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Funny / The Hero Yoshihiko and the Devil King's Castle

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  • Really, the whole series counts as one.
  • The reactions over the Virgin Sacrifice's real appearance crosses too many lines too many times.
    Yoshihiko: So we should bring her back now?
    Mountain God: I really wish you would...
  • When the party fights a mimic, it's held in the air by the use of strings, which are obscured by pixellation... which is so obvious it only draws attention to the strings.
  • One episode has our heroes revert deliberately to RPG behavior, by which we mean they walk in a tight line through someone's home as Yoshihiko searches drawers and smashes barrels and pots for loot. It's as ridiculous as it is awesome.
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  • The party fights a thief with a poisoned knife. Before they even get to do anything, the thief licks his own knife in a brief forgetful moment because he wanted to appear like a badass Licking the Blade. He promptly falls down dead.
  • Season 3 reuses the tower-of-7-trials plot yet again. This time it's all based on daytime talk shows, and Murasaki is designated as the one to handle the cooking challenge. How bad is she at cooking? The main preparation involves putting a large salmon too big for the pan on the stovetop. No seasoning or knifework. That's literally it.
  • One of the cursed towns our heroes visit has to remain completely silent at all times - so the first thing Yoshihiko does upon arriving is yell out for anyone around. One villager hops out and is forced to signal Yoshihiko to shut it... and Yoshihiko just yells out what he sees.

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