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Nightmare Fuel / Far Cry: New Dawn

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And you thought cougars were bad before the nukes...


Unmarked spoilers below.

  • The opening of the premiere trailer really hammers home the horror of what happened: a shot of a farmhouse being leveled by the blast, and the same house burning along with the world around it as animals flee in terror. Combined with shots of a burnt-down forest and footage of the Highwaymen, it's a chilling reminder that the world as you know it is over.
  • The Twins, Mickey and Lou. They're the leaders of the Highwaymen, and they're as brutal as the job requires. Their first scene features Lou brutally beating a man's head in with her helmet. And then there's her speech to the occupants of Prosperity:
    Mickey: Listen here, rabbits! You need to understand somethin': the only currency left in this world is power! We're gonna take everything from you, starting with your home! And if we can't take it...
    Lou: We’ll break it.
    • Turns into a brief comedic moment in the actual game where Lou drops the line in an attempt to intimidate the people of Prosperity... only for Mickey to take a moment of silence to roll her eyes at her sister's comment with a "I can't believe you just said that" expression on her face.
    • While Mickey's the calmer and more Faux Affably Evil of the two sisters, like Vaas and Pagan Min before her, it only serves to make the occasions she loses her temper and starts shouting furiously all the more terrifying.
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  • The backing track is a discordant trap instrumental that sounds like a gospel song from hell.
  • Demon Fishes, sharks, and crocodiles are back to make your swimming a little bit scarier.
    • In the mission "Deep Dive", Selene tasks you with going into John Seed's partly flooded bunker to retrieve her lost field kit. You see it on a platform not far below you, so you jump down... and the platform gives way, dropping you into the drink below. You then need to explore the old bunker and flood it to escape. The whole time, Selene is giving comments and advice over your radio, and she mentions that there are probably crocodiles. Nonsense, you think. Selene's a bit of a Cloud Cuckoolander to begin with, and crocodiles are probably only in the expeditions. There can't be any in Hope County, can there? You'd be dead wrong.
  • One of the expeditions you can take is to the destroyed shell of the Paladin with notes from Sam Fisher about his tracking of an "empty arrow," which had been tracked to somewhere in Montana, and the Paladin's subsequent crash when the nuclear detonations of the Collapse knock it out of the sky. Even more notes reveal the destructive results of the global nuclear war, with large pieces of Europe, the U.S., China, and Russia obliterated and Korea, Palestine, and Israel literally just erased from the map. The last note from Sam indicates he is going to find passage east to locate his daughter in New York. Along with the implication that Fourth Echelon team was unable to stop the Collapse from happening because they were simply too late, it also seems to provide further evidence that the entire event was engineered by someone, possibly even Joseph himself...or at the very least, someone that Joseph knew...


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