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  • Actor-Shared Background:
    • Micah is a child prodigy and talented pianist, just like Noah Gray-Cabey, who was accepted into Harvard at 15.
    • Hiro and Masi Oka were both raised by single parents (Hiro by his father, Oka by his mother), and at the beginning of the series, Oka held a job as a programmer at Industrial Light and Magic, while Hiro was a Level 3 programmer in his father's company. As of Heroes Reborn, Hiro has become head of the company and trapped in a video game; Oka is head of a company that makes video games.
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  • Billing Displacement: Averted. Not only are the main cast members always billed in strictly alphabetical order, Heroes (along with Charmed and Eastwick) is one of the few non-soaps to credit just the actors who appear in each episode, instead of running a standard cast list.
  • Cast Incest: Heroes co-stars Hayden Panettiere (Claire Bennet) and Milo Ventimiglia (Peter Petrelli) dated while playing an onscreen uncle and niece.
  • Cast the Runner-Up:
    • James Kyson Lee originally auditioned for the role of Hiro Nakamura, but instead got the role of Hiro's sidekick Ando.
    • Greg Grunberg (Matthew Parkman) originally auditioned for the part of Peter Petrelli.
    • Tawny Cypress (Simone) originally auditioned for the role of Niki.
    • Christopher Eccleston was originally offered the role of Sylar, but declined, as he didn't want to be tyepcast in Evil Brit roles. He accepted the role of Claude.
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  • The Danza: In the Japanese dub, Kimiko Nakamura is voiced by voice actress Saemi Nakamura.
  • Disabled Character, Disabled Actor: Deanne Bray is TV's best known deaf/speaking actress so when the character of Emma was created, she was cast.
  • Fake Brit: Adam may be British, but David Anders is American.
  • Fake Nationality:
    • James Kyson is Korean-American, and doesn't speak any Japanese. He had to rely on Masi Oka and a dialect coach to help him speak the language correctly.
    • Samuel and Ricky are played by Americans Robert Knepper and Holt McCallany. Will and Caitlin are played by Brits Dominic Keating and Katie Carr.
    • While Mohinder is from India, Sendhil Ramamurthy was born in Chicago and grew up in Texas. Lampshaded by Ando who says (of white people, though): "They all look alike."
  • Fandom Life Cycle: The first season created a huge fanbase. But then season 2, with its quality decay caused by the writer's strike, ensured Heroes would never rise to the mainstream recognition of The X-Files or Lost. While fandoms usually cool down and become a cult after a show ends, Heroes arguably got there during the final season.
  • Fandom Nod: Sylar explains that he, in fact, does NOT eat brains.
    • Also in one GN when meeting a trio of evolved humans who think of him as an inspiration, Sylar notes with some surprise "I have... fans!?" most likely a nod to the Sylar fandom.
  • Franchise Killer: Season 4/Volume 5 ended up being the final season of Heroes, despite leaving a Cliffhanger. Opinion is divided over whether or not it was due to Volume 5 itself, or just karma from arguably inferior previous seasons catching up. Actually, not only was the show cancelled, but they also ended up abruptly ending the graphic novels, and original plans for an end-of-series movie was also scrapped as well. It would be another five years until Heroes Reborn would appear. However, after Reborn's poor showing, it's unlikely that any future television projects would appear.
  • Fan Nickname: There are several, but highlights include:
    • "Mystery Sock" for Isaac (based on Hiro's Japanese pronunciation of the vowels in an English title and name; "Mister Isaac" becomes "Mees-ter Ee-zaahk")
    • "Fryingmon" for Nathan (based on, again, Hiro's Japanese pronunciation of "Flying Man")
    • Momo, "Moe" (as in the Stooge), or Pretty-But-Stupid for Mohinder and/or Peter.
    • Mohindrance and D'ohhinder, for the many, many times Mohinder steals the Idiot Ball.
    • Rafiki for Usutu, the man Matt meets in the African plains.
    • Pac-Man for Matt (based on Usutu's pronunciation of Parkman).
    • HRG for Mr. Bennet (short for Horn-Rimmed Glasses, because of the glasses).
      • This was a canon nickname at least amongst the cast as Coleman referred to his character as such a couple times
    • Senator Bambi for Nathan Petrelli. (It's the eyes.)
    • President Worf or Worfbama for the President, because he's played by Michael Dorn and he's kinda sorta an Expy of Obama
    • Pasbeard for the infamous, butt-ugly Beard of Sorrow sported by Nathan Petrelli (Adrian Pasdar) in the beginning of Season 2.
    • Nuke, for Luke the microwave boy.
    • Hiro ando Ando (bilingual pun)
    • Sythan for Nathan!Sylar.
  • I Knew It!: Rebel's identity... if you weren't betting on it being Hana (though she died in the comics).
  • Jossed: "Are you going to eat it?" "Claire, that's disgusting."note 
  • McLeaned:
    • When David Anders left to film Children of the Corn, Adam Monroe was quickly killed off to make way for a new villain. They brought him back for Hiro's dream trial a year and a half later when Anders was available.
    • When they brought the show back as Heroes Reborn in 2015, a number of the original actors were unable to return thanks to commitments to other projects. Hayden Panettiere was among those not to come back, so her character, Claire, was killed off-screen and regulated to Posthumous status.
  • Name's the Same: Claire shares the name of a character in Tales of Rebirth, of all things.
  • Real-Life Relative: The actors that play Ted Sprague and Sandra Bennet are married in real life.
  • Scully Box: Hayden Panettiere and Kristen Bell are very petite women, only coming up to 5'1" at best. They either needed the Scully boxes or wore heels in order to fit into scenes against Zachary Quinto (6'3) and Jack Coleman (6'2").
  • Seperated At Birth Casting: Adrian Pasdar auditioned to play Milo Ventimiglia's father the proposed Gilmore Girls spin-off. The casting director at the time made the comment that Adrian could pass for Milo's brother because of their strong resemblance.
  • Star-Making Role: For most of the cast, really.
    • While Hayden Panettiere, Milo Ventimiglia, Greg Grunberg, and Adrian Pasdar weren't exactly unknown before (Grunberg with a long-running role on Felicity and Pasdar as the lead in the short-lived Profit), but the show definitely increased their acting profiles. Santiago Cabrera's and Sendhil Ramamurthy's UK profiles also were boosted by the show, as most of their post-Heroes jobs have been UK productions.
    • This show is essentially the reason you know who Zachary Quinto is. He's said that the show how he got his even bigger role as Spock in the Star Trek reboot films.
    • Masi Oka often gives nods to the series, either in his new roles or simply in interviews or commercials for Mobius Digital's games. While he'd had recurrent roles before, Hiro was the character who stuck in everyone's minds and made him recognizable.
  • Throw It In!: Peter's shaggy Peek-a-Bangs was a result of Milo Ventimiglia filming his last Gilmore Girls appearance, Rocky Balboa, and the pilot within short times of each other, thus having no time to getting a haircut in between. He hated having the long hair so much that the show wrote in Sylar cutting off a lock of Peter's hair as a reference to his hatred. After the first season finished shooting, he buzzed it all off and kept it fairly short until the final season. Elle giving him a haircut in Season 2 was written in because of it and he had to wear a wig in the flashbacks.
  • Trope Namer: This series has named the following tropes:
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The obvious example is how volume 2 was cut short, with plot threads obvious to be related to the main story ending up going nowhere. A bigger example would be the entire style of the series: The original intent was to have a revolving cast, with most characters not returning in future seasons. What could have been, indeed, if after season 2 we didn't have to deal with most of the extended Petrelli family?
    • The Aborted Arcs caused by the writer's strike, which led to the Seasonal Rot which the series never fully recovered from. According to Sendhil Ramamurthy, the strike had NBC force the show to expand season 3 to 25 episodes, which apparently tested everyone's limits during filming.
    • The Season 2 DVD had an alternate ending in which Peter failed to catch the virus vial that Adam had dropped. It was planned that the virus would have been unleashed, and the latter half of the season would have been dedicated to finding a cure with Maya performing a Heroic Sacrifice by using her plague power to absorb the virus, killing her in the process.
    • The writers were originally going to have a Kill 'Em All ending at the end of season 1 and have a rotating cast each season. They didn't anticipate the characters becoming popular and developing a fanbase or Executive Meddling and it became increasingly difficult to properly use the Super Power Lottery winners like Peter and Hiro again.
    • The writers were also originally going to have a gay character in the original script for season 1 but the executives said no so in retaliation the writers filled the script to the brim with Subtext for all of them...
    • Elle was supposed to show up in the "I Am Become Death" future as the mother of the little boy, but conflicts with Kristen Bell's filming schedule forced the writers to cut the Sylar/Elle arc short and kill her off.
      • She also was apparently going to be Claire's sister, but this was dropped (not necessarily a Petrelli though - the blonde hair indicates that they shared the same mother, Meredith, so they might have been half-siblings and Bob still her biological father).
    • Even after Season 2 was cut short and its original plot (the Shanti Virus) halted, Bob Bishop was going to play a larger role in Season 3, probably getting to use his power more and get some development (which, let's be honest, he desperately needed). Unfortunately, Stephen Tobolowsky had a terrible riding accident in the months leading up to production, one which nearly paralysed him and put his neck on the mend for months... so they Dropped a Bridge on Him with Sylar killing him offscreen for his ability, and he did little in his few scenes until this happened. To add insult to injury, Sylar never even used said power, and Bob's daughter Elle was killed off anticlimactically (as noted above).
    • Peter and Nathan were actually written to be twins, but since they had trouble casting the roles, they just aged up Nathan instead. Peter was also originally named Ethan when Milo Ventimiglia read for the role.
    • Sylar was not originally intended to be a watchmaker, but a middle-aged priest. The character was altered accordingly after Jeph Loeb expressed concern that the part was too limiting storywise after a test screening of the original pilot. The character was altered again after Zachary Quinto had read for the part, which explains why the character was faceless until "Homecoming".
    • An alternate version of the pilot showed that Ted Sprague's power originally belonged to another character named Amid Halebi. The character was going to be involved with a terrorist plot and was a foreign exchange student who stayed with Matt Parkman's family when they were teens, but Tim Kring felt the storyline was far too controversial and cut it out of the final pilot. Halebi's ability was then reworked into Ted's story.
      • In the same original pilot, it was shown that Isaac had gotten to the drugs in order to paint, despite having handcuffed himself, because he used a saw to cut off his hand - further explaining why he was in such terrible condition when Simone and Peter found him. The footage was cut and spliced to remove this element. Kring admitted on the DVD Commentary that the reason for this was that original outline had Season 1 lasting months if not a whole year (as opposed to imitating Lost), during which Isaac was to relearn how to use his hand after it was reattached, in addition to learning to see the future without his drugs; this became impractical when the narrative was condensed into (roughly) six weeks and so was cut from the final product.
    • Zack in the earliest plans was a geeky girl named Zoe who was to be(come) Heterosexual Life-Partners with Claire, before being rewritten as her Ambiguously Gay male friend. He was also meant to come out to her in "Homecoming" but Thomas Dekker's agent vetoed this due to a belief he'd be typecast in gay roles; she was also the one who pulled him out of the show partway through the back half (he would star as John Connor later that year), leading to Zack's sudden Chuck Cunningham Syndrome.
    • One of those Aborted Arcs was to keep Debbie and make her Claire's love interest, with the subtext already written into the character when she was in the first half of the second season. Of course, when the show resumed the gay characters were still being given vetoes (so Debbie may well be gay or bi, this just wasn't shown explicitly). By the time they weren't, Dianna Agron was playing this character on Glee alongside other Heroes vets.
    • Emma Stone auditioned for the role of Claire Bennet.
    • David Bowie was the alternate choice for Linderman.
  • The Wiki Rule: Heroes Wiki, created early into season 1 and set to close in 2020.
  • Tim Sale is the artist behind most of the art featured on the show, except for Sylar's art, which was done by Alex Maleev, Peter's first stick figure doodle (done by Jeph Loeb), and Molly's doodles, which the actress did herself. Sale and Jeph Loeb are frequent comics collaborators, which strengthened the show's ties to comics.
  • The vignettes that aired promoting new characters that would debut in the following season is a technique that originated in Professional Wrestling, specifically in Memphis, TN with The Fabulous Ones in the early 1980s and is still used today.


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