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Kyo: You barely did anything in this fight
Gotenks: Don't blame me. Blame Alpha-Zero-21 and his Toryama syndrome!

Dragon Ball Zero (and Dragon Ball Alpha-Xenoverse) is a series of fanfictions that have gone on since mid 2015. It is loosely based around the 2015 and 2016 games Dragon Ball Xenoverse and Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.

The original series focused on the trio of Zero, Rena and later Kyo who focused their efforts of fixing time. Two years later, Zero and Rena randomly vanish. The squeal series focuses mostly on Alpha, Mutia and Tact. Though it had originally been a direct novelization, it eventually morphed into The Abridged Series. Dragon Ball Zero began on March 12 2015 before ending on November 15 2016 at 34 chapters.


Dragon Ball Alpha began not too long after and went quickly on hiatus (due to lack of interest from both the viewers and writers)

Not to be confused with Dragon Ball Zero (Toyble).


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    Dragon Ball Zero Tropes 
  • Absurdly Cool City - Toki Toki City and later Conton City
  • Abusive Parents - Rena is said to have had these before joining Time Patrol
  • Action Dad - Kazuki is this
  • Action Duo - When Zero and Rena fight together in the Namek, Frieza and Battle of Gods arcs.
  • Action Girl - Rena and the Kaioshin of Time (Pre-Dragon Ball Xenoverse)
  • Action Survivor - Zero had assentially become this. Even his dad lampshades this during the final chapter.
    Kazuki: No wonder he wants you dead. Because you're a survivor.
  • Adaptation Expansion - Adding in two extra heroes along with giving more background in the Supreme Kai of Time/Kaioshin of Time. Even then, it's one of the shorter Dragon Ball Xenoverse fanfictions.
  • Affirmative Action Girl - Rena in the Namek and Frieza arcs. She was added in because many Dragon Ball Xenoverse fanfictions focused on teams
  • Affectionate Parody - The series eventually began doing this. First to the franchise, then to the game it was based on.
    Gohan: Kamehameha
    Kyo: Can you stop spamming!
    Gohan: ...
    Rena: Good.
    Gohan: Kaaameeehaaamee...
    Kyo: STOP!
  • A God Am I - In the final two chapters, Demigra continued boasting about his status to our protagonists dismay.
  • An Aesop - Keep your friends close.
  • Big Damn Heroes - Goku in multiple chapters
  • Black Dude Dies First - The first chronological death in the series is Kazuki... he's black.
  • Brick Joke - During on of the last chapters, Kyo somehow manages to deflect an attack without blowing up the entire area they were fighting in. What happens in the final chapter?
    Kyo: Oh yeah? That blast I deflected? Yeah, I used the 4th wall as my shield
    Alpha-Zero-21: *Beat* Why did I create you?
  • Censored for Comedy - Inverted, the first time Alpha-Zero-21 uncensored Sh*t in the series, Zero questions the choice to stop censoring it.
  • Change the Uncomfortable Subject - After Zero and Rena offically get together , Kyo (Rena's EX) tries to keep them on their mission
    • Though to be fair, they were heading into a life or death battle as its last hopes and had no time to slack
  • Character Death - Kazuki and later Rena
  • Child Prodigy - Zero is this. After his father perished, he was taught just like his dad. He managed to learn and handle Kaioken X2 at only 11... By the end of the series he knows Kaioken X82, and how to combine it with Super Sayain. He also knows most of the Z-Fighters moves, is durable as mess and even survive using a Super Kaioken (X2 mind you)... something Goku could only do when dead. Yeah, no wonder Alpha-Zero-21 called him a Mary Sue
  • Clothing Damage - Following his back-to-back battles against Mira and 3 Majin Buu's, Zeros blue GI has a giant hole in the front. The Kaioshin of Time forces him to wear a copy of Goku's outfit for the next arc
    • This actually saves his life in the longrun. If he hadn't looked like Gohan, He would have been left to die on Earth when Buu blew it up
  • Comedic Hero - Kyo defines this trope to the core. It's rare to not have him cracking jokes, referencing other shows or fanfictions or even him breaking the 4th wall. If he's ever seen not doing that, then it's a sign that something is wrong.
    Kyo: What? Do you like me depressed all the time cause I can go back to that if you want!
  • Decisive Battle - Super Sayain Zero vs Mira and Towa. After losing his dad to pair, two battles where he fell short due to being underpowered and a complete and utter humiliation fest, Zero was finally outraged and fought his hardest against the pair. He even got a huge confidence boost.
  • Deconstruction Fic - Since the game is based on Dragon Ball Xenoverse, a few things were changed. However, many things that didn't make much sense were actually kept in as a joke to explain how broken Xenoverse was.
  • Defiant to the End - Kyo was beaten brutally, shot in the heart when making a joke, left to die in front of his friends... and he wouldn't stop talking shit.
    Demigra: I'm going to create my own world. My own history
    Kaioshin of Time: W-What? What do you mean?
    Kyo: It means he's going to make a shitty AU fanfiction of Dragon Ball
  • Generic Name - Kyo calls out Zero by claiming his name is a generic fanfiction name.
  • Genki Girl - Rena at times could be this way.
  • I Am X, Son of Y - 6 words. I Am Zero, Son of Kazuki
  • I Can Still Fight! - After getting beat up by Majin Buu, Vegeta is confused on why Zero says he can still fight.
  • Idiot Hero - Kyo falls into this trope. Though, he's more of a troll
    • And Zero to some extent
  • I Let Gwen Stacy Die - For a period of time, Following Rena's death Zero blames him for her death since he was being too careless. Even bringing it up will put him on edge. Though she eventually came back.
  • Shout-Out - In the 25th chapter, Zero asks Rena if she wants to see the 7th Dragon Quest movie...
  • Mind Screw - Demigra does this to Trunks. Rena isn't afraid to hurt him though...
    Rena: It's about time I'm allowed to punch you.

    Dragon Ball Alpha Tropes 
  • Alleged Lookalikes - Upon meeting Turles, Alpha immediately calls him Black [1]
  • An Aesop - Don't be afraid to step our your comfort zone.
  • Breather Episode - Multiple ones. Most of them take place at school and are just filler.
    • Defend your pride involved Alpha dealing with bullies... yeah...
  • Brooding Boy, Gentle Girl - Tact and Mutia. Well, kind of. We don't see Mutia fighting much though when she does... yeah, not too gentle
  • Bully Brutality - Faid attempts to attack Alpha using the Aura Slide... AKA, a move that slices open people... AKA, Zamasu' (A Broken Messiah) signature move...
  • Broken Ace - As the series went on, Alpha had it bad. As the innocent kid hiding behind Tacts shadow, that was all he knew and he was just the smart kid behind Tact. However, upon being thrown into the Time Patrol, he was a subject of intense verbal and physical bullying (Not only from students, but even from villains like Turles and Frieza who call him things like 'Baku Trash' and 'monkey'). By the time Tact betrays him and leaves him for dead, he is on the verge of suicide and was only halfway through the note before begged him to stay.
  • Childhood Friend Romance - It is implied that Alpha, Tact and Mutia have known each other since early childhood. Because of this, Tact and Mutia are technically this.
  • Christmas Episode - In which Alpha and his friends are invited to a party, and Alpha is handed a Power Pole
  • Evil Knockoff - Alpha calls out Turles for this
  • I Just Want to Be Normal - By chapter 20, has been getting beaten up, abandoned by his closet friend, and pulled into action he doesn't want to be apart of. He even wishes he could go back to being the quiet one in class.
  • Improbable Age - Alpha lampshades this trope by bringing up the fact that out of all the Time Patrol older than him (He's 15, almost 16) and more well trained... it had to be him. Though, he's actually pretty okay with it.
  • Innocent Innuendo:
    • When the Supreme Kai of Time gives the group the plan to defeating Beerus (A smoking hot bow to the face), it comes off as a bit... odd to the main characters.
      Rena: Do you want me to do it cause... I'm not
    • Even better cause it was in the original game.
  • Shout-Out:
    • While Trunks is explaining his reasoning for not allowing Kyo to go back in time on his own, he reminds him that Kyo had accidentally split the timeline. His response?
      Kyo: Well to be fair, it created to creative spinoff fanfictions
    • Originally, the line was meant as one for Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball Super (Two anime only sequels to Dragon Ball) which many haters refer to as "fanfiction". However, others took it as a shout out to Break Through The Limit and Limits Are Meant to be Broken (Two other popular fanfictions that have similar stories).
    • Didn't help that they were both on the subject on the Raditz battles... the moment that would divert the original story for both fanfics.
  • Hero Academy - Orange Star High School serves as this in the story. The 3 main characters all go here for training.
  • Hero on Hiatus - Zero and Rena. Both of them both randomly vanished and haven't been heard from since. Kyo also was out for the most part due to bad memories.
  • High School: Orange Star High School. Alpha has a gym class, study hall, advance tactic making and all types of battle based High School classes.

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