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  • X having a Villainous Breakdown every time Godzilla kills another monster.
    • His first reaction is arguably his best. The first monster he sent to go clear up Godzilla was the heavily despised American "Zilla", who is the said monster from the 1998 Roland Emmerich film. X has an anger meltdown after seeing Godzilla use his atomic blue breath to wipe out Zilla after a 13-second fight, but then he immediately comments he knew "Tunahead" wasn't up too much, which is Toho Studios shouting Take That! at Roland Emmerich.
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    • Another is after the Gotengo crew has been captured and brought onboard his ship. He's mid-breakdown as Godzilla just recently defeated Hedorah and Ebirah when they come in and goes "Just a sec," finishes, then turns around to confront them.
  • The part in New York City just before Rodan appears when a gangster speaking in Jive Turkey threatens a cop. It has to be seen to be believed.
  • A spoiled little child playing with Kaiju toys throws a Squirtle toy into his fire place. It's an obvious Take That! at Gamera.
  • When Ozaki brings Captain Gordon back to there hideout, Gordon see's Miyuki and her sister sitting. Gordon immediately assumes Ozaki is taking him on a double date. His comment "Ozaki, nice work." makes it so much funnier.
  • Godzilla fighting Rodan, King Caesar, and Anguirus. After Rodan is down for the count, Anguirus rolls into a ball and does a combination attack with King Caesar, which is basically KC kicking Anguirus like a soccer ball, with Godzilla playing goalkeeper. Seriously, Godzilla jumped to catch the Anguirus-ball like a goalie! And MISSED! Right after that, King Caesar makes an expression that either says, "Man! I missed?!", or, "Dude! How could you miss that?!".
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  • Just the fact how long it takes Godzilla to defeat his American counterpart. To put it bluntly: 13 seconds.
  • After Captain Gordon kills one of the remaining Xilians Commanders, he's ready to fight the female Commander. Just as he puts his fist in the air, she sarcastically asks "Are you going to hit a girl?" Gordon then turns his fist in a slap and replies "Yeah." He kills her with it.
  • After Godzilla epically defeats Kaiser Ghidorah, he turns his attention to the Gotengo and attacks it. Captain Gordon's response? "Son of a bitch. He just won't quit."
  • "They're coming to wake up Godzilla." *Cue Spit Take*
  • Every time Gigan loses his head to Godzilla and his own shuriken blades.
  • The fact that the Mutants combat gear is Transparent dirtbike gear and X and the Xilians outfits make them look like a J-Metal band.
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  • The moment Ozaki is fighting X and punches him in the face hard enough that X has to take a second (including holding his finger up in the "gimmie a second" gesture) to recover.

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