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There will be plenty of post-apocalyptic works shoutouts
For example, there may be an achievement/trophy called "Witness Me!" If somehow you get a skill that lets you turn people into Ludicrous Gibs with melee attacks, that achievement would be called "You Are Already Dead."

Joseph Seed will be rendered irrelevant as a Big Bad
The trailer implies that the Resist ending, which leads to you fighting against him, then taking him to the bunker, is canon. By the time he comes out, he'll be immediately taken out by Highwaymen or find that nobody remembers him or Eden's Gate.
  • Alternatively, he has a Heel–Face Turn and becomes a supporting character, trying to redeem himself.
    • Or better yet, a bonus mission allows you to find and kill him, saving the Deputy in the process.
      • Possibly jossed, as of the new story trailer: Joseph Seed appears as a possible ally due to the even bigger threat of the Highwaymen, although the survivors are reluctant to form such an alliance. Eden's Gate also appears to still be in some degree of control of the northern part of former Hope County.
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  • Confirmed. The Twins are still the Big Bad, and Ethan is an unrelated True Final Boss with his own faction.

The Twins on the cover and trailer are really just Dragons to a much crueler warlord
While they might appear to be the main villains now, there's a chance that they're more along the lines of Vaas and serve someone worse than them and they're just the comedy relief.
  • Jossed. The Twins are still the Big Bad, though they're only the second to last final boss.

Rook will be the Big Bad.
Perhaps after years of having been driven insane by being held captive by the Father and also the destruction of the world and society has caused Rook to completely lose it and become a brutal warlord. If the above theory turns out to be true then maybe Rook will be the twins’ boss.
  • Jossed.

Joseph is still gonna be part of the Big Bad Ensemble

In a way that goes the "Subverted Expectations" route. Joseph seems to lament what the collapse has led to and how he thought he would be leading everyone to paradise. Hope County doesn't appear to be in Edens Gate's control, so technically Joseph didn't lead this new world despite his intent to do so after the nuclear fallout has cleared. His role will amount to trying to restore his order and become the new leader of the survivors.

  • Alternatively he's gonna be a Token Evil Teammate and ally to the player and the others, but there's mutual resentment between Joseph and the former resistance due to everything that has happened between them. This will have the player spending time with Joseph, possibly grow to care for him as an ally, and decide if the past should hold any weight on the present. The player will have the option to kill Joseph in the ending, either in the epilogue once the dust has settled and this can settle things once and for all, or Joseph will turn out to be a traitor and the True Final Boss.
  • Jossed.

"Highwayman" by The Highwaymen will be part of the soundtrack.

Seems fitting with the names of the antagonistic factions, and for some reason the lyrics kind of resonate with the feel this game seems to have.


The Rook will end up as the Big Good

At the start of the game, you'll keep hearing about "the Savior" who put Prosperity together and has worked for sixteen years to make it was it is today. The problem is he disappeared a year ago. At the end, you'll finally find him (or her), revealing it to be the Deputy. Not sure how they would deal with the 'make your own character' though.

  • There are two possible ways- they could use save data from the previous game to have the Deputy appear as you designed them, or they could simply use a pre-rendered model like with Agent 3 in Splatoon 2.
    • Partially Jossed. They've been brainwashed by Joseph but they're now a possible companion. Albeit a creepy one.

Ethan Seed will be the true main antagonist
It's seems clear that he believes himself to be Joseph's true heir, despite seeing his father as a madman, he will be The Starscream to Joseph. The Highwaymen and the twins will turn out to be Decoy Antagonists much like The Jackal, Vaas, and (depending on your perspective) Pagan. We are ominously warned that a deal with New Eden is a deal with the devil, all but hinting at us being double crossed. Given Joseph seems more sincere in helping people than his son, it would seem Ethan is the most likely candidate for the story's ultimate villain.
  • Partly true. He is not involved with the Highwaymen who are the main threat, but still serves as the True Final Boss.

Joseph did not convert Rook, instead it was the other way around
Just a wild theory. While there are notes in the bunker which seem to show Rook being converted to New Eden, what if those were fake? What if Rook actually managed to convert Joseph (or at the very least got on more equal terms with him).

The trailer did show Joseph saying he was wrong if I remember correctly. This whole ‘Rook being brainwashed’ thing is actually part of some mysterious masterplan by Rook and Joseph to end/reform New Eden and also restore law and order to the world.

A bit of a wild theory but thought I’d share it anyway.

  • Jossed. Rook wrote a confession in Dutch's bunker and became The Judge.
    • Though you can say at least that both of them came out of that bunker changed. On Joesph's part, though it wasn't due to any influence from the Deputy.

Jason Brody and Ajay Ghale's fates in the nuclear apocalypse will be revealed or hinted at
Their experiences in the previous games make them perfectly suited to survive in the post-armageddon world. Hasn't the theme of this entire series been people getting more in touch with their savage instincts as society collapses around them?

Faith (From 5) will help as a spirit during the story or side mission
Faith's death leaves a lot of questions, especially about how it ends with her body seemingly disappearing and leaving a trail of flowers. As she seems to be one of the few who predicted that Jospeh was actually right with her death and to walk away was the better option, it stands to reason she may be supernatural herself.

This game is going to have an even more disappointing ending than 5.
I don’t know how, but since someone had the guts to actually nuke the world, something even worse is going to happen that allows the Highwaymen to win no matter what happens.
  • Not a minority opinion in the Day One response.
    • YMMV on this, at least to me. Not only do you take out the Big Bad Diumvirate of New Dawn but you also loop back around and have the oppertunity to actually kill Joseph from 5 as well, or even leave him to a Fate Worse than Death. Not too bad an ending, if you ask me.

There is an underlying supernatural entity that is behind the last four games.

It seems to me that the games since 3 have all featured a much heavier emphasis on things that just can't be explained. At first you could be forgiven for dismissing it as a particularly fucked up drug trip, but by 5 and New Dawn you have things like Faith and Joseph projecting themselves and the properties of Bliss are...biologically and chemically unlikely to say the least, and let's not even start on the things that Joseph's bliss-apples do to people.

My theory is that there's a supernatural force, or perhaps even a faction, behind it all. Something that's been around for tens of thousands of years (I'm looking at you, Primal!) and has been making strides to guide humanity on the path they desire, not unlike some precursors from a certain other Ubisoft-based title. They gave the Wenja shamans the ability to tame animals that was passed onto Takkar, provided Rakyat with the powers of the Tatau, had something to do with the infestation of Shangri-La that Ajay/Kalinag had to un-fuck, and finally, and they appeared to Joseph Seed as the Christian God and not only gave him the message to prepare for the Collapse, but also gave him access to the Bliss and later the powers of Eden's Apples. Whatever their plans, and whether they're potential allies, enemies, or somewhere in between for later protagonists, will be revealed in upcoming games.

  • Why not expand it with the Ubisoft Shared Universe hints ? It should be noted that another Ubisoft antagonist - El Sueno- believed themselves to be on a mission from God due to hearing a voice telling them of a divine purpose. Notably a female voice. My moneys on Juno.

The apples that Joseph has are actually made from the various drug recipes that the deputy could make from the previous game along with some radiation and bliss.

The power of Eden abilities that you get from Edens gate seem really similar to the various drugs you could make from 5. The powers the captain gets from the apple maybe less of some sort of spiritual power but a refined and enhanced version of the various powers you could make in 5 with some different properties.


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