: Careful, Peter. That's our mother you're talking about.
  • When Nathan is threatening Linderman with a gun:
    Linderman: "Now you can't have any of my pot pie."
  • Let us not forget the two classic sequences from "Company Man":
    Matt: "No, no, don't!"
    Ted: "I'm not gonna nuke the dog!!"
    Matt: "The sonovabitch is thinking in Japanese!"
    Ted: "WHY are you THINKING in Japanese?! HUH?!"
  • And there's the scene on the roof scene with Peter and Claude during "The Fix" (also a Moment of Awesome):
    Peter: "I don't have to do ANYTHING!"
    Claude: "Except fly." [Grins mischievously and shoves Peter off the roof]
    • Claude randomly stealing stuff in "The Fix." Which leads to a hilarious Oh, Crap! moment from Peter once he realized that Claude just stole a woman's purse and dumped it on Peter.
  • Another gem from Claude:
    Claude: "You want your grave to say 'Here Lies Peter, He Tried?'"
  • Episode 16 has The Cameo when Hiro (who we know is a HUGE comic book nerd) tells Ando to go back to Tokyo. He gets on a coach, and the driver is none other than Stan Lee!


Season 2

  • Upon being told that Maya and Alejandro are wanted for murder:
    Derek: "There's killers in the car with us!" [points to picture of Maya and Alejandro in the newspaper]
    Sylar: "Well golly, they seemed so nice."
  • In Volume 2's "Powerless," when Sylar has Molly, Mohinder, and Maya all at gunpoint and is trying to threaten Mohinder into just giving him the cure for the virus straight off and without any testing, Mohinder looks at him and says, "It doesn't work like that. The wrong dose could kill you." He holds up a tourniquet and gives Sylar the most gleeful look in the world. Sylar's annoyed expression is priceless.
  • From the Season 2 finale, Nathan and Parkman fly to Primatech to stop Adam and Peter from unleashing the virus. Or rather, Nathan flies with Parkman on his back. Once they land at their destination, they dust themselves off and say "Let's never do that again."

Season 3

  • Sylar comments to Claire about his time during Season 2: "It's all behind me now, like a long night after a bad taco."
  • From the Season 3 opener when Sylar finally captures Claire and takes a look at her brain, the writers joss a popular fan theory in the funniest way possible.
    Claire: "Are you going to eat it?"
    Sylar: "Eat your brain? Claire, that's disgusting."
  • "Why are you talking to the turtle?"
    • Preceded by the look of perfect, happy disbelief on Matt's face as he says, "High five, turtle!"
  • When Hiro devises a plan to steal the briefcase from The Haitian, Ando improvises halfway through and sneaks behind The Haitian and knocks him out with a blunt object. Hiro asks Ando incredulously what the hell Ando thinks he's doing and Ando declares "I'm being awesome!!!" Also doubles as a Moment of Awesome.
  • "Angels and Monsters" had a few excellent moments - Adam's apparent fondness for appletinis, Hiro and Ando insisting that they are 'bad asses', and the exchange when they seek Adam's help in finding out who stole the formula:
    Adam: My guess is that your villain is Angela Petrelli.
    Hiro: But she's the one who told us to find the formula.
    Adam: Well I'm fresh out of ideas.
    • The CMOF in that particular scene had to be Adam saying "You little Japanese Nazi!"
  • What about when Hiro and Ando subsequently try to track down Usutu? Hiro is of course confident that his control of space-time will make it easy even if their target is a precog, but when they arrive, all Hiro finds is a painting on the wall of Usutu knocking out Hiro with a shovel. Which then immediately comes to pass. Logically enough, Hiro decides to travel back in time a few minutes and sneak up on his target from outside. And, in a beautiful Oh, Crap! moment, finds another painting of him being knocked out, which happens again. He wakes up in time to witness himself teleporting and goes grumpily back to Ando, to the latter's confusion.
  • In the third episode of Volume 3, Sylar plays house four years in the future, complete with a four-year-old son, Mr Muggles, sweatpants, an apron, and waffles.
  • The Bavarian Fire Drill he pulls right in front of Noah Bennet in "One Of Us, One Of Them". To wit: Sylar (a wanted Serial Killer) in the Volume 3 episode "One of Us, One of Them". He fakes being an FBI agent and gets the cops to (1) pull back their barricades, giving him and Bennet room to work, and (2) get him some coffee. Made even more audacious in that he uses the name "Andrew Hanson" as his cover, a reference to Audrey Hanson, the real FBI agent who was in charge of tracking him down during the first season.
    "And get me some coffee. Decaf, no sugar." [childishly turns to Bennet] "You drink decaf, right?" [Bennet shoots him a Death Glare]
  • How does Sylar sneak into the Bennet household? By posing as a Primatech delivery man who found Mr. Muggles. Made funnier with Sylar's comically dead serious expression, exaggerated Texas accent, and the little dog just chilling in his hand.
  • In "The Eclipse Part 2", Hiro's random interruption of the tense moment at the Bennet household.
    Hiro: Bad man! [Teleports Sylar away]
    • The best part of that scene is the incredulous looks on the Bennett's and Elle's faces as they try to figure out WTF JUST HAPPENED??
    Elle: "What the hell?!"
  • After Sylar murders an office worker for her powers on her birthday, her coworkers come in and shout "Surprise!" Drenched in blood, standing over her dead body, Sylar innocently says "Cake?"
    • It's even funnier for fans of Portal, since the power Sylar stole was the ability to know when people are lying to you. Because then he knew for sure that The Cake Was NOT A Lie!
    • Followed by the hilarious Uncomfortable Elevator Moment where a bloody Sylar nonchalantly asks the poor freaked-out elevator passenger standing next to him if there's anything wrong.
    Sylar: "Something wrong?"
    Elevator Passenger: [Clearly scared] "No... no."
    Sylar: "Huh, it does kind of tingle."
  • Hiro taking Japanese politeness a step further, by bowing and apologizing before punching out Tracy.
  • "Cold Snap" has Hiro and Ando hiding in a giant pile of stuffed animals with their faces sticking out, presumably under the (not unreasonable, in Hiro's case) assumption that they can pass for plush dolls. Later on, Hiro tries to get the baby to say "Yatta!" and raises the kid's arm like he's punching the air.
  • What about in Season 3 when Hiro's memories got erased back to when he was ten years old. First of all, he figures the best place to find answers is at the comic book store, and we get to see his reaction upon reading the latest issues:
  • Hiro throws ears of corn at Parkman in irritation while Ando translates Hiro's rant.
  • Hiro mistakenly thinks that Matt Parkman Jr. is Matt Sr. turned into a baby. "Don't worry Baby Matt Parkman! We will make you big again!!!"
  • Talking to his new... sidekick in Building 26, Sylar gives us this:
    Luke: "So you're a like a serial killer?"
    Sylar: "I'm not a serial killer."
    Luke: "But you've got a pattern, you go after specific victims, you collect mementos..."
    Sylar: "Okay, technically, I'm a serial killer."
    • And shortly after that
    Sylar: [turns on the radio]
    Talking Heads: "Psycho killer!"
  • A deleted scene that was cut from "The Second Coming" had Mr. Muggles barking his head off at Sylar, who's on the prowl for Claire. Sylar's reaction? He flicks the poor dog through the doggy door.
  • An in-universe moment occurs for Sylar when he and Danko track down a shapeshifter to a club. Sylar starts snickering when he spots the shapeshifter getting cozy with a lady, because the shapeshifter took on Danko's appearance. Danko is less than impressed.
    Sylar: "He's a better you than you!"
    • And before that, he deadpans some advice to Danko in regards to the shapeshifter in a very Captain Obvious tone while making faces.
    Sylar: You chased a shapeshifter. You don't chase a shapeshifter.
  • Tracy attempts to figure out the connection between Meredith, Nathan, and Noah. Bennet and Meredith are more amused than anything while Nathan looks a bit sheepish.
    Tracy: [to Nathan] "So let me get this straight. [Meredith]'s the biological mother of your illegitimate daughter and [Noah]'s her adoptive father."
    Noah: "Sounds about right."
  • The entire sequence of Claire hiding a teenage fugitive in her bedroom and then him being found hiding in her closet by Sandra because Mr. Muggles found the kid's sandwich under Claire's bed.
    • It's made funnier when she claims that she had been sleeping with him and he quickly protests. Sandra overrides the conversation by offering to make the kid a fake ID.
  • Parkman convincing a whole hospital that Daphne is Gwen Stefani. Welcome back, Bryan Fuller!
  • Claire and Nathan's Drinking Contest in Mexico. Nathan claims to be a pro at this since his time at the Naval Academy but he passes out cold early in the contest. Claire has to fake her way through the contest so she can finish up for him and then drag Nathan back to their tiny motel room.
  • Danko attempts to grill Tracy in an attempt get some dirt on Nathan. It first, it seems like she was going to tell him about Nathan's ability to fly, but it turns out she just tells him that Nathan was lousy in bed. Nathan looks put out as he watched the interrogation over the security cameras.
  • In the flashback in "Villains", when Meredith gets Flint out of his cell at the Company:
    Flint: "What are you talking about? What about us being agents? These people been nice to me."
    Meredith: "They’re tricking you, because you’re dumb. You remember what Daddy used to say: God gave you a big sister instead of a brain. Put your shoes on."
  • The Narm that is Angela Petrelli's scream as she sees Nathan's body in the volume four finale.

Season 4

  • In Hiro's first episode in Volume 5, he has to figure out how to convince one of the employees at his family's company to not commit suicide by jumping off the roof. The employee is feeling suicidal because he got drunk at an office party, scanned his butt and sent copies of the picture to everyone he knew—including his fiancée's family; as he believes that nobody will take him seriously ever again, he sees no reason to carry on. Hiro uses his powers to go back in time to prevent the guy from embarrassing himself, and comes back only to find out that the man instead performed the stunt at a different party at a later date. At the end of the episode, a very weary-looking Hiro pops in next to the man and tells him that if he is so determined to take pictures of his butt and mail them to relatives on twenty-seven different occasions, maybe the man has other issues.
  • Peter gets a visit from Noah and offers him a drink. His choices? Water and mustard.
  • After unknowingly absorbing Emma's ability to see sound, Peter attempts to take off running via superspeed. They even toss in his theme music that abruptly cuts off when Peter realizes he isn't going super fast. Peter even smacks his leg as if that would kick start the ability.
  • It's a small blink and you'll miss it moment, but in Once Upon a Time in Texas, Charlie's blood clot is in danger of killing her. Hiro tells her that he can save her, so he brings in Sylar and passes him off as a doctor. You can see him immediately doing a confused double-take before going along with it.
    Hiro: "This man's a doctor!" [Sylar looks at him like he grew another head]
    Sylar: [Rather unconvincingly] "I'm a doctor."
  • Peter, being a bit rusty with teleporting, accidentally teleports himself into the bathroom of Noah's apartment. He's met with a confused look on Claire's face and Noah's gun pointed at him.
  • Thanksgiving: Sylar gets his his body back and gleefully eats an entire pumpkin pie by himself while ignoring death glares from a telekinetically paralyzed Peter and Angela.
    • His first words after being reunited with his body? "What's for dinner? I'm starving."
  • Again from Thanksgiving: Sandra's new boyfriend faints when he sees Claire's arm healing after she had stabbed herself with the carving knife. Noah and Sandra just look put out and Noah's date, a fellow former Company agent, can only comment on the situation with an "Oh, geez", while Claire simply looks annoyed.
  • "Naked lady! I think you are trying to seduce me!"
  • Hiro's nerd-riffic Word Salad after he gets his brain scrambled.
    Ando: "It's like someone took a shabu spoon and stirred up his fanboy brain."
  • Ando, when drugged up, is hilarious.
  • After escaping from a mental hospital, Hiro teleports himself, Ando, and Mohinder into Noah's apartment, right when he is kissing Lauren. The awkward wave by the three, dressed in mental hospital garb, is priceless.
  • During Hiro's imaginary trial, Adam objects to Hiro's testimony: "Objection your honor! He's reciting the opening from Quantum Leap!"
  • Sylar's clothing while he was suffering from amnesia and working as a ride operator at the carnival is more of an unintentional one; anyone who was remotely familiar with what Zachary Quinto is like when he's not in character was bound to start snickering.
  • Parkman is gearing up for a raid, when Sylar, who's trapped inside Matt's head, starts heckling him. The way Sylar rolls his eyes and gags at the thought of staying inside Matt's head longer than he has to is what sells it.
    Sylar: "I wish I was a ghost. It would be sooooooo much better than this hell... being stuck in your miserable life?" [Gags] "I mean, have you seen yourself eat a burrito?"
    • And later, Sylar heckles Parkman again with a stuffed rabbit toy and making it talk in a childlike voice.
      Matt: "I never intended for this to happen."
      Sylar: [holding up the toy] "Unless you did, Mr. Parkman!"
      • Also, during his AA meeting, Sylar screws with him again by commenting about his weight.
        Sylar: Look at him. 20 pounds overweight, blood pressure's through the roof - he's a heart attack waiting to happen!
    • By "The Art of Deception", he's escaped Parkman's head...but when Parkman gets home and finds him waiting, he starts freaking out about Sylar showing up in his head again. Sylar just laughs and retorts, "That's so two months ago."
  • Sylar snarks at his being able to finding the carnival again:
    Sylar: "The memories are a bit fuzzy, like an orange that's been left out too long, but I could still find my way back."
  • Peter broods on a rooftop in Sylar's dream world until Sylar appears and starts heckling him. Peter immediately decks him in the mouth and then clutches his fist as he winces from the pain.
    Sylar: "What's her name again?"
    Peter: [whacks him in the mouth then clutches his fist in pain] Emma...Her name's Emma.
    • And right after Peter stalks off to sulk some more, Sylar's demeanor immediately relaxes as he checks his mouth for any blood.


  • The Super Bowl promotional commercial for Season 3. The Petrelli brothers, Hiro, Ando, Matt, and Mohinder play football against professional players. Claire gets into the fray upon a signal from Noah and Angela, but the game is stopped when Sylar pops up and destroys the football.


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