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YMMV / Godzilla: Final Wars

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  • Awesome Music: As with the rest of this film, the music is...hotly debated, with one exception. This track (featuring a spoiler title) is widely considered really fun. When it or either of its two variants gets going, you know there's one hell of a scene approaching.
  • Badass Decay:
    • Gigan, a fan favorite monster and one of the few creatures from the Showa era to come back for more than one outing (appearing in his title film, Godzilla vs Megalon, and Zone Fighter), as well as the first monster in the franchise to make Godzilla bleed, is killed in roughly the same amount of time in a far dumber manner: he just fucking stands there and lets Godzilla blow his head off, with a look of slack-jawed stupidity on his visor.
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    • Kumonga, the primary antagonist of Son of Godzilla and one of the monsters who helped take Ghidorah down at the end of Destroy All Monsters is dispatched with Godzilla hammer throwing the giant spider off-screen.
    • Hedorah, arguably tied with Ghidorah as Godzilla's most powerful Showa opponent (the only monster for whom Godzilla's atomic breath was a complete No-Sell) is killed in the same incident as Ebirah, after about ten seconds of screentime.
  • Broken Base:
    • Considered the best by some for its cast of kaiju and nonstop action. Considered the worst by some for its focus on the humans instead of the kaiju and the action instead of the story. It doesn't help that many of the scenes with the human characters are taken wholecloth from other famous films such The Matrix, Star Wars, Independence Day and X-Men, sometimes frame by frame. One notable example is the character of Shinichi Ozaki who strongly resembles actor Keanu Reeves and at one point in the film stops laser blasts in mid-air in a manner very similar to Neo's most famous scene in The Matrix Reloaded.
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    • Monster X being a disguise for Keizer Ghidorah. Some view it as a case of They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot in that Godzilla didn't actually get to fight a new monster in the movie, while others view a showdown between Godzilla and his Arch-Enemy as a fitting send-off for the franchise at the time.
    • As alluded to above, the music. Was Keith Emerson out of place to score a Godzilla movie, or does his approach add to the fun campiness of the film?
    • Gigan's Millenium design. Some fans love it for being more threatening, sleek and overall futuristic-looking than the Showa version, while others think this redesign pretty much got rid of nearly everything that made Showa Gigan so fondly remembered. The fact Gigan had a very distinct, albeit cowardly, personality in the Showa series but is just an idiot in this film doesn't help either.
  • Complete Monster:
    • Controller X, or simply X, is a hegemonic alien warlord who wants to rule the Earth, but while his former master wanted to do it peacefully and was well-intentioned, X, after killing him, took the conquering to more extreme levels. Instantly letting his alien henchmen go around and destroy everything in sight after making them his own mindless slaves, and awakening the aforementioned Gigan, X doesn't care at all who gets killed during the attack, and is fully aware of how sadistic Gigan is. Capturing and holding a bunch of humans hostage during the climax, X orders his men to slaughter the crew, except for those he wants to kill for himself, trying to brainwash Ozaki into serving him, only to attempt to kill him when he breaks free. Psychotic and arrogant, X had no problems with causing a massive genocide on humans just so that he could rule Earth, and while multiple other villains have the same goals, it is X's utter sadism that makes him stand out. There's also the fact that he tells our main characters it was necessary to capture some humans alive before exterminating the rest, since the Xilians need them for food. His constant references to them as "cattle" and talk about having to increase their numbers strongly implies he intends the heroes to be Breeding Slaves.
    • Monster X, real name Keizer Ghidorah, is a fully sentient alien sent by X to help him with the human genocide, not even caring about X's hegemonic goals himself and only interested in killing. Battling Godzilla during their fight, Keizer pins him down just so that he could see Gigan slowly cut him with his chainsaw, fully aware of how cruel Gigan is and how painful it will be. Spending the rest of the battle enjoying the destruction, Keizer, after his superiors die, shows his sadism again by slowly sucking the life out of Godzilla, and intending on destroying the world after. While every other alien minion of X was brainwashed, Keizer did all this solely because it was fun, and proved a worthy successor to the previous Ghidorah incarnations.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Gigan finally making a reappearance with a far more menacing design was well-received.
    • For human characters, Captain Gordon has been very well-received. Being played by Don Frye helps.
  • "Holy Shit!" Quotient: Monster X transforming into Keizer Ghidorah might have surprised many for those who watched the movie for the first time.
  • Inferred Holocaust: The heroes defeat the Xillians and Godzilla departs peacefully but pretty much every city on the planet has been devastated and millions if not billions have been killed as well as the fact that several monsters are still alive.
  • Memetic Badass: Captain Gordon. Surprised?
    • Of course, we can't forget Godzilla either.
  • Moral Event Horizon: X crosses it when he shoots the Controller and then gives the rest of the planet a lecture on how they are like cattle meant to be enslaved by a superior species.
  • Signature Scene: Godzilla kicking Zilla's ass.
  • Take That, Scrappy!: There's a reason that Zilla is the first kaiju to get a complete smackdown, and it's to establish that the character doesn't hold a candle to the "real" Godzilla.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: Some fans aren't exactly fond of Gigan's Millenium design, even calling it way too overdesigned and gritty for their taste. It doesn't help that this design puts more emphasis on Gigan's robotic qualities rather than his biological ones, which makes him look somewhat less like a cyborg for some.
    • Rodan's Millenium design. While meant to be a throwback to his debut appereance, it makes him look bizarrely humanoid.
  • Unexpected Character: Monster X's final form: Keizer Ghidorah.


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