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    Promo materials 
  • From the M.U.T.O. website:
    • Typing "Jet Jaguar" will display the message, "PUNCH, PUNCH, PUNCH".
    • Typing in Godzilla or any other Kaiju like Mothra, King Ghidorah, Anguirus, Rodan, Mechagodzilla, King Caesar, Zilla, Titanosaurus or even King Kong will give you "System cannot confirm or deny the existence of this lifeform." In other words, yes.
    • If you try to cheat and type in "Show Trailer" or "Spoilers" it will respond with "Did you really think it would be that easy?"
    • Typing in "Roar" will produce "SKREEONK!"
      • Typing in the roar itself will yield different results depending on the typing. Exact replica will be blocked by Monarch, no exclamation point will get "Roar not recognized," no double vowels will be in violation of Privacy Policy GJ115-54, single E and two O is an invalid command, and doubling both E and O is restricted content.
    • Typing in "IhateGodzilla" will produce "The data you entered is incorrect."
    • "Knock Knock" produces "M.U.T.O. already knows who is there."
    • "Say something" or "Say my Name" - �Something. Please stop wasting M.U.T.O. resources."
    • "Conspiracy" - "M.U.T.O. assures all personnel, there is no conspiracy in our organization."
    • Try "gojira", get "モンスターの王様" - "king of monsters".
    • Try things like GIPSY DANGER or JAEGER you'll get responses like: ACCESS DENIED. THIS FOLDER LOCKED BY MONARCH.
    • Typing in the locations featured in the viral images recently released will give you some interesting messages.
      • "DOOR TO HELL" gets you:
      • In other words: a living creature is going to hatch. Soon.
      • "SIMA MARTEL" or "SIMA HUMBOLDT" gets you:
      • "CHONGQING" gets you:
    • Typing in "Ishiro Honda", "Akira Ifukube", or several others involved with the original film will produce "DNA IDENTIFIED".
    • Typing in Gamera gets you:
    • Typing in "Tatopoulos" (Matthew Broderick's character in the 1998 film) gets you:
    • Typing in "Aperture Laboratories" or "Black Mesa" get you:
      • Same Goes for typing in TARDIS.
    • Typing in a naughty word will get you:
  • This Huffington Post interview with Gareth Edwards has this funny anecdote about the design team:
    Gareth Edwards: You'd call people and say, "Would you work on the film with us?" And they would say, "Aw, I'd like to, but I'm really busy." And then you'd say, "It's Godzilla," and they'd go, "When do you need me?"
  • The day after the second trailer arrived, Godzilla, Rodan and King Kong were on the front page for Bing's image search, in the "Animals" section. Yes, right alongside normal animals like giraffes and elks.
  • This Snickers commercial made to promote the movie. Apparently, Godzilla constantly goes on rampages whenever he hasn't had his Snickers.
    • May not have been intentional, but in some scenes, there's a "Do not attempt" subtitle in the commercial. You know, don't want to let Godzilla ride a motorcycle in Real Life.
  • This FIAT commercial when Godzilla grabs each FIAT car models and eats them. He chokes on the yellow model as it escapes his mouth. What makes this more hilarious is the subtitle that says "Didn't actually happen".
    • Especially two soldiers' reactions to the Big G while monitoring from their helicopter.
    Soldier #1: "He's back!"
    Soldier #2: [deadpan] "And it looks like he's craving Italian."
  • The Facebook Q&A with Edwards following the 2014 SXSW event has a few:
    • When asked about sequel ideas:
    Barron Christopher: "Have you already started gathering ideas for a sequel? How many Godzilla films would you like to do?
    Edwards: "I feel like I'm about to give birth, so the last thing I want to do is get back into bed, but I'm sure once I see the child, I'll be racing to have another."
    • When asked if King Ghidorah would appear in sequels, Edwards treats him like an actual actor:
    Edwards: "We're contacting his agent. They're asking for a lot of money."
    • A similar one:
    Robert John Mack II: "Can Godzuki be in the movie?"
    Edwards: "We auditioned him, but there's all kinds of issues with child labor laws."
    • When given a cameo question:
    Matt Marten: "Can Matthew Broderick have a cameo where he gets eaten?"
    Edwards: "If I answer this question, I'll be giving away the end of our movie."
    • And another:
    Zack Zuber: "What monster besides Godzilla would you most want to work with?? Either in a Godzilla sequel or in own movie??"
    Edwards: "I'd like to see Godzilla fight the Stay-Puff Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters because after he destroys him, it would be toasted marshmallows for everyone."
    • Another:
    Chris Elchesyn: Have you seen the 90's Gamera trilogy?
    Edwards: I don't like to cheat on Godzilla - he's so possessive and gets very angry.
    • And another:
    William Chavis: How do you feel about cross over with Pacific Rim?
    Edwards: But who would direct it? I think the first fight would have to be between me and Guillermo (He would kick my ass).
  • In an interview with Toho Kingdom after being asked what Edwards' first Godzilla experience was. They all blended together in his mind but he and kids knew of the Hannaha Barbara Godzilla cartoon.
    Edwards: They'd ask me 'Is Godzooky going to be in it?' and they'd be partially joking but mostly serious... kind of depressing.
  • Godzilla vs. Thomas the Tank Engine
  • Apparently, Bryan Cranston and Godzilla didn't get along on set at all.
  • The stars and Edwards' hilarious responses in regards to Japanese fans' complaints that Godzilla's "too fat" at the Hollywood premiere.

     The Movie 
  • From a certain point of view, the entire premise of the movie. Godzilla, chasing the MUTO by following their long-distance mating calls, is basically a cock-blocking stalker listening in on a sexting couple, and is trying to intercept them before they can get laid.
  • As is the case with many a Godzilla flick, the military's weaponry is pretty useless against Godzilla.
    • Particularly great is a scene in which the Honolulu SWAT Team lays into Godzilla with MP5 submachine guns, a couple of the police officers look at each other afterwards and make a face like they're confused as to why their 9mm rounds didn't seem to bother him (or why they're even bothering).
      • Not to mention how Godzilla just keeps walking, seemingly oblivious to being shot at, though given he could shrug off multi-megaton nuclear weapons at point-blank range, handheld human weapons most likely wouldn't even register.
  • The scene in which Godzilla is fighting Hokmuto in the airport, and Sam is watching the newscast:
    Sam: Mommy, look, a dinosaur!
    • Doubly hilarious is the happy adult pop music that plays in the background as Sam watches the newscast.
    • Elle's stunned "is this really happening?" look as she watches Godzilla vs. Hokmuto on TV, the far-away camera really giving it the classic two-creatures-stomping-little-buildings look.
    • The fight itself has a bit where Hokmuto is sort of grabbing at Godzilla's head while he flails around trying to get it off. One can imagine his displeasure if he knew that was the fight they filmed. Then again, he probably wouldn't have cared all that much...
  • When the term MUTO (Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organism) is coined, Admiral Stenz immediately lampshades that the specimen is no longer "terrestrial" due to being airborne.
  • The way the male MUTO presents the nuke to the female. Turns out this terrifying monster bug was just basically trying to get his girlfriend a box of chocolates!
  • When Godzilla dispatches Hokmuto via massive tail whip maneuver, there's something subtly humorous about the moment after when the whole building he whipped it into collapses onto him... right when he pulls what can only be described as a smug victory face (or just takes a breather). The Big G apparently forgot about his own strength.
    • "Yeah... Eat human building, bastard... Hoo, that was rough..." CRACK. "Huh...? ...Oh, you're kiddin' me. WhoooaaaaAAAAAAGH!"
  • The timing is perfect; right after Godzilla finishes off Femuto, he gives his victory roar and drops her head in the sea... and THAT'S when the lights come back on. It's almost as if he's telling the freakin' city of San Francisco, "Okay, it's clear! WAKE UP!"
  • In the finale, when Godzilla is seemingly downed again after finishing the fight... he gets up the morning after—it's played for drama; but something about it can come off as funny when it seems as though Godzilla just needed a quick nap after a bar brawl, especially when you look at the way he collapses after looking like he was about to walk it off.
    • His face as his eyes open is pretty much textbook example of "Whaddid I do last night, where am I... oh yeah."
    • That roar he gives, and the look he gives as he staggers off, is probably the closest he'll ever get to being a Deadpan Snarker. "Ohh, you guys. Show's over, nothing to see here. Get back to your puny lives and try not to wake up any more primordial beings. God, that's the last time I ever overuse the atomic breath..."
    • There's just something at once awesome, heartwarming, and hilarious about Godzilla walking off into the sunrise. You half-expect him to salute and finger shoot back at San Francisco while a country ballad starts playing.
    • "Welp, see ya guys. I'm heading on back home to Japan. I'm just gonna take a swim here, so if you guys happen to see me swimming on by, don't freak out. Just call me again when the next monster comes stomping around. Byeee!"
      • It's made even more hilarious by the way he sort of flops into the ocean like he's collapsing onto his couch after a long night shift. He looks like he's about to take an aspirin and a long nap.
      • "Right, that's finally done, now I can finally put up my feet in front of the TV and sleep on the couch. Also, you guys call me via submarine if that asshole Ghidorah shows up. Bye! Now, WHERE IS MY SANDWICH?"
    • In a Black Comedy way, when Godzilla is heading back to the ocean, there is a street filled with cars in his path. Cut to a few shots later, and his tail is shown sliding across the wrecked street as he dives into the water. So yeah, he may be the protector of earth and the savior of the city, but he'll still squish you if you get in his way.
  • Godzilla calmly swimming in the midst of the carrier group before casually leaving them behind so he can go after the MUTO reads with the subtext of "M'kay, that was fun but I gotta go to work now."
  • When the Muto is raging around the airport, the camera shifts to one of the engineers on the ground, who's cowering beneath a plane before being caught ankle-deep in water left over from Godzilla's wake and leaves a rather fitting implication throughout the whole scene.
  • The opening credits have a few zingers, if taken out of context. (Everything that's not in all-caps is quickly redacted, like a classified document.) Perhaps the best of these:
    Reliability of these sightings is still questionable BASED ON THE CHARACTER witnesses. One must ask, is GODZILLA OWNED AND CREATED BY TOHO COMPANY, LTD.
    WARNER BROS PICTURES AND LEGENDARY PICTURES PRESENT a terrifying tale of disaster and woe.
    Furthermore, the creature must be eradicated. These fauna are a danger to all life on earth. A LEGENDARY PICTURES PRODUCTION to destroy this creature and all DNA evidence.
    KEN WATANABE of a 1MT surface burst onto Bikini Islands
    Even with nuclear weapons there is no guarantee that the creatures will succumb. Evidence show that it is likely the creatures will come back WITH DAVID STRATHAIRN's head
    Walter Malcolm has claimed that government men dressed in white lab coats routinely appear at site and BRYAN CRANSTON shortly after the event all residents are sworn to silence.
    The "scientist" and occult author RICHARD T JONES has claimed unique knowledge of the creature's odd mating habits with CJ ADAMS
    Are these animals real? Can we prove they even exist or are they merely men in rubber suits with COSTUMES DESIGNED BY tricksters SHAREN DAVIS we may never learn the answer 'what lurks below'.
    MUSIC SUPERVISOR hidden in the depths of DAVE JORDAN the thunderous sounds that came from the hills are from a large creature
    Not to be discussed with FILM EDITOR BOB DUCSAY. This confidential document must not be shared.
    The illuminati has been using PRODUCTION DESIGNER OWEN PATERSON to build facilities to hide their study of the creature and it's origins. All clues are suppressed.
    The bomb site is classified and will be detonated at 0800 pacific. DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY SEAMUS MCGARVEY will shoot. There will be no living organisms on the island.
    PRODUCED BY the fire-breathing THOMAS TULL
  • When Godzilla is brought down to his knees after killing Hokmuto and being struck by the falling building, there is a brief moment where he looks at Ford, and appears to have an "I'm way too old for this shit" look across his face. Well, he certainly would be.
    • Ford is absolutely awestruck, and Godzilla just gives him a look like, "Well, that sucked. How you doin', little guy?" or "Hey. Your buildings suck. How are ya?" It honestly needs to be seen to get the full effect.
    • Or in a meta perspective, "Quit stealing my screentime, punk! This is MY movie!"
  • When Ford is on the boat, staring down the female MUTO towering over him, he pulls out his pistol, aiming at her. While amusing in its own right, it gets kicked up a notch when the MUTO just stops, and all Ford can do is glance at his gun in confusion, almost as if wondering if it's scaring her off. (For perspective, his pistol is a military issue 9mm Beretta M9. The Femuto took 84mm anti-tank rockets in the face, and all that did was piss her off.) And then the camera pans right of her face...
    • Also the way the female MUTO just... squeals and stops. It's actually reminescent of the outtake of A Bug's Life where the mechanical bird malfunctions and breaks down!
  • Joe takes Ford to his apartment, where the walls are literally covered with newspaper clippings, photographs, charts, and other materials related to the disaster at Janjira and what may have caused it. While Ford is understandably taken aback at all this, his father simply says: "I don't get too many visitors."
    • Likewise, it's funny how Joe admits that the sensors deployed to monitor the Q-Zone were planted on buoys by a local fisherman he knows. It's just such a simple way to get his readings on a restricted area that you have to laugh.
    • Just before that, Joe secretly planning to go back to the Q-Zone... only to find Ford staring at him. You'd swear that Joe looked like he'd been caught stealing from the cookie jar.
  • When the military goes to Yucca Mountain in order to find the other Muto, there's a montage of soldiers running to vault doors, sliding back panels and yelling "Clear!" when nothing's in there. Eventually, one of them opens up a panel, getting nearly blinded in the process; and when he yells "Hey!", literally every other soldier in the hallway pivots in perfect unison. The sight of it is just weirdly hilarious.
    • The soldier using binoculars to search for the giant black monster walking in the diurnal desert's horizon.
    • And immediately after that, all the clearance and security the soldiers had to get past to inspect if the place was secured, just for a huge gaping hole to be in the back of the mountain in almost-plain sight. Makes one wonder how they missed that.
  • The Vegas scenes before (the people in the casino barely notice the news reports or are above annoyance with the EMP... and then a giant monster steps through the ceiling) and after the MUTO attack (the destruction is shown, Elvis Presley's "Devil in Disguise" in the soundtrack).
    • The firefighters finally open the door... only to see a gigantic hole where the rest of the hotel used to be, and Femuto cheerfully walking through other buildings.
    • And military footage shows it bending the Eiffel Tower of the Paris hotel during its road trip to San Francisco.
  • A news broadcast urges people to stay off the roads. Of course, there's an immediate Gilligan Cut to a road network jammed with masses of stalled cars surrounding a crashed jumbo jet, with all its emergency escape-slides deployed. Oops!
  • Godzilla's chubbiness can be pretty funny during his fight scenes-when he's being ganged up on by the two Mutos, it looks like a fat guy doing martial arts while getting attacked by two other opponents.
  • When the Brodys are poking around their old house looking for the missing floppy discs, there's a Freeze-Frame Bonus moment where Ford is looking at a glass tank in what was once his room, and you can see that the tank is labelled "MOTHRA". Hmm...
    • And now that she's confirmed for the sequel, this reference becames even more hilarious!
  • The stereotypical Japanese teenage punk who the cops release to his angry parents before Joe is brought out. Of course the father calling his kid a dumbass as soon as he gets out only adds to the hilarity.
  • Godzilla ignoring the multiple ships accompanying him as he swims across the Pacific. It just perfectly illustrates how the Big G gives no shits about military weaponry, not to mention that the military is essentially providing an (admittedly useless) escort fleet for the Big G.
    • Speaking of that, the incident at the Golden Gate Bridge is funny, if you look at it from Godzilla's point of view. Here Godzilla is, having let a school of metal fish ridden by noisy mites follow him for most of his voyage out of Hawaii, no matter how noisy or annoying that may have been. He gets close to his destination with more metal fish arrayed in front of him. No problem, right, he'll just swim under those weird critters. Then one of his big spines just nudges one of them. Oopsie. But the next thing he knows, the whole school of fish (plus some weird metal beetles on that bridge) starts stinging him all at once! The nerve of them! Godzilla's response to this apparent ungrateful and disproportionate response is to rise up and vocally bitch out the US Army and Navy. He doesn't even try to fight them, he just roars at them for at least two minutes straight. He's like a grouchy old man ranting at the top of his lungs over a fence at a bunch of rude youngsters.
      • At first, it's his normal roar, but once the rockets start connecting to his gill, it sounds more like he's saying, "Oww! Goddammit! My gill[s]—AH! OW! STOP it!"
  • Overlaps with awesome, but in the scene where the male MUTO is flying through San Francisco, and Godzilla reaches the city himself, when he stands up and stares down the MUTO, his posture, snarl, his whole body language is as if to say "...Bring it."
  • The entire scene where the military finally managed to get the warhead away from the Muto nest. Cue a bunch of soldiers running like hell, carrying a nuclear death device like it's a heavy couch, while Godzilla and the Muto are fighting each other in the background.
  • At the ending, while firemen and others are cleaning up debris around Godzilla, who is laying as if dead. Suddenly, Big G snorts out some dust, and firemen in droves perk up like startled meerkats, even in the background.
  • The Male MUTO attacks Godzilla by jumping up and down on him like a kid on a trampoline. When he and his mate manage to pin Godzilla down, you can almost hear him saying "WHEEEE!" as he drops down on the unfortunate atomic lizard.
  • When the MUTO nest explodes, the female has a huge Oh, Crap! moment and immediately rushes to the nest. The male however is a little slower to take notice, plummeling at Godzilla until the female's cries catch his attention. He actually looks confused for a second (complete with a Quizzical Tilt of his head) before he also reacts with a delayed Oh, Crap! and flies straight to the nest.
  • Godzilla and the female MUTO get into a one-sided shoving match; she's trying to grab on to buildings and whatnot, trying to stop Godzilla's pushing her backwards. She's just about mewling in a panic, his expression is like, "Gonna take your buggy ass back to the bay and stomp a mud hole in you, bitch!"
  • Some promotional material mentions that the EMPs the MUTO produce are actually natural byproducts of their bodily functions, and it's implied that they later learned how to use them against the humans attacking them, even though it wasn't originally designed for fighting. In other words, the MUTOs learned how to weaponize farts.

  • A bit of Fridge Irony: This film, made by the U.S. film company Warner Bros, was released 60 years after the release of the first Godzilla film. The very next film, Shin Godzilla was made by the Japanese film company Toho and came out about 60 years after the release of Godzilla: King of the Monsters!, the US dub/Re-Edit of the first film. Get it? In what was likely a huge coincidence, the U.S. and Japan managed to release a new Godzilla film in time for the 60th anniversary of the other country's first Godzilla production.
  • Godzilla, destroying a landmark suspension bridge, is hit by missiles and is completely unharmed, unlike a certain mutant iguana 15 years prior.
  • The inclusion of Sally Hawkin's as Dr. Graham in this film, shortly before her famous role in The Shape of Water, where she had... amorous relations with a strange aquatic creature. Largely ignored in the film upon release, the character of Dr. Graham has now been subject to much fan Memetic Mutation joking about her actual intentions for studying the monsters or even outright shipping her with Godzilla.
  • Gareth Edwards revealed the "kiss of death" was actually a joke suggestion that just ended up sticking.


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