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Main Game

  • One of the many DIY weapons Dani can use to wreak havoc on Castillo's army is a lethal disc launcher (inspired by the Saw Launcher from New Dawn) that plays "Macarena" of all things.
  • Fangs For Hire make their return, with the Tropical Island Adventure setting permitting some of the most exotic animal allies yet:
    • The first is Guapo, a tame crocodile (wearing a Hawaiian Shirt of all things), who needless to say does his part to literally take a bite out of Castillo's army with Dani's introduction to Guapo being meeting old revolutionary Juan Cortez, who asks if they can whistle - when Dani does so, Guapo suddenly sprints off, tackling and outright dismembering a hapless Mook who was just about to arrest Juan. Then he fetches the mook's severed limb like a puppy.
    • The second is Chorizo, a wheelchair-bound runt of the local dachshund attack-dog breeding program who is shown to cause Mooks to fawn over him - this cues almost immediate Mood Whiplash when Dani brutally stabs the shit out of the mook after they sneak up behind him, and then whiplashes right back when they start to pet Chorizo, who's unfazed by their brutal murder no less than five seconds ago. And Chorizo is even shown to be capable of directly charging against enemies head on while Dani is in a firefight.
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    • The third is Chicharrón, a large rooster with dyed plumage, piercings, and multiple jewelry pieces, whose introduction has Juan confusingly ask who brought him before relenting that it doesn't matter as long as Dani needs him to get the job done. Somehow, he's capable of understanding language and demands anarchy graffiti with his name plastered over them.
      • Of particular note about Chicharrón's series of mission leading up to his recruitment is that Dani at one point ponders if the situation is about Chicharrón backing them up or if they are backing up Chicharrón as he goes on a personal rampage against dogs bred to be super-soldiers, waves of hardened FND soldiers, and even armored vehicles! If by some chance the rooster does bite the dust, the failure message even blatantly goes "Chicharrón has been killed! Impossible!".
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    • Boomer is back, now known as Boom Boom. Apparently, our good friend Hurk not only sent the poor dog to Yara to escape the brutality at Hope County, but also to atone to the Monkey God for his past mistakes (likely meaning using monkeys as live bombs).
  • The Los Bandidos Operations occur in the background of Dani's fight with Libertad to overthrow Castillo's regime and provide a lot of resources to the guerillas. The varied scenarios and means by which these Operations are carried out, however, sometimes turn up hilarious gems like so:
    Somehow, the kids didn't laugh us into submission. They still want more proof we're "chill" though... A couple of kids bullied some guerillas so badly they left the skatepark.
    Two guerillas dropped their phones, cracked their screens, and quit the movement (a little extreme, we think)
  • Dani finds a pair of Yaran Story sidequests to do in the Montero Farm guerilla camp for a man named Elvis Carballo. It initially starts with Dani going to retrieve a pair of spurs that Elvis gives to his prize cockfighting bird, only for Dani to discover that the one who stole them was also giving animal-equivalent steroids to chickens, resulting in a large horde of 'roid-raging roosters attacking Dani when they escape with the spurs. The follow-up quest involves Elvis reporting that the whole host of juiced-up cluckers had escaped and started laying eggs, of which he needs one. The result is Dani finding the horde had overtaken and destroyed a local farm, where they have to collect one egg and destroy the rest all while being pecked and clawed at by the madness-induced farmlife. At the end, Dani exclaims how much they hate roosters, but given that they later or might even have already met up with the Amigo, Chicarron, it might have been a heat-of-the-moment declaration.
  • The Yaran Story sidequest "The Seeds of Love" involves Dani helping Lorenzo Canseco, one of the Legends of '67 in El Este, to reconnect with seven of his illegitimate children that he sired in the wake of the first revolution against a Castillo that he and his cohorts became Legends for. The long process in which Dani delivers the letters to the grownup children ranges from some humorous encounters like a man who isolates himself in a cemetery and pretends to be a ghost to scare off FND soldados and a man who got himself locked in his own playroom after a "liaison" gone wrong, to tearjerking like a man who got the letter from his father at the lowest point of his life as he lost his family and his livelihood and could only drink his days away, to outright squicky as a man and a woman discover at the same time that they share Lorenzo as a father; the man curls into the fetal position and the woman proceeds to vomit. One encounter though brings back the Mind Screw elements of Far Cry 5 as Dani finds letters revealing one of Lorenzo's bastard daughters has been in contact with the Project at Eden's Gate cult in Hope County, Montana and was shipped some samples of the plants they used to manufacture Bliss; Dani even goes on a Bliss trip to find the woman and all the time she's spilling out one line after another straight from the mouths of the Seed family.
    • The common thread with all of Lorenzo's children? They're all drama queens like he is. Just in different ways.
  • Another Yaran Story, "Tanks for the Likes", involves Dani having to help a thrillseeker named Colton "CB Savage" Blake do some "dope-ass moves" to help Libertad gain social media cred. The large majority of his "moves" involves strafing side to side as he runs across an active firing range presently being used by armored tanks for practice. With Dani following behind him the entire time, told to keep him in the frame of the camera s/he is holding at all times. He runs across the length of it twice, even stopping outside of cover to do some air-boxing in the direction of said tanks that are still shelling the area around him. Eventually, the two leave the firing range where Colton declares his awesomeness and how popular the video will be, with the only way it could be better was if "someone fuckin' died". Moments later, a stray shell strikes and explodes him into a red mist while barely scratching Dani right beside him, followed by his still-smoking shoes falling back down into the pool of blood where he stood as a collectible Gear piece. Dani goes ahead and uploads the video because it's after all what Colton "would have wanted".
  • A treasure hunt that can be found near Patriotas Peak, the guerilla camp owned by the Legends of '67 in El Este, called "A Little Birde Told Me" revolves around Dani having to follow a docile pelican through a combination of the wingsuit and various vehicles as it has to be fed incrementally in order to lead her to the stash. Every time, Dani finds themselves talking to the pelican, Danilo, as if it were a dog, something they eventually lampshade at the end when Danilo leads them to the stash.
  • El Tigre asks Dani to help liberate Karlito, ostensibly one of the Legends of '67, who has apparently been forced to "work" at the Pro-Castillo propaganda-laden Museum of the False Revolution. When Dani arrives at the museum, they discover Karlito is actually a tank. Dani's reaction is priceless.
  • Juan and Dani have numerous humorous encounters.
    Juan: Remember, Rule 9#: Right tool for the right job.
    Dani: Rule #10: Shut the fuck up.
  • "Dead Drop" has Juan tell a story about how he negotiated a deal with Sinola Cartel and the CIA before making a fortune then losing it gambling. Later, he calls again to tell more or less the exact same story with Gorbachev and the KGB.
    Dani: Let me guess. You screwed over someone, took a percentage, then blew it doing something stupid.
    Juan: Yes?
    Dani: I think we're family now.
  • The Running Gag of Bicho being The Load.


  • So apparently, in Vaas' mind he screams like a little girl.
  • After collecting the handle for the Dragon Blade, you're treated to a vision of Vaas' memory of when he first discovered Jason and his friends skydiving onto Rook Island. When he overhears Jason exclaim how "his dad would kill him if he knew what he was doing", Vaas sarcastically proclaims that must "make him Jason's daddy". A nearby pirate then asks what that makes him. Vaas' response?
    Vaas: You're the fat ugly aunt but you make wonderful cookies. Children love you.
  • In one of his memories, Vaas watches Joseph Seed preaching on TV and is not too pleased when Joseph tells the definition of insanity, as if that phrase is Vaas' trademark and Joseph had committed copyright infringement. Take note that Albert Einstein was the one who used that phrase first, meaning Vaas committed infringement first.