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Tear Jerker / Far Cry: New Dawn

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  • While Hope County is arguably beautiful post-Collapse, covered in vibrant flowers and trees and grass, it can be heart-breaking to see how much it's changed since Far Cry 5- especially the structures and places from the original game that have been destroyed.
    • Reading the various notes left by survivors across Hope County can add more to this heartbreak; Many people, especially ones you probably made friends with in the last game, simply left Hope County, having been so affected by the Seeds, the Collapse, and the Highwaymen that they just couldn't stand being there any more. They had fought tooth-and-nail alongside the Deputy to save Hope County from Seed....only for all of it to go up in smoke. Even the ones who tried to rebuild knew that Hope County would never be the same, but they tried anyways, and then the Highwaymen came and burned it all down once more. For a lot of these people, Holland Valley was the only home they'd ever known...but after all this, there's just nothing left worth staying for.
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  • Thomas Rush's death at the hands of the twins. After capturing both him and the Captain Mickey and Lou proceed to shoot him in the head as soon as the Captain is restrained and unable to do anything to stop them. After which they cruelly taunt the player and beat the shit out of them until, in a rage, the Captain breaks free of their binds and attacks the twins before being knocked out the window with a shotgun blast. After the twins leave thinking that the Captain is finally dead they slowly regain consciousness and painfully drag their beaten and bloody body back up to retrieve Rush's corpse so that it can be buried back at Prosperity.
  • As much as you can hate the Twins for their crimes against Prosperity and the Captain itself, it's hard not to shed a small tear when Lou dies next to Mickey after one last laugh, and Mickey not only just lost her younger sister, but she also realizes that she broke her promise to her mother not to let herself and her sister become like their father. The fact that she just completely loses her will to fight even after everything that happened, speaks legions of how broken she's become. In the end, if you spare her, she doesn't even try to strike back; she just leaves Hope County and travels back west to find her mother.
  • The scene where Joseph Seed tries to comfort his dying son Ethan after the Captain manages to stop him can be very heartbreaking. The fact that the voice acting (and Joseph screaming "NO!" after his son passing away) really helps alot. You can't help but feel bad for the poor bastard.
    Joseph: Ethan? No...
    Ethan: Father? Father... I'm sorry.
    Joseph: I know...
    Ethan: I'm so scared!
    Joseph: I know, son.
    Ethan: Can... can you forgive me?
    (Cue Joseph nodding his head as "Yes")
    Ethan: Father...
    Joseph: I thought I understood God's plan. I thought he wanted me to build a New Eden... But I am not his shepherd. You are. My soul has become a cancer. I am a monster. And I only spread suffering and death in the name of God. My family is all ashes. Eden is dust. And there is no redemption for this. No atonement. There's only the justice of God's hand. End this vicious cycle. Give me God's justice. Release me.

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