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     How did Nathan AKA Tommy avoid absorbing any other powers? 

So Nathan absorbed Claire's power when he was in her womb and after being born he absorbed Hiro's. Then many years pass and he doesn't absorb any other powers. How did he do that? Does he absorb them by touch? If so, he isn't seen using gloves or anything to avoid touching other evos. Does he not touch a single evo during the other episodes? I can't recall. Can you? Considering his time-traveling/teleporting powers depended on him touching what or who he teleported, that's pretty amazing.

Thanks in advance.

  • Tommy!Nathan's absorption power is dependent on touch (like Arthur's); otherwise, he probably would've absorbed Angela's power as well. Before Tommy!Nathan's penny amnesia, he was aware of how his absorption worked & was likely very careful anytime he was around other evos. In the episodes before regaining his memories, the only evo I can remember him touching is Luke (whose powers hadn't manifested yet), & that was just to teleport him away.

     Pheobe's eclipse covered the entire Evo-Human peace summit...and one random hospital? 

WARNING: Spoilers for "June 13th, Part One"

So Claire died in childbirth when Pheobe Fray's eclipse knocked out her Healing Factor, preventing her from recovering from the complications she was experiencing. Now, my question is this: Pheobe's eclipse was originally meant to have a limited range of effect. In an earlier scene, Erica tells her specifically that it has to be big enough to cover the whole summit, where she (Erica) is fully expecting all Evos to be, including Claire, who was clearly expected to show up. Erica couldn't possibly have known that, at the last minute, Claire was going to be rushed to the hospital, having gone into labor, so why have Pheobe extend the de-powering effect that far? Is she just Crazy-Prepared or is Pheobe just way more powerful than Erica imagined?

  • Or one of the babies has the powers of their great-grandfather and great-uncle.
  • Per "June 13th, Part 2": Tommy's (aka Nathan Petrelli II) actual power is sort of a hybrid between Arthur's permanent power theft & Peter's one-at-a-time mimicry. At birth, he absorbed Claire's power, then lost it absorbing Hiro's power.

     Erica's limp 
At the end of "June 13th, Part 2" Erica is shown with a limp that she hasn't had previously, then in sundae bloody sundae it's suddenly gone with no explanation.
  • She could be one of those people who will limp in private but not in the presence of her subordinates or enemies.

     Tommy's childhood 
It was revealed that he grew up being looked after by Hiro and Anne so that Renautas couldn't get him. It was already explained how Renautas is just Primatech rebuilt. So how come Tommy was experimented on by Primatech as a kid? him remembering that room was how he sent Joanne and Luke there in the first episode.
  • Who said he was experimented on? Maybe Hiro told him about the room (as he probably would've known about it considering who his friends are and his business seemed connected with Primatech/Renautus)and his imagination filled in the gaps.
  • Erica Kravid also tells Tommy he was brought to Primatech.
  • Per "Project: Reborn" Tommy was at Primatech as a kid, along with Malina. They were brought there by Angela and Rene to test their individual and combined abilities. That room was where the twins nearly died trying to combine their powers until a tech stepped in to separate them and became an unwilling conduit for the power discharge.

     Why not everyone? 
Why can't Erica take everyone to the future?
  • She can. She just doesn't want to.

     Angela Petrelli's Age. 
Can someone explain this to me? In the last scene of the finale, Angela Petrelli is back to her Heroes age. However, in June 13th Part 2, she is shown to be much older, having aged much during the 16 years she was raising Malina. How did she magically de-age?

     Crazy Time Travel. 
Why would Angela Petrelli be able to go to her "chauteau in Geneva?" Wouldn't her original self notice?
  • When you consider all the crazy stuff that happened in the original show (and that Angela has spent most of her life dealing with stuff like that), it wouldn't be surprising if her older self sent her younger self some kind of message/sign that she would heed. Which could be why she so readily agrees to Noah's plan; she remembers the message/sign and realizes what had happened.

So that scene with Tommy and Malina at Primatech says it took place 7 years before the finale. But wouldn't this be during the original Heroes? Angela's presence makes sense, since it was future her, but why is Rene there? Shouldn't he be busy with the stuff from old Heroes? Also, why does he know about Tommy and Malina, since they haven't even been born yet? And he asks why Noah isn't there; obviously because the events of their birth haven't happened yet.
  • Rene wasn't always around. There were times when he disappeared for large gaps of the show for no apparent reason (from what I remember anyway). And Angela probably told him about Tommy and Malina; he's probably one of the few people she could trust with a secret like that.

     The Twins' Powers 
So...what exactly makes spacetime (or power theft?) and elemental powers into protective aurora around the whole world?
  • For that matter, what was stopping Nathan from stealing Malina's (or that of any other evo he ran into, like Luke or Otomo) powers? Maybe the Hatian was exercising his mojo during the testing as kids (though can he only suppress part of someone's powers?) but Nathan shouldn't have retained Hiro's powers if he was touching his sister through the HELE.
    • Nathan stole Hiro's power by accident because he was a baby who couldn't control it (just like Baby Parkman back in volume 4). When Nathan was older, he could consciously decide not to take a power, just like Peter & Arthur could. Also, yes, the Haitian can just suppress individual powers in people who have more than one (in the climax of volume 3, he was having trouble keeping all of Arthur's various powers at bay). The Wonder Twin Beam, however, has no justification at all; I'm just as confused as you guys are on that one.
      • My assumption is that Nathan is capable of copying Malina's powers without stealing it, either as a normal part of his powers or because of her status as his twin sister, and so by linking up they saved the world with double Malina's powers, making Nathan's power a little more similar to Peter's second power.
      • I have a theory: Nathan was able to use his time-manipulation abilities to recall the Earth's usual protection from before, which Malina was then able to imitate. It's probably far-fetched, but considering it's Heroes we're talking about, anything's friggin' possible.

So when the Summit was attacked, Phoebe was able to take away everyone's powers by creating a false eclipse. OK. Fair enough. But the explosion happened during the eclipse...and was set off by Harris's clones. Cloning is his power. His power should have been shut off, meaning his clones would have disappeared, along with the bombs attached to them. Yet his clones are still active, and the bombs go off. What gives?

     More Time Travel Crazy-ness 
Noah originally time travelled. So what happened with the original time travel? He apparently didn't shoot Erica, and apparently called Rene to wipe his memory for him (even after supposedly watching Rene die). How does that original time travel even exist without some kind of stable time loop? WHEN IS THIS SHOW'S TIME TRAVEL EVER GONNA MAKE ANY GODDAMN SENSE?!

     Why protect humans? 
This show raises the same question as X-Men. Given that everything that happens seems to run on Humans Are Bastards, why would any Evo not want to simply waste them all? Like in X-Men, given human behavior, joining the Brotherhood makes more sense from a self-preservation aspect.

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