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Funny / Heroes Reborn (2015)

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Chapters 1 & 2

Chapter 3

  • Harris demanding his watch back from the clone that spawned from his severed hand, and the latter meekly returning it.

Chapter 4

  • Quentin makes his typical Conspiracy Theorist comments as he and Noah observe the outside of Renautas' headquarters before turning to Noah and commenting that the sushi truck is actually quite good.
    • Quentin and Noah's dynamic after they agree to team up and discover the truth behind the Odessa bombing brings some much needed comic relief.
    Quentin: I hate your face, Bennet.

Chapter 7

  • Hiro awkwardly holding Claire's baby son Nathan, and being shown how to feed him by Anne, who obviously recognizes Hiro and may or may not have been flirting with him a little bit.
    • His later "fish-face" is a double dose of the funny: not only is it just ridiculous to look at, but it also functions as a Continuity Nod to Kensei's nickname for him: Carp.note 

Chapter 8

  • Hiro is holding Nathan.
    Hiro: (realizing) He pooped.
  • When the Harris clones break into Hiro and Anne's house looking for Noah, they meet in the living room after not finding anyone. They look at each other and shrug like, "Where did they go?"
  • When Hiro realizes that Nathan has absorbed his power:
    Hiro: You are a bad baby.

Chapter 10

  • The look Phoebe gives Quentin when he comments that Tommy has "the coolest power ever" after Tommy teleports them and Erica into the future.

Chapter 13

  • Erica's fate gets a little funny when you realize that the writers used a plot hole/concern over Caitlin's fate (from season 2) in order to kill her off, both explaining what happened and finishing off the villain at the same time.

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