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Awesome / Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack!

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  • Commander Taizo gets an AMAZING one at the end of the film. He pilots a small sub to fire a specially made drill-torpedo into Godzilla and decides the one best way is to go down Godzilla's throat. After a few moments to regain his wits, he fires the torpedo from inside and follows the it out to safety! The real kicker? Godzilla gives chase, surfaces, and upon starting up his famous mouth beam, it takes the path of least resistance (his wound) and blows him apart. It's safe to say that most, if not all of the Godzilla series "human-scale" baddassery were reserved for him, Captain Tsujimori, Colonel Gondo, Akane Yashiro, Captain Gordon, Ford Brody, and Haruo Sakaki.
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  • The unnamed soldier who manages to see Godzilla about to blow him to atoms and responds by facing it head on rather than panicking also deserves mention.
  • Mothra fusing her energy with Ghidorah to resurrect him as King Ghidorah. He proceeds to No-Sell Godzilla's atomic ray with a forcefield, then blast the undead juggernaut all the way into the bay. He then continues to fight Godzilla in the ocean. Notably, this is the only time in the entire film Godzilla is completely on the defensive, as until the military got involved and accidentally hit him, Ghidorah seemed to have the upper hand.
    • Yuri punctuates the moment perfectly- "The thousand year dragon: KING Ghidorah!"
  • The soundtrack itself tends to be put in high regard among the fans of the film; it's no surprise, since they were done by Kow Otani (who's also done the Heisei Gamera trilogy, many series of anime and other well-recieved works). The themes that really, really work are the themes for the kaiju stars; especially Ghidorah's theme.
  • At one point, Baragon climbs out of the pit where he was fighting Godzilla and it looks like he's running away. Does he? Nope. He turns around and lunges at Godzilla. He stood no chance of winning that fight, and it's likely he knew that; but it sure didn't stop him from trying. And considering that he's a Guardian monster, it's entirely possible he was engaging Godzilla to buy the humans time to escape and/or give his fellow Guardians time to fully awaken.
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  • Godzilla, who has never won a straight one-on-one battle against Mothra or King Ghidorah without some kind of help, beating both of them to death, even turning an attempt by humanity to aid King Ghidorah against him. If you were annoyed at never seeing Godzilla get a win against either on his own, seeing him defeat BOTH in the same damn movie on his own will make your day.


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