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Trivia / Godzilla: Final Wars

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  • Acting for Two:
    • Minilla and Rodan are both portrayed by Naoko Kamio.
    • Kazuhiro Yoshida plays Gigan and Hedorah.
    • Keizer Ghidorah, Anguirus, and Ebirah are all played by Toshihiro Ogura.
    • In addition to playing Monster X, Motokuni Nakagawa portrays King Caesar.
  • Actor Allusion:
  • Approval of God: Patrick Tatopoulos, who designed the 1998 American Godzilla, was very thrilled to hear that his design made it into an official Toho Godzilla movie...even if it was a jab at Zilla altogether.
  • Box Office Bomb: A budget of $19.5 Million, only grossed $12 million at the box office. Making it both the least attended film of the Millennium era, and the least attended Godzilla film in general since 1975’s Terror of Mechagodzilla.
  • Milestone Celebration: Was released in time for the 50th anniversary of the franchise.
  • Production Posse: This movie marked the fourth time Ryuhei Kitamura, Tak Sakaguchi, and Hideo Sakaki has worked together, after Versus, Alive, and Aragami.
  • Name's the Same: This movie's Captain Gordon is unrelated to CAPTAIN GORDON, DEFENDER OF EARTH!
  • Pop Culture Urban Legends:
    • The rumour that this Godzilla is actually Junior. This rumor likely began due to the film's opening credits using the final scene in Godzilla VS Destoroyah in which an adult Junior can be seen in silhouette. However, this was likely only used for dramatic effect. Likewise, another rumor states that the Final Wars Godzilla was originally going to be an adult Junior but the idea was scrapped during development. So far, there are no statements from Ryuhei Kitamura or any of the film's production team that neither confirm not deny this claim. In fact, the Final Wars Godzilla is its own incarnation of the monster.
    • Bagan was rumored to have been cut from the film Godzilla: Final Wars and even had a video from 2012 claiming to be evidence. However, this was quickly debunked as the footage in question was actually from a show called Chou Sei Kantai Sazer X and had absolutely nothing to do with the Godzilla franchise or any supposed cut footage of Bagan.
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  • Recycled Soundtrack: A minor but interesting one regarding the main theme: it is almost a note-for-note copy of this unfinished but sometimes performed song Emerson, Lake & Palmer. Given Keith Emerson's involvement in the score and the band's dissolution before it's completion, this is a rather nice gesture.
  • Role Reprisal: Masami Nagasawa and Chihiro Otsuka reprise their roles as the Shobijin from Godzilla Tokyo SOS.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • A very mild case, Kiryu, Gorosaurus, and KING GHIDORAH (who Monster X would've transformed into instead of Kaiser Ghidorah) were all slated to appear in the film as well. Unfortunately, none of them made the cut, and Kiryu and Gorosaurus were replaced by the Gotengo and Zilla.
    • Similarly, concept art exists for this film of Oodako, indicating that he was considered at one point.
    • Additionally, the film was initially intended to be a follow-up to the Heisei series with the film's Godzilla being the adult Junior. Since one idea was for the finale to have Destoroyah instead of Kaiser Ghidorah, this could have made for a great confrontation, as Junior would want revenge on Destoroyah for killing him.
    • Godzilla was to actually kill Rodan, Anguiurus, and King Caesar, but this was ultimately changed to him sparing them as a nod to his friendly relations with them in the past. And also because they'd already lost the suits without filming it.


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