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Funny / Far Cry: New Dawn

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Unmarked spoilers below.

  • Upon meeting up with Sharky Boshaw, you find that he is co-parenting his cousin Hurk's baby, Blade. It goes about as well as you would think the two of them having a child would go.
    • In Sharky's recruitment mission, he allows Blade to man the controls and shoot explosive barrels out onto the battleground for Cap to shoot.
  • Hurk leaves a note for Blade in the warehouse at Chateau Boshaw. It starts off heartwarming and then... Then it becomes more like Hurk:
    Hey little man, I know you can't read or even understand words yet, but I want you to know that daddy loves you. Being away from you is the toughest thing I've ever done, but these people need me to save them.
    One day you'll understand that there are three kinds of people in the world. The sheep that needs to be protected. The wolf that stalks his prey. And the Sheepdog whose larger than average genitalia, natural athleticism, and pure alphaness shames the wolf into submission.
    We are a sheepdog family. We protect the sheep and make wolves our cucks who then have to watch while we bang sheep.
    Love, Daddy
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  • When Mickey and Lou first come to intimidate the people of Prosperity, Lou ends up dropping the "If we can't take it, we'll break it. line. You'd think that it would just leave it at that and let it be Narm or Narm Charm...only for a moment of silence with Mickey rolling her eyes at her sisters threatrics. You can't help but think of Mickey thinking R-Really sis ? I was trying to have a serious monologue here." It gets even better because Lou will do this several times throughout the game whenever Mickey threatens someone, making it clear that Lou would prefer that Mickey let her do the talking.
  • Crosses over with Moment of Awesome but the scene where the Captain rips themselves out of the Twins' handcuffs and gives the two the beatdown of a lifetime is a fair bit of karmic comedy, considering that up until that point the Twins believed they were the ones in control of the situation, and have rarely been on the receiving end. They had just killed Rush, and made it clear they were planning on either doing the same to the Captain or simply beating them into submission, and it became very obvious neither of them saw it coming. When the Captain catches Mickey's helmet mid-swing and begins crushing it in their hand, the look on her face is priceless, since she is used to being the one putting the beatdown on others, and the Captain is just wiping the floor with her.
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  • A funny Shout-Out to Epic Meal Time when you're trying to save Timber with one of the Highwaymen saying he would cook the dog just like Epic Meal Time crew made the Turbaconepic.
  • Selene offers her medicinal herbs and supplements to Prosperity, to keep people from dying from "stupid things" like stepping on a nail and the wound getting infected. You'd instead likely die from violence, "as your god intended!"
  • When Joseph has New Eden taking orders from the Captain from now on Ethan tries to argue if they really want a foreigner over him just because the man that abandoned them for years said so. They say yes before he can even finish his sentence.
  • The description for the Sam Fisher outfit, earned in the Crashed Government Plane expedition, is just...well...
    Fisher's on the loose! I heard something. Better not be Fisher. Fisher wouldn't try his luck here, wouldn't he? That'd be fuckin' crazy! Fisher, Fisher, Fisher!


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