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The series is a virtual world experiment by the CIA onto Stan ala The Prisoner meets The Truman Show
Stan either voluntered for a virtual world experiment or was forced into it. In real life, Stan was a pathetic racist jignostic who would blindly let his prejudices get in the way of his life. In virtual world, his dreams could all come true of being a perfect human, in either case not knowing the circumstances of why.

Bullock could be the morally ambigious administraitor of this experiment and have full control over all that happens in it, right down to the non-canon episodes like "Raptures Delight" and every Big-Lipped Alligator Moment. In the virtual world, Real!Stan's life is comprised of...

  • Francine: Ideal representation of what he'd want as a wife.
  • Steve: Ideal son of him and the brunette woman who Fracine was based upon that real world!Stan loves or loved.
  • Haley: The opposite of Steve political ideology wise but as ignorant and stubborn.
  • Roger: Stan's id personified.

In addition to those, the virtual world adds things like Francine's occasional Axe-Crazy moments, Steve's femininity and Haley being his daughter. And the kicker? Klaus is really real world!Stan. You see, as Klaus is the show's Butt-Monkey, it acts as a reflection as what the program sees him as and given a german accent to offset his German prejudice. The main Stan is a representation of what real world!Stan wants to be in life. Roger might actually be a relative or friend of real world!Stan that acts as a Spanner in the Works to the series, thus being the Ensemble Dark Horse everyone loves since he writes his own material. The really off the rails gags like the Stan and Francine subplot in the Barmitzvah heist episode is Bullock, Roger or some other technician getting bored and doing some crazy crap.


Jack Smith isn't really Stan's father.
Or Stan's mother isn't a natural blond. Would explain where Steve got red hair.

Roger's alternate personalities are because of the Best Friending Ritual from the episode "Roger 'N Me".
Within two days of doing his first ritual, he has all of three peoples' memories floating around inside of him (including his own), and one or all of the duplicated sets of memories seem to have perfect recall. He starts disguising himself before this, but they only seem to take on lives of their own (and he only forgets which personalities are actually his alternates) after the events of this episode.

The Golden Turd literally affects peoples' minds.
A man beats his best friend to death for half the potential worth of the artifact (which drives him to guilt-based suicide), a long-time Ethical Cop steals evidence two weeks before his retirement, and a woman poisons her husband for planning to return the artifact and clear his conscience. It then becomes an item of reverence after the apocalypse. Possible, especially considering Money, Dear Boy, but should all of those things have happened so quickly?
  • In the latest episode "Blagsnarst, A Love Story", the woman tells her son she's sorry, and he eventually finds it and soon starts to make a deal with an evil man he didn't want to have any deals with. Plus, before he found it, he saw someone got hurt and a little girl was crying, and he was about to go out and help. But now he just ignored them.

Everything in this show is just a Bizarro flip from Family Guy, and thus infinitely more interesting in every way.
  • The father figure is a competent and reliable employee that is largely humorless, and, if anything, suffers from an extreme lack of imagination rather than ludicrous ADD.
  • The wife/mother is an idiot with few translatable skills.
  • The son is a savvy and intelligent nerd with a regular clique of friends.
  • The daughter is sexually desirable (despite cracks about her allegedly mannish looks from Roger and, in one episode, Karl Rove), sexually active (though most of the time, she sleeps with men to get weed or money — In "Helping Handis," she's seen picking through a pile of stems and seeds, then grumbles, "Damn it, Eddie, I slept with you" and in "Failure Is Not a Factory-Installed Option," she slept with a group of sleazy men to pay the bills when Stan had abandoned his family), politically active, married, and is only treated like a Butt-Monkey by Stan because of her political views, not because she's the least favorite family member.
  • Instead of a megalomaniac baby that will grow up to be an ineffectual adult, we have an egomaniacal alien that has actively been affecting human culture for over sixty years.
  • Instead of a talking dog that has grown to be a Small Name, Big Ego-ish Author Avatar, we have a talking fish who is largely pitiable and has been Demoted to Extra as of late.
  • Peter works a desk job at a beer factory (though he started out as an assemblyman at a toy factory) while Stan is a field agent in the CIA, allowing for some interesting plots or plot devices.
  • Unlike Chris in Family Guy who's basically an Expy of his dad, Stan & Steve are opposites (though Steve, like Jamie on Wait Till Your Father Gets Home, does look up to his dad and believes what he believes [until Stan gets outed as a hypocrite in some way], i.e., that homosexuals are insidious and planning to indoctrinate heterosexual men as seen in "Lincoln Lover" or that masturbation is a sin as seen in "A Smith in the Hand") which adds for some interesting dynamics in the episodes where they are paired up together.

Roger's planet is either destroyed or a Crapsack World-cum-World Gone Mad.
What do you think would happen to a planet whose main race practices Comedic Sociopathy?

The disguise Roger wears in the episode where he and Steve try to tell Bush about Bin Laden's location is supposed to represent Light Yagami

Roger's real mission is to replace everyone on Earth.
The crash test dummy story was a ruse. Eventually it's just going to be him impersonating everyone and the Smiths.
  • He may have help with that. Fred Savage has been impersonating a good dozen of people including Rush Limbaugh and Michael Moore for years, who's to say he might not be from the same planet and such?
  • That... Would be a HILARIOUS episode.
  • Their abduction of Jeff was a lucky break, as it allowed them a viable source on human biology. This will allow their next step-creating perfect human avatars which allows them to escape detection from expert alien hunters.
  • He came close to this goal (albeit accidentally) when exposed to the radiation from the giant hadron collider and split into dozens of separate personas in "The Two Hundred".

Barry's parents are keeping him fat for the good of humanity.
As many of us know, Barry takes "vitamins" to suppress what a psycho he is. However, it is revealed at many points in the show through his dialog and actions that sometimes these pills probably don't work as well as they should("I wanna kill her with a bottle!" "Let's kill his mom, next!") So what are his parents to do if they can't completely slow him down mentally? Slow him down physically, of course! They feed him an endless stream of junk food and discourage exercise, keeping him fat and complacent. After all, we've seen how dangerous he is off his meds, could you imagine how much that level of danger would be multiplied if he was physically fit?! Unfortunately for Barry, but possibly good for the people of Langley Falls, this horrid diet has caused a large host of health problems (such as type-2 diabetes and renal failure) that are only now starting to get acknowledged by the cast. In the future, I can see an episode where Stan, disgusted by Barry's weight, puts him on a diet and exercise regimen to make him physically fit. Barry, during one of his psychotic moments of "clarity", realizes his chance and stops taking his pills or flushes them down the toilet, then starts to really fuck shit up.
  • Or, alternatively, the pills have a side-effect of lethargy and a slowed-down metabolism. As someone who has gained a lot of weight from taking paxil as a child, I can tell you right now that such things are possible. If this is the case, rather than my above WMG, it would probably make better social commentary about the American pharmaceutical system. However, it would probably only be mentioned in passing, and would sadly sacrifice the opportunity for an excellent episode showing Barry returning to his true Large Ham Chess Master self.

The series will end with a Big Damn Movie
about Roger's world, a governement conspirancy, the place were Klaus become king or a parody of a movie.
  • Linda's secret attraction to Francine.
  • Hayley and Jeff's troubled marriage. Snot will make sure it becomes worse.
    • Now that Jeff is Put on a UFO and Snot lost interest in her, this won't happen. But he might return along with Roger's people.
  • Francine's real parents.
  • Debbie wants to get back with Steve.
  • Toshi will give a "Reason You Suck" Speech to the characters.
    • And it will be in english, or just in japanese and people will think he's saying something heartwarming.
  • A crisis involving a terrorist group. The leader is the Big Bad from one of the main characters' past. This time Stan will be good in the crisis.
  • The gold turd becoming important to the plot.
  • At one point, the whole family will get into a fight, due to their suppressed animosity towards each other. They explain why they're angry with one another (based on fan criticisms of the characters). And split up. But they'll eventually miss each other and become a family again.
  • Jeff's mom shows up.
  • Hayley and Jeff's adopted son shows up.
  • Steve's evil clone is brought back to life. And so does the cat, who wants nothing better than to kill Steve (original or clone, it doesn't matter).
  • Miles and Trudy from "Roger n' Me" get back at Hayley and Steve for screwing with their relationship.
    • Better yet... everyone the Smiths screwed in the past and got away with it will gang up on the Smiths simultaneously just like in that episode of The Amazing World of Gumball "The End"... well at some point the Smith's Karma Kredit Kard should run out!
  • Barry stops taking his pills again. Becoming the Big Bad. With the evil Steve clone as The Dragon/The Starscream.
  • There'll be a fight between Roger and the King of his alien planet.
  • Bullock gets Killed Off for Real.

Roger is a child of Doctor Frank N Furter
A hedonistic pan-sexual alien crossdresser? anyone else think its hereditary?

Hayley isn't really bi
She's shown interest in doing the nasty with other women, but hasn't actually done it. She just wants to do it with another woman because it's another way to rebel.
  • This trooper doesn't think Hayley really wants half the stuff she thinks she does. For example, she dumped Jeff right after she thought society wanted her to get married.
  • If "Killer Vacation" didn't confirm this, I don't know what would
  • She expressed interest in having sex with women when Stan pretended to be Bill. She wouldn't be doing it to rebel because she didn't know he was really Stan.

The CIA really does execute tattle tales
Stan just said that they didn't, so she wouldn't be scared of him going to his workplace. The CIA intentionally meant to kill the woman's husband.

actually a fact, Roger does have some cool alien powers 6 from what I've counted
1. He craps hypnotizingly gold, jewel encrusted turds.
2. He can survive an extreme amount of punishment, as seen from the numerous times he's been hit with cars or dropped from great heights.
3. He can move at unreasonably fast speeds, as seen in "Jenny fromdablock" when he impersonated a cousin of Steve's to date Snot. Oh and the horse episode when he said I hope the horse whisperer isn't me this time. He got there and said "oh crap", as the camera moved to the seat we saw Roger all changed into his other costume and then as the camera moved back he was with Stan again and said, " thank goodness I'm just his secratary".
4. I would call this a power while most wouldn't, his ability to completly and mentally snap of a personality of his into it's own life, still within himself. As seen in the episode mentioned above with the horse, but more importantly as seen in the episode where he was missing a glove and it turned out to belong to another persnality that he lost when it got married.
5. He can probe you and learn everything you know.
6. He seems to stand still on time, he was around when biggie was shot, he was around when he got those free nights at the hotel, he was around when he ended up becoming the creator of disco, but he always looks the same. He created disco when stan went back in time with that angel and left a record there, that Roger happened to find. And he got the free night in the hotel when stan Steve went back in time to end up becoming the person in the painting he jacked it to.
  • I don't think he can move super fast and that "Jenny Fromdabloc" episode could possibly be non-canon. If he could move at light speed wouldn't he be practically invincible? Think of all the times he nearly got caught by threatening pursuerers such as the C.I.A and wouldn't his supposed powers help Steve conduct his scheme to ruin that Jewish guy's barmitsfa easier. I believe that was to just help close the episode easier.
    • I think that his super-speed IS cannon. If you think about it, Roger is the type to make life unnecessarily difficult for himself, just to make things more interesting. Also, I think that he knows that he can pull the light-speed powers out of his back pocket if he really needs them (like his survival depends on it). He didn't use them when the CIA was after him, because he didn't believe them to be a real threat to him. Then, when they actually did capture him, he was locked in a room with no means of escape. Super-speed wouldn't have saved him in that situation - he'd need super-lock picking skills, or the ability to blow holes in metal doors, etc. No matter how fast he moved, it wasn't going to get him out of there.
  • in another episode it's shown that he's immune to fire and explosions (firecracker explosions anyway) as well
  • No, that just means he possess a resillience against something. We the viewers aren't one hundred percent sure that his crap has "hypnotising powers" that man could of just been real greedy, and there are also plenty of other organisms that can stand large amounts of pain and damage to the body so that's not a power either. Roger may have a real high mental capacity that enables him to so called switch personas, just because someone's real smart doesn't mean they have powers, and besides Roger hasn't been shown to perform any supernatrual feats so why would he have powers. He just has abilities exclusive to his race not powers. A fish can breath in water but that doesn't mean it has powers.
  • It's called "cool alien powers" if they are to his race only they count as a power. Breathing underwater is a cool fish power, that Aqua Man has, and we call that a power.
  • Note that, when the Smiths tried to escape into space in order to escape an angry Roger, the guy was hitching a ride on a rocket. One of his abilities is apparently to survive in the vacuum in space.

Stan from American Dad! and Quagmire from Family Guy share the same father, or at least grandfather.
Stan got his chin and build from their father, and Quagmire got his promiscuity, cheating, and chin from their father. Both also share the same hair color.

Francine is Obfuscating Stupidity.
Despite acting ditzy she has moments of brilliance such as in 'Stan Time'.

Jewel and Francine share the same grandmother.
In 'Shallow Vows' when she does not touch up her beauty regimen she looks like Jewel. Anyone else think that?

This show is not in the same world as Family Guy
The god here and on Family Guy are different. Their Jesus are two completely separate characters. The crossover in the "Stewie Kills Lois" two parter was just part of the ep's use of VR. There's been no gag of Cleveland taking a bath and being blown out of the house.
  • Jossed, there's a crossover episode.
    • What ep?
  • The Storm Episode, Bada-Bing!
  • Didn't Stewie mention in "Petergiest" that Jesus was Chinese? Yeah, I'm pretty sure that Quahog's Negative Continuity means Jesus can be a completely seperate character. God is supposed to be an Eldritch Abomination, so He can look different. Not to mention that God isn't even technically God because Stewie accidentally created the universe via Stable Time Loop.

The characters in "American Dad!" are actors who live the same lifes as the characters they play
Family Guy is (in universe) made by the same network. The episodes where family guy is portrayed as a tv show are acted outand the ones where they coexist are really happening.
  • Wow, someone actully sorted out what was going on with the time machine dates in Chap Stewie not matching up to the ones in Back to the Pilot
  • This is actually joked about in "Bullocks to Stan", where they apparently ARE actors. And considering the fact that the episode has been mentioned later, this is a possibility.

Roger was the single worst person on his otherwise utopian planet.
How would a society where most of the people were like Roger function? It simply couldn't survive long enough to invent fire, let alone space travel. Since they would need to suppress their bitchiness to function, the ones with a naturally high bitch level would die, or at least be to weak to fight off illnesses. Thus, over time you end up with a civilization consisting of kind, generous, altruistic individuals. But every once in a while, you end up with a bunch of recessive genes coming together...
  • I accept this as my personal canon. Also, this would be the reason why Roger was "chosen" to be the "Decider". He may not be the only one, his planets' leaders and/or government deliberately chose types like Roger to send them away, and believe they'll likely die in a crash.
  • Sounds like Invader Zim. Aliens just love to banish people.
  • Well not utopian, but "Lost In Space" does hint that at the very least Roger's dickishness may not be the norm: while okay with enslaving abductees, Roger's people seem capable of true love, despite being lied to that it doesn't exist. Said person responsible was Roger, who cheated on their Emperor, thus making him declare war on love. Even if Roger's people are dicks, it seems they can probably feel empathy.

Stan IS good in a crisis
He just really hates his family.
Judging from the damage everyone received, I think he hates Francine the most, I mean he shot her, that's pretty bad.
He also beat the snot of Jeff, but has already, on several occasions, mentioned he hates him.
To add to that I think he had C.I.A. agents plant the shark specificaly for Halie to be taken by.
And had them move his house off of the foundationHis actions in "Hurricane" and "The Mural of the Story" seem to prove that he does hate his family.
  • Unlikely as Stan is shown to love his family in some episodes.
    • Some days they piss him off a little less, like the episodes you speak of.
      • I still do not think so, if he doesn't like his family couldn't he have abandoned them years ago. Think of the episodes where he tries to bond his family, and in An Apocalypse when he thought that the world was ending, wouldn't he have left them to die? I think this is not true.
      • Perhaps it is because his own father abandon him. As a result he views actively ruining their lives as less evil than simply abandoning his children and wife.

Janet lives with a foster family
We don't see her living with Principal Lewis.
  • Alternatively, she lives with her mom (somewhere in Langley Falls, presumably, as she's enrolled in the local high school), who has full custody, or maybe Principal Lewis has partial custody, but Janet happens to be at her Mom's/a friend's whenever any of the main cast go to his house.
    • Who in the HELL would give Principal Lewis partial custody?
  • Janet is shown to be a spoiled Rich Bitch who can apparently afford to go into plastic surgery offices for casual liposuction. So it's unlikely that she's a foster child, but it is clear that she doesn't live with Lewis.
  • Maybe she lives with a rich foster family?

James, Quagmire's cat from Family Guy, is Simon, Steve's cat from American Dad!.
They look similar, except that Simon has a lot of cuts and bruises and generally looks like he's been run over by a car (which he was). Peter buried him in a place that works like the Pet Sematary (along with his lucky cat's foot), and he Came Back Wrong. They also both have the name of a biblical apostle, but that's probably just a meaningless coincidence (in- or out-of-universe).
  • Eh, compare the cats side by side, they have different designs and they're different colors.

The show will end with either Stan and Francine dying or some other big thing happening.
  • In an interview with one of the producers, he said that the Season 7 premiere episode "Hot Water" was made at a time when they feared FOX wouldn't renew the show, so they thought it would be a good idea to end the show with killing the main characters. The show was renewed, so it was just used as a non-canon season opener. This indicates that for the real finale, they want something big to happen. Since killing the main characters was already used in "Hot Water", they might not go with that again, but maybe end the last episode/season on some other big event like Roger and other aliens being revealed to the world.

There'll be an episode where Linda Memari confess her feelings for Francine.
She doesn't care if Francine is married or straight, Linda wants to be with her. Things will be awkward between them and become estranged. Linda becomes obsessed to the point of kidnapping Francine and driving off to where Linda can marry Francine against her will.
  • New York for its topical tone

Roger has a special power that prevents people from recognizing him.
  • This power cannot be controlled consciously. His species shares this ability with the Kryptonians, similar to how people can't recognize Clark Kent as Superman when he wears his glasses. When Roger sees himself as a certain person, the minds of those around him are affected and they too see him as that person. Only his close friends and a few alien hunters can recognize him out of disguise, as the Smith family have spent so much time around him that they're immune to his mind-screw abilities, and an expert alien hunter with a lot of will and concentration could overcome the effects on their own.
  • Further proof of this is the fact that Roger tells Steve that everyone in the family has an alter ego of Roger's that they don't recognize. Steve's is a girl around his own age that he played Spin the Bottle with at a party. Can't remember off the top of my head what the others are, but they all have one.
    • I believe Francine's was a little Korean boy or something.

The Ladybugs will come after Francine again.
They turn out to be a global organization, with Langley Falls as one of its branches.

Roger will eventually be caught by the CIA.
  • Roger will be be discovered, but eventually trapped somewhere with Bullock. They'll become friends, and when they finally reach civilization Bullock will let Roger go. Because, come on, it would be freakin' HILARIOUS to see the two characters interact.
    • A subplot will be the Smiths being chased, captured, interrogated/tortured, and nearly executed for harboring Roger.

Roger comes from a genderless species.
  • It would explain his Ambiguous Gender.
    • Or he's hermaphroditic, which would go to explain how he can match the physical form of both male and female.

Family Guy is a TV show that people in American Dad watch
There's been at least two hints to support this. Stan mentions Brian as his favorite fictional dog; Brian, who's revealed to be right next to him, reacts like a celebrity who feels pestered by the public might. ("Do I know you?") Later, Stan is shown apparently watching and commenting on the same episode we (the viewers) are watching; when Brian decides to (temporarily) become Republican, Stan says, "Good for him." Thus, Stan is a fan of Family Guy. Alternately...

Barry is the grown-up version of Stewie
Lois is a redhead. Barry is a redhead. Peter and Chris are fat. Barry is fat. Stewie is an Evil Brit. When Barry stops taking his pills, he turns into an Evil Brit. By the current season in Family Guy, the Griffins (or just Brian) eventually figured out he was evil and started giving him "vitamins" to stunt his homicidal intent, resulting in Stewie's current Diminishing Villain Threat. (Maybe the pills fix the shape of his head somehow?) As he grows up, he gets fatter and stupider. He calls himself Barry instead of Stewie because he confuses his name with that of Bertram's, his half brother by Peter (who he calls Barry because "Bertram" is now too hard for him to say).
  • The cancelled crossover seems to joss this? Not really-remember that Stewie has a time machine. When Stewie decided to avert his Diminishing Villain Threat (think "Stewie Kills Lois", only for real), they locked him up in a time machine and planned to send him about ten+ years in the past, giving instructions on how to curb his homicidal actions. The reason he was sent then was because they still cared for Stewie, and wanted to see him again.

Roger has something of a Freudian Excuse
His life on his home planet was unspeakably awful. It explains why it's almost never brought up.

Toshi had an experience with aliens once.
In one episode, Steve introduces him to his "Uncle Roger", whom Toshi recognizes as "the alien in a wig". The only ones who can recognize Roger as an alien are Stan's family and the workers at Area 51, people who have had prolonged contact with him.
  • Or Toshi HIMSELF is the alien! When he landed on earth, he landed right smack dab in japan or where his fake parents lived. His ship, or the chance he's a robotic alien, his programming picked up his parent's language of birthplace which explains why he doesn't speak english when the rest of his family can.

Hayley's personality is the result of being brainwashed as a child.
She is shown to be a Daddy's Girl when she was a little kid, but once he tried to condition her to be an assassin so they could be a team, their relationship got tense and distant. Enraged by what her father put her through, she subconsciously designed herself to be precisely what Stan hates.

When he went crazy, Roger forced each Smith to roast the family member they love most for extra sadism.
  • Stan loves Hayley most, he just hides it after she developed the opposite of his political views and they became pseudo-enemies because he was disappointed and hurt.
  • Hayley loves Steve most.
  • Steve loves Francine most.
  • Francine loves Stan most.

Stan is Hayley's biological father.
They both have black hair (which is a recessive trait, if memory serves) and similar personalities. The only thing that other guy had in common with Hayley was a headband which... isn't exactly genetic.
  • Black hair is a dominant gene, so unless either Francine or the other guy have their hair dyed, the black hair could prove that Stan is her father.
    • Francine does dye her hair, but her true color is brown, not black. Still possibly confirmed.

Reginald, as a human in an animal body will eventually go insane like Klaus did.
It may not happen in the present (seeing how Klaus was turned into a fish in the 80's, it probably takes a while for insanity to set in) and it may just be in a flash-forward of some sort. Of course, because Reggie is capable of moving around and doing everything he could as a human (unlike Klaus who is confined to a fishbowl), that could delay the onset of insanity.
  • Or maybe he's already crazy, and is just doing a ''really'' good job hiding it. That puts his interatctions with Hayley in a disturbing new light.
  • He could be a furry who's happy to take the form of his favorite animal. American Dad has dealt with that subculture before.
  • It's because Klaus couldn't move around that he became insane. (Think about it, wouldn't you go nuts if you had to spend the rest of your life trapped in a small bowl that you couldn't leave without dieing?)

As an alternate to the above, Reginald will always be happier as a koala.
Before Reginald had his mind put into the body of a koala, he was homeless and had nothing going for him. He may have even had some physical problem or illness that prevented him from moving up. But as a koala CIA agent, he has a great job and seems to make plenty of money, and even manages to get plenty of girls. When Klaus was put into the body of a goldfish, he was a successful skier and lost everything, and gained nothing when he became a goldfish. Reginald may be a koala but his life is great, and since he's a successful CIA agent, he could easily have his mind put into the body of another creature when the koala one gets old, frail, or sick. He might not want to go back to being human because he was miserable for much of his life as a human and thus equates being human with misery.

Alternative to the above WMG that Stan and Quagmire sharing a father...
...taking into account Quagmire only LOOKS 30-ish and is actually nearing 70, Jack Smith isn't Stan's father, Glenn Quagmire is.
  • They won't get along, due to Stan reminding Quagmire of Brian.

Steve is gonna snap
How long till all of the the abuse he's been through takes it toll?
  • With all those times he keeps losing potential girlfriends, either he's gonna kill the ones who makes them lose his girls (his family), turn gay, or both!

Roger is mildly psychic
Which is why all his disguises work so well. He's only mildly psychic and that's why people who get close to him (i.e. The Smiths) and see right through his disguises.

Roger's species weren't Always Chaotic first.
By all rights, a species that can't survive without being jackasses wouldn't be able to organise themselves into a city, let alone a civilization capable of interstellar travel. The reason why Roger needs to be a Jerkass is not biological, but psychological. How so? After they invented interstellar travel, a group of jackasses took over and turned the planet into schaundenfrude dystopia. The corruption was so prevalent that, generation after generation, his people being bigger jerks in order to cope with/enjoy their awful lives. By the time Roger is born, this method of coping is so ingrained that their brains are near-incapable of true empathy-Roger is the result of an Inherent in the System Crapsack World. Of course, given Roger is 1600 years old, there's a good chance that this has been going on for millions of years.

Roger's race is Frieza's race
They're both of Ambiguous Gender and are both sociopaths...
  • We've only seen the royal family as sociopaths, mind you.

Bullock knows Stan is keeping Roger...
As we all know, Deputy Director Bullock is a pretty important guy in the CIA, and apparently knows all the ins and outs of the Government. There is no way he knows nothing about all the aliens they keep, which included Roger. He's also good at getting the truth out of people and sensing the truth from people (Because he's in the CIA, and in this universe, they openly talk about torturing people and using Illegal Surveillance). I believe Bullock knows Stan is keeping Roger hidden, and I believe Bullock can tell who Roger is when he's disguised, but he's testing Stan and Roger. Why? My guess is its to give Stan a promotion and to see if Roger is peaceful (Which Roger is failing at obviously).

American Dad is set 24-25 years after Total Drama Island.
  • Stan Smith is the future version of Trent.
  • This also explains that Avery Bullock is Chris McLean in the future.
  • Lindsay is Francine.
  • Chef Hatchet is Principal Lewis.
  • Leshawna is Lorraine.

Steve will eventually turn gay after suffering many incidents of Did Not Get the Girl
  • Well it's bound to happen after being "cockblocked" so many times. it's not only to rebel against Stan because he's one of the reasons why it keeps happening, he has no success with ladies, he can't even get a permanant girlfriend, and because he thinks he'd have better success with guys... unless he does have the same lack of success with guys eventually.
    • Because that is totally how sexuality works
      • Hey pal! It also doesn't help that one time Steve planned to exact revenge on a bully by dressing up like a girl and seducing him and Roger replies, "Yeah, let's keep that plan between you, me, and the string of therapists who won't be able to help you."

Roger's turn from Jerk with a Heart of Gold to full-blown Jerkass are a response to almost dying of niceness.
As shown, Roger has to be a jerk to live. After trying to be a genuinely decent person, Roger almost died in in a rather nasty way, and afterwards Roger became terrified of being nice and going through that again, resulting in him developing a total Lack of Empathy as a sort of defense mechanism. The very rare occasions of Pet the Dog are a result of that yearning for people to like him by being a nice guy(Roger has basically abandoned compassion, but he's still theoretically capable of feeling it-he chooses not to). Sidney Huffman is an attempt to make a loophole out of this.

Steve will end up like his dad.
Stan was nerdy like him and he turned out successful. So Steve will be successful too. And he will finally be manly Republican just like he taught him and work in a government agency.
  • Steve doesn't seem to have much interest in politics, and I think he just goes along with what his dad says. Knowing how they write, he'll probably end up working in some kind of science capacity and marry a female scientist.

Toshi can speak English, he just chooses not to
He seems to understand everyone else just fine
  • Maybe he's doing so to frustrate his strict mother?
  • Or maybe he's ashamed of his family's Americanized lifestyle and decides to full embrace his heritage.
    • I wouldn't say ashamed. If so, why would he always hang out with three Americans?
  • Confirmed. Even Toshi's mother exclusively speaks English to him.
    • She also states that she can't understand him.
  • Confirmed in "Can I Be Frank With You"

Roger had his memory erased prior to the early episodes
In the early episodes Roger has to stay in the house but goes out into the real world after Steve shows him a Rastafarian outfit in "Francince's Flashback." It was retconned that he had multiple lives prior to living with the Smiths, so it's possible he had his mind erased or suffered amnesia for a short time.
  • His multiple personality disorder probably has something to do with this. With all those personas, Roger has lost track of his genuine memory.

Roger is an alien superweapon.
Think about it: along with superpowers like crapping hypnotising gold and being really fast, Roger is capable of generating full-fledged alternate lives for himself(Sidney Huffman), and most importantly seems to be able to alter the laws of nature in order to fufill his disguises(his most recent gambit which involved poisoning himself for his younger persona's benefit being a prime example). This goes beyond the Rule of Funny into having the ability to will the universe to fit his story. Roger is an unknowing super-soldier that his race engineered with this power to conquer the universe, but eventually realised one of their own having this power is something even they don't want to release on the universe and cancelled the project, killing him(or so they think). Roger is gradually getting more and more aware of his reality bending powers, and becoming more sociopathic because, quite frankly, it's really hard to resist abusing that kind of power, especially if you were already a dick. The interest in personas was designed as a way of ensuring that, if Roger survived the crash, he'd focus his powers on just playing pretend.

The show is going to be wrapping up soon.
The newest episode "Lost in Space" showed us Roger's home planet and people, and an upcoming episode is going to involve Klaus's original body. These are things fans have been waiting years for so all that's left is Steve finally getting lucky and they can end the show.
  • It wasn't his home planet, it was a spaceship owned by his people.
  • The creators of the show have sometimes expressed fears that the show would suddenly get cancelled. The season 7 premiere (the one where Stan buys an evil hot tub and it kills him and Francine in the end) was written at a time when the people working on the show feared it would get cancelled, so they wrote it in case they would need it as a series finale. Even if there's no concrete word yet on if the series will end soon, the creators of the show might still be fearing it. After all, American Dad! usually gets fewer advertisements and is more likely to get shoved around on the time slots, like FOX is still trying to screw it over.

Roger was set up.
Roger was sent to earth believing he was the decider, when in actuality he was a crash test dummy. This is all fine, until in the most recent episode, Lost in Space, we see that he was the king's lover, and was caught having sex with a human. The king, heartbroken and upset, the king sent Roger out to earth under the pretense of being the decider, but in reality he sent him to earth out of spite, in hopes he would either die on impact or be killed by the inhabitants.

Emperor Zing will become the Big Bad of the series.
  • Supported by his vindictive nature; odds are he sent Roger to earth for cheating on him, and if he survived the revelation, he'll be looking for Jeff. If Jeff makes it back to Earth, Zing will call on an invasion.

Hayley is going to get another long-term relationship, and then Jeff will return.
Hayley will be forced to choose between the two, maybe even taking several episodes to make the final decision.

Klaus will be in a woman's body for at least one episode.
  • Perhaps in Francine's body. He might even have sex with Linda Memari. After getting her body back, Francine will be confused when Linda says "you were really great, baby". Francine says to herself, "She really is a weird chick."

Klaus will be put in the body of a teenager for several episodes.
So he would still have to live with the Smiths, with Stan and Francine as his legal guardian.

Klaus will get a permanent human body before the show ends.
He is shown in one episode to have a human body in the future, and the writers of this show love call backs.

The crossover hurricane is Decade's fault.
Decade created the hurricane, probably with the power of Wizard Hurricane Style and sent it through the A.R. Worlds where it would end up going through Quahog, Stoolbend and Langley Falls, to bring the three Seth MacFarlane shows together.

In "Steve and Snot's Test-Tubular Adventure", Stan accidentally kills the girl Glitter was cloned from, thinking it's Glitter
It would be nice if this was a deleted scene but it was probably deleted and replaced with that pointless "Pop Quiz" scene. Ok, it would work like this... While Stan is hunting down Steve and Glitter at the prom, Stan would stumble across the girl Glitter was cloned from and instantly shoot her to death until he realizes she has a belly button, after he gets out of that awkward moment somehow he would run outside and see the two and Snot in the limo. Stan is known for making such violent mistakes like that.
Stan doesn't want to be a grandfather
Why do you think he constantly either intentionally or unintentionally ruins the chances of Steve getting a girlfriend and doesn't like Hayley's choice in men? He seems ok with getting rid of Jeff and Hayley's boyfriend who was black. Also worse is when Stan continues to try to kill Glitter despite Steve telling him he's her father. He can't even get his son a hooker in Mexico for crying out loud!
  • HOLY SHIT! This was confirmed in "Bahama Mama". CALLED IT!

Recent evidence has shown that Roger royally screwed up his people, and that his excuse of being a jerky race is in serious question. Add the fact that Jeff knows that, and has a space-craft to go home to, it's quite possible that he's screwed. It would also fit into Seth McFarlane taking criticisms to heart: he knows how too much of an imbalance between the comedically dickish and getting away with massive amounts of said dickery can cause people to hate the character. That, and we all know what happened to his last Creator's Pet. Also, Jeff and/or Roger's people coming back would be fuel for an Alien Invasion storyline, and developing both Roger and his people's histories.

Stan's extremely anti-terrorism personality is because of guilt over 9-11
In one episode, we find out that Stan was in the airport about to board one of the planes and had an opportunity to stop it from happening. However, being Stan, he not only missed his flight but had no idea anything bad was going on. And so his family will have to help him with yet another of his personal demons.

It will also be another outlet for Seth's Survivor's Guilt.

One of the Smiths will be Killed Off for Real
You've probably heard about what Seth MacFarlane has done with Brian on Family Guy. It is possible he will do the exact same thing to one of American Dad's main characters to test the audience. Will they know that the character will be revived, or will someone make a petition towards the show like last time?
  • If you ask me, Klaus would be the easiest choice. He's pretty much generic compared to the rest of the family. And I bet the CIA has a lot more animal test subjects that would make lovely pets. This pet in question will replace Klaus in the opening theme of a few episodes (or even until the season finale), and then Klaus will make his big return.
    • As for how or if they bring him back, Klaus will "die" in a freak accident to try and get a better body, with it seeming as if his mind has been wiped. In reality the freak accident jettisoned Klaus out of his bodies, turning him into a disembodied consciousness.

When/if Klaus gets a human body, another pet will temporarily replace him
Going with some related theories I saw above (including the one directly above), the writers might simply re-humanize Klaus instead of killing him off. Then, as said before, Stan will bring home another wacky pet from the CIA.

Bullock is bisexual.
Bullock has been with women before, but in "Cock with a Sleepwalk" he asked Stan to leave his pants zipper down and smiled.

Francine is secretly a spy or some other type of criminal.
In several episodes, she's seen to have a pretty messed-up dark side and some criminal tendencies. Marrying a CIA agent would be both the perfect way to get information and the perfect cover. Maybe her adoptive parents actually trained her to spy for China or something. Over time, she may have still come to actually care for Stan (and she seems to legitimately care for her kids), but this could just be an extremely elaborate act. Eventually, this might be revealed - after all, when cyborg Stan comes back in time, he says that the last time he saw her, she was in the electric chair.
  • This would make a good episode or a fanfic.

During the "vacation goo" episode, even the last holiday was in the goo.
In the vacation goo episode, the final holiday the family goes on is meant to be outside of the simulation Stan used previously. When Francine jumps overboard to prove she won't die (as they can't in the goo), the family then finds her clinging to a floating, loose tree branch. In the sea. Throw in the inaccuracy of Steve having a girlfriend (as lampshaded by Francine), that the major fall doesn't actually kill Francine, and that the family agrees the goo is for the best — what if it was all a Kansas City Shuffle by Stan to get them to accept the goo?

Steve and Snot will start dating each other out of desperation
And then they genuinely start falling in love.
  • This is touched upon in "The Longest Distance Relationship". When Jeff travels through a wormhole to get back to Earth, but ends up in the future the two are a couple because they couldn't get a girlfriend by age 21. Though their only complaint is they should have set the age higher.

Sergei will attempt to get his revenge before the show ends.
An upcoming episode is titled "From Russia With Love", and the writers like to make callbacks even to very early events in the show, and the show has been taken off FOX and moving to TBS where it may or may not survive, so the writers could be trying to tie up loose ends.

Steve encountered one of Kamineko's distant relatives.
The injured orange cat and Kamineko share the trait of unreasonable aggression and sadism.

Klaus is going through Stockholm Syndrome
This is why he always wants to be part of the family, even if it's a small part and the family treats him like crap. This is also why he fell in love with Francine. He's unconsciously trying to normalize his situation of being stuck as a fish in a family that mistreats him.

Roger is a Reality Warper

Francine's parents will return.

They did,or at least her father did,in the episode "Family Plan". Her mother was revealed to have killed herself,and her father is a grade-A looney who arranged the death of his entire family in a Hunger Games style battle over excessive phone data usage.

Stan is a series of clones
It's presumed that Stan can't or won't learn from his mistakes or experiences. But maybe the issue is that he's not the same him every week. We've already established that the CIA can and does make clones. The first one, Bill, was a beta; he couldn't consistently hit Stan's voice enough to be used anywhere where people would know Prime Stan, but now there's better versions. A copy of Stan's consciousness is on the CIA hard drive, ready to be uploaded into a never-ending line of proto-Stans (Future Stan was a failed cyborg experiment that Bullock sent to convince whatever Stan clone had tagged in to not rip up his cyborg contract, since Bullock still has faith in the technology).

It explains why Stan is inconsistent in his beliefs — some of his clones are OK with popular music, others aren't. It also explains why he can survive seemingly insurmountable threats — he doesn't; he dies and is replaced with another clone. His family has accepted it as a function of his hardheadedness.

Prime Stan could be dead, embedded in deep cover or may have just wanted to leave his family while not making them go through the pain of a divorce.

There is a reason why Stelio Kontos never speaks
For all we know what if his voice sounds like a woman, is incredibly high pitched like the time Stan got a rake to the groin, or he sounds like a child like the bad guy from "Suburban Commando". Then Stan should Lampshade why he never speaks in the event Stelio Kontos ever did speak.

Stan Smith is an escaped Mental Patient
Well that could possibly explain his Insane Troll Logic, Aesop Amnesia, Too Dumb to Live moments, the implications he might subconsciously want to kill/hurt his family, and overall frightening behavior!

Stan Smith is insane, but because of the C.I.A.
They have access to brain scrambling technology and are treated as unscrupulous. Originally Stan used to genuinely great at his job, but that only led him to realize how inept the rest of the CIA was. As a result they tinkered with his mind resulting in the above-mentioned Insane Troll Logic, Aesop Amnesia and Too Dumb to Live moments. People would question why a CIA man just doing his job vanished or is obviously brainwashed, so they just made him stupid.

While his disguises have always been a thing, initially it was clear he knew he was acting and wasn't using them as often. He was also a lot nicer. Now he's more often a total jerk and uses personas so often that he forgets they're actually him. He has shown to suffer from MPD with Sidney Huffman, so it's possible. Due to having become so dedicated to his craft, he's lost himself in the act and his personas have either become split personalities he's only barely aware of, or are in the process of "splitting off".

Roger's character can flutter from a mere Jerkass, an Ax-Crazy Hate Sink or Jerk with a Heart of Gold on a dime, because the art is driving him insane. The personas/different personalities have begun to bleed into and alter his main personality, resulting in his erratic behavior and mood swings. The inability to express his true alien self in public doesn't help, and neither are the Smith family because they don't recognize he's Becoming the Mask; they just think he loves playing dress-up. Some of his bitchiness may also be responsible for never being able to be himself since he first landed on Earth in 1947, and is taking it out on the world.

"The Dentist's Wife" was Roger beginning to become aware that personas have taken over his life, but unfortunately he doesn't realize he should try and stop and suffers Aesop Amnesia because of this. Eventually there's going to be an episode where Roger will forget his identity and be lost in his personas, and it will be to the Smith family to snap him out of it. It's possible that if Roger keeps it up he'll completely lose his original personality.

Stan is repressing a lot of quirks of his own that he feels he can't express

Stan Smith is a living stick in the mud with an obsession with authority, conformity, and power, yet is surrounded by vastly different family members. Besides Rule of Funny, two things can explain this:- In Dreaming of a White Porshe Christmas, it is revealed that the Smith family we know is a "punishment" family, meant to get Stan to appreciate his real family. His real family is shown to be more to Stan's ideals and expectations than the punishment one. Stan has had to deal with a flighty klepto, a rebellious daughter, and a less-than-masculine son, amongst a more psycho Roger and an annoyingly talkative goldfish to teach him that what he had wasn't so bad. In a twist, Stan actually prefers the punishment family. This shows that there is a part of Stan that loves and is drawn to the very things he was believed to hate, which leads to part two:- No matter if there is a "real" or a "punishment" family, Stan himself has a bunch of issues that have come from paternal abandonment and maternal over-reliance (and the fact that a tree was his role model). Stan had to use figures of authority (the government, religion) as a mental crutch in order to stay stable and maintain a sense of self-worth. However, deep down he actually yearns to separate from those values, but both doesn't know how and doesn't completely understand why. This is touched upon in The Missing Kink where Stan goes way over the top in every sexual act known to man and alien. For the most part, Stan's family is a representation of his repressed nature, leading to the love-hate relationship that drives the show. This is why he didn't appreciate his "real" family, if they do exist. He loves the quirks in his family, even if he can't express it.

Roger's Early Installment Weirdness was just another persona

Roger likes to experiment with different personas. So, when Stan freed him from his CIA containment cell, he decided to create a persona of an alien who couldn't get out of the house and became depressed. We all know Roger has some Reality Warper powers (as suggested in a previous WMG) so he made up the "alien"'s species and characteristics from wholecloth. In the first episode he wore a disguise, he wasn't so much Hugh Mann as a poorly-disguised freak, because he was still "in" the persona - people commented he was deformed in one way or another, while nowadays he can pass as anything he wants, from attractive women to animals.

Everyone in Langley Falls,except for the Smith family,is one of Roger's personas

Because not one single person questions why a newborn baby is gray-skinned and weighs far more than it should ("Persona Assistant") or the fact that someone (Dr.Kalgary) can completely gloss over the bizarre anatomy,no matter how shady and questionable their practices are.

  • Perhaps this could be used for a "non canon" episode and be played for creepiness and horror, and portray Roger as a sort of evil god playing with a crew of astronauts he found drifting through space to amuse himself.

Rogu isn't the first Roger homunculus.
Part of how he's able to fit so many personas isn't just his Super Speed and disguise mastery, but because he's asexually reproduced replicas of himself to fill that role. Rogu is just an immature Roger that'll one day be a full clone of him. We don't see Roger interact with any copy of his because being Roger, they'd curb on his style. His Flanderization could be just a meaner Rogu growing up to the current Roger and icing the one from the early seasons.


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