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Fridge Brilliance

  • During the scene in which Klaus pictures what he'll wear to Steve's funeral (episode "Gift Me Liberty"), Roger (dressed as a woman) and Francine are both wearing veils over their faces, whereas Hayley isn't. A veil at a funeral is a traditional part of female attire, and is also religious in origin. Hayley dislikes gender roles and isn't a Christian, which is why she didn't wear one.
  • In "Great Space Roaster", Stan rattles off a list of various street drugs, asking Roger to stop him when Stan names one that Roger doesn't use. Stan fails to mention marijuana, one of the most well-known illegal drugs. It was mentioned in "Joint Custody" that being high on marijuana makes Roger immune to gravity, so of course he'd never use it.
    • Alternatively, Stan was there when Roger (accidentally) used marijuana in "Joint Custody", so of course he wouldn't need to check if Roger had used that one.
  • Francine, in the episode "Now and Gwen", tells her daughter that it's weird how Hayley pronounces the word "aunt" differently than the rest of the family (Hayley says "ahnt," whereas the other Smiths say "ant"). Later, in "Stan-Dan Deliver", Hayley uses the "rowt" pronunciation for the word "route," and the other Smiths use "root." Not surprising that Hayley, a rebel by nature, would pronounce words differently than those around her.
  • After Roger excitedly uses the "finger pyramid of evil contemplation" for the first time in Season 1 (episode entitled "Rough Trade"), he uses it again numerous times throughout the series, such as in the Season 6 episode "Son of Stan". He really does enjoy doing it.
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  • In the episode "Stanny Boy and Frantastic", Stan and Francine come home at 3AM, absolutely hammered. After a series of drunken comments towards Roger and Steve, they attempt to make macaroni and cheese, but fall asleep with the water boiling. Hours later, they wake up, and Roger calmly informs them that they left the stove on (and it's still on, damaging an already-destroyed pot). It initially seems weird that Roger and Steve are so unconcerned about a potential fire hazard, but it's likely that Steve fell asleep (he started the scene slumped in his chair, dozed off), and Roger knows, from the episode "Big Trouble in Little Langley", that fire can't hurt him.
  • In "The Magnificent Steven", when Toshi delivers his testimony regarding Stan and says that he should be put away, there is a man behind him that appears to be Japanese, like Toshi himself. When everyone begins clapping, guess which background character isn't? The one who could most likely understand him!
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  • "Meter Made" sees Roger create a nude painting of Hayley for art class, and she reacts furiously, having not known that she was posing nude for a class which he attends. Roger attempts to stymie one of her rants by reminding her that she told Stan, in the beginning of the episode, that "nudity empowers her," but Roger was not present in that scene. He has, however, been known to eavesdrop on the Smiths by hiding under tables, in closets, etc.
  • Roger's sociopathic Jerkass behavior makes sense when you realize his personality is pretty much the standard Kill All Humans alien attitude, but with a comedic twist.
  • In "The Greatest Christmas Story Never Told" Roger uses a tape from the future to invent disco. Upon looking at the tape the dancing shadow on the cover looks like Roger with an afro. Why would it look like that? Roger's company ran the disco empire, so when the tape was made they would have put him on it. He assured the tape's existence.
  • Hayley's hypocrisy of being against feminism when she secretly dresses as a Fifties housewife and bakes pies, entering them in contests under the name "Carlotta Monterrey", can be argued when you remember that Stan had her brainwashed when she was a child, so it's entirely plausible that her alter-ego is the result of what Stan did to get Hayley to conform to his own Fifties-esque values.
    • Alternately, her dressing up is a good way of avoiding suspicion.
  • Roger's childish behavior makes sense when you realize that he recently started puberty, meaning he has been an actual child all his life!
  • "Jenny Fromdabloc" reveals that Roger can move incredibly fast and do things that are almost impossible with it. It may seem like an Ass Pull, but maybe that explains how he changes disguises almost immediately and quickly changed the inside of the house in under 2 minutes in "Spring Break-Up".
    • It would also explain how he's able to juggle multiple lives simultaneously.
  • In Deacon Stan, Jesus Man, Francine refuses to use sweatshop workers. The sweatshop workers are Chinese. Francine was raised by Chinese parents so the reason she refused to have the sweatshop workers working for her was because she didn't want to exploit the very kind that raised her.
    • This also explains part of why Roger's racist Chinese-food deliveryperson schtick in "Camp Refoogee" didn't go over well with Francine.
  • Since Stevearino (Steve's Evil Knockoff) is a cat-killing psychopath it would explain why Animals Hate Steve and vice versa.
  • After seeing "Lost in Space", we now know why Roger wants to stay on Earth so badly (to the point of shoving Jeff into the tractor beam) He cheated on the Emperor and wanted to avoid seeing him again at all costs.
  • Also, in one episode, we learn that Roger's people sent him to Earth as a crash test dummy. At first, this may seem like his people are even bigger Jerkasses than even Roger himself, but after seeing "Lost In Space", it makes perfect sense. The Emperor deliberately made Roger crash into Earth as revenge for Roger cheating on him.
  • In Steve's "Trapped In the Closet" parody, the girls sic Jewel, a large and ugly girl, on Steve for creeping in the locker room. She advances menacingly on Steve, illustrating his sung line "Jewel looks like a grown-ass man". But watch Steve's face— the line, like certain parts in the song, wasn't narrated. Steve actually said that, out loud, in front of Jewel. Small wonder she looks so pissed.
  • When Jeff names Nemo, he says it's because of a character from his favorite book—namely, the novelization of Pixar's Finding Nemo. Novelizations of childrens' movies are typically easy readers meant for kids who are just starting to learn how to read...which makes Jeff's choice appropriate. You see, in "Lost in Space," one of Jeff's memories of Hayley is her teaching him how to read—his favorite book isn't a more complex or "mature" read simply because he isn't that advanced a reader yet.
  • The inside of Principal Lewis's house kind of resembles Cleveland's house on the inside in its layout. Both shows take place in Virginia so it makes sense they'd use a similar floorplan.
  • In "With Friends Like Steve's" near the end Steve challenges evil!Barry to choose which of two glasses of water contains Barry's "vitamins" that reduce his intelligence and his evil personality. Barry tries to logic his way through it by analyzing everything he knows about Steve. Steve gets Barry to stop thinking about it and instantly choose by telling him "You're stalling." When did Steve say this exactly? Right when Barry mentioned that Steve had seen The Princess Bride. Steve deliberately got Barry to stop mulling it over so that Barry would never suspect that Steve was using the exact same trick!
  • A couple episodes show that the cast are Animated Actors, and American Dad! is a sitcom being filmed. Deputy Director Bullock (Voiced by Patrick Stewart) looks just like Stewart when he's been on Family Guy. This being said, In-Universe Patrick Stewart is the actor portraying Bullock.
  • This could count as fridge horror but involving clones. When Stan raised Stevarino he became a cat murdering psychopath. But when Steve and Snot raised Glitter and Honey they turn out to be perfectly ok loving clones. This seems to imply that Steve and Snot are much better "parents" than Stan is and that's why Glitter and Honey didn't turn out to be cat murdering psychopaths... and questions Stan's parenting!
  • In "Stan of Arabia", Francine is arrested and threatened to be stoned, mainly for singing and dancing in public. When Stan declares that he'd rather be stoned with Francine than live without her, he asks a judge what he'd have to do to get stoned. I wondered why he didn't start singing and dancing too, until I realized the last time Stan had seen a man singing, the latter had been shot and killed immediately.
  • The reason why Gwen was given everything in the will was because she was an idiot who kept getting in trouble. She seems to not be able to do math according to Baba Ling, but maybe he was covering for her by not revealing that the real reason. When we see her, she seems to be a bit of an idiot, but the trouble part was because she is a criminal who scams people and is already a convicted felon.
  • In "Rapture's Delight", Jesus asks Stan for help against the Anti-Christ, because he had "fought against his kind before." We're led to believe that this was an off-screen incident that took place during the seven years between the Rapture and that conversation. The answer isn't filled in until a few seasons later in "Season's Beatings" when Stan attempts to kill the Anti-Christ baby in an effort to be reinstated by the church.
  • Probably unintentional Fridge Brilliance, but in an early episode, Stan said one way to recognize a gay guy was if he checked his fingernails for dirt by holding his hand out and looking at the back. He said that straight guys check with the palm facing them and their fingers bent down. In another episode, Roger (in his AT&T operator guise) looked at his nails in both ways...
  • In "White Rice" Stan is listing reasons why he loves Emilio Estevez one of his reasons is that he "Chooses" to be Latino, this seems like just another example of Stan's ignorance but consider how his father and his brother both decided to change their names to hide their ethnicity, really he did have a choice but chose to stay latino.
  • In Virtual In-Stanity while posing as a teenage girl named Phyllis (who is really an avatar from the CIA) in order to bond with Steve, Stan is brought to his school dance as his date for a dance, and while they're dancing Stan gives a rather...(cough) impressive and very provocative dance for Steve, then you remember back in Season 6 Stan was a male stripper in G-String Circus, and then it all makes sense where he got those moves.
Fridge Horror
  • Roger's body produces many items that people use for their own ends (the Golden Turds, the body fluid thing in "Deacon Stan, Jesus Man"). He also can't live without being a bastard to everyone. In theory, he may actually be filled to the brim with doucheyness that causes everyone to be murderers or douches themselves. And the fact he killed his good persona means he may not have much good in him anymore.
    • Add to that it's In the Blood for him to let out his "bitchiness" (before it takes the form of a poisonous bile that kills his species), in other words his entire race is essentially as big a Comedic Sociopath as himself, willing or not (this is hinted at when his backstory is revealed, he was duped into being a crash test dummy for an aircraft traveling to Earth with the claims he was chosen to evaluate the human race, even placing an apathetic note to ignore the supposed crater and corpse the test would leave). Now imagine it, an entire planet's worth of Rogers! Even worse, imagine more of them venturing onto Earth!
    • And they've had a long time to do so. It took 1600 years just for Roger to mature-meaning that Roger's civilization has existed for, at the very least, millions of years. Roger's people could very easily be a race with near god-like technology, and a good chunk of the entire universe is at their mercy. Humanity will never know what hit them.
    • Unnervingly, Roger's people may be worse than him. Roger was clearly shocked that they'd use him as a test dummy, and there's nothing hinting that either Roger was the problem or he's actually a nice guy by the standards of his people. And if Roger is nice, then how bad is the average member of his species. And do we even want to know about those they'd consider "evil"?
      • As we find out in the episode "Lost in Space", Roger's people ARE worse than him! His planet is even ruled by an evil emperor.
      • Of course, the emperor only went crazy due to Roger cheating on him, and most of his subjects were disgusted by him when Jeff revealed his underhandedness.
      • If you think about this episode in retrospect to Roger's actions you start to wonder if maybe Roger is considered evil by his species standards and then possibly he's on earth because of that.
      • That can be surmised with the aforementioned episode. At the same time, it can be seen as a case of Even Evil Has Standards, as they were just as disgusted the emperor for being underhanded.
  • American Dad is more or less Family Guy with continuity. This brings a lot of the side jokes into fridge horror territory, as usually in Family Guy these jokes are intended to be one-off and have no inherent consequences. On this show, they do.
  • Stevearino was a clone of Steve which Stan raised exclusively. He becomes a cat-murdering psychopath. The troubling part is, Stan was raising Stevearino to be exactly like him, meaning...
    • Not necessarily, people can respond differently to the same acts. Adding to that, Stevarino may also have Steve's memories, and is breaking over such a shift in his lifestyle.
      • Animals know when you dislike them. It's quite possible that Steve (by this point) grew to really dislike animals, but was more scared of them, and being raised by Stan made his clone feel strong enough to stand up to them when they attacked him. It's quite possible that he fought back against animals who attacked him. On the other hand, he might have done it out of frustration with Stan.
      • It is also important to note that Steve was always a spoiled brat who has a habit of going off the deep end when he doesn’t get his way. Going from that to all take and no give could have just made him snap. What Stan should have done was use the cloning machine we saw in the later episode and started with a baby.
    • What if Stan had won the race and he got to raise Steve?
    • Probably not the same, if anything, he would probably run away.
  • In the episode 'Virtual In-Stanity' Bullock enters his avatar of a baby to experience being breast fed by the baby's very large breasted mother. Fridge horror - what happened to the real baby?!
    • Maybe there was no real baby, and she just adopted an avatar or Bullock pretended he'd adopted again and it was only a babysitter. Still disturbing that someone tricked her for a fetish though.
  • Hayley's frequent destructive rampages; could that have been a side-effect of Project Daycare?
    • Now that when you think of it, it is possible it is a side-effect of Project Daycare, considering that happened when she was still a young child, when said effects would have to be reigned in unless triggered somehow, something the occurs throughout and was outright implied in the Project Daycare episode when she had broken Jeff's arm. Likewise, Steve has been shown to have some issues and, going by one episode, it's likely the same if not similar thing occurred, only to a lesser degree.
  • As seen in "Hurricane", Despite Stan's constant job of protecting his family, his mindset and personality is filled with Aesop Amnesia, Insane Troll Logic, and Too Dumb to Live, he will ALWAYS be a danger to his family and the worst part of it is he may not realize this.
    • It's actually worse than that, he does know. He just doesn't care...
      • So does that actually mean that Stan subconsciously wants to eventually kill his family? Sweet dreams tropers!
      • That or given how the Wonderful life spoof Christmas episode revealed that the current Smiths were not Stan's real family, that could be part of it.
  • Gwen was said to be an idiot, but in Now and Gwen, she seems more intelligent and the idiot part was smoking in a gas-soaked area where she was trying to frame Francine for burning down the school. She could have been pretending to be an idiot to get everything in the will, and she takes advantage of her sister due to Francine burning down the school on accident. While its been years since the incident, it changed Gwen to be a manipulative criminal who can hurt Francine later on at any time, and swore revenge on the Smiths at the end. Worse, there was no word about the illegal sweatshop that she has in the Smiths' garage being removed, and in the sweatshop, a few people died already. If Gwen wants to get revenge, then she might be able to, or even frame the Smiths for anything.
  • Just what happened to the statues of Roy Family and Mikey Muskrat in "Familyland" when the park closed? With it being dismantled, they would have been melted down with the metal used on the memorial wall. Think about this. Roy froze himself. He WAS the statue. And he was ''conscious'' the entire time he was frozen. If he didn't feel the pain of his kidneys exploding,he definitely would have felt the searing hot pain of molten metal, and the people responsible would have committed accidental murder.

  • This could be a meta example: The episode The Shrink has Stan giving up his taxi to a young couple and them dying in a car accident, and Stan becoming scared of disasters he can't control. I ended up realizing that this scenario is very similar to the fact that Seth MacFarlane originally was scheduled to go on a plane, but due to a hangover and incorrect info from his assistant he ended up missing that flight, and the flight he missed was the plane that ended up getting hijacked on 911, meaning if he made that flight, he would have died.


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