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Funny / Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack!

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  • Though it's definitely Black Comedy, the moment where Godzilla comes ashore and passes by a hospital room containing an injured victim from his earlier attack on the Bonin Island, seemingly sparing her right before he lashes out with his tail and levels the place, is good for some grim humor.
  • Yuri's boss insists on brodcasting the truth with no deception...he says while stroking his long hair then suddenly pauses. As though his long locks are in fact fabricated.
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  • An example of light-hearted humor comes from Yuri being drunk. The English dub actor for Yuri (Andrea Kwan) really sells her lines and makes it all the more hilarious.
  • The tourists in Hakone who feel the best thing to do during a kaiju rampage is to take pictures. Baragon is adorable, sure, but you probably should've run.
  • From the English dub: "Bargain basement of the airwaves?"
  • One soldier's reaction in the dub when Mothra arrives to fight Godzilla: "Man, that's one hell of a bug!"
  • The behind-the-scenes footage of Rie Ōta, Baragon's suit actor, roaring inside the suit. Rarrr!

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