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Most of the fanfiction for One Piece seem to have the same few plots over and over again:

  • A retelling of the canon story, but with a new OC added. Typically will follow The Stations of the Canon almost to a T and peter out sometime before the Alabasta arc.
  • As This Bites! began picking up steam, there's been a small surge of stories that get a bit more specific (and smarter). An Author Avatar is dropped into One Piece by a (possibly bored) higher power. They'll join the crew and work as either a full or part-time strategist using their knowledge of the story to shake up the plot at key points. This character will frequently be one of the more insane members of the crew and will be fond of giving either one type of speech or another. These authors are typically more dedicated to their work than most, with a few having already reached/finished Alabasta since the first of these started in late 2015.
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  • A new generation of pirates story set X years after the death of Luffy, the 2nd Pirate King. Typically will solicit readers to submit their OCs to fill up positions on the crew and as rivals/enemies.
  • An OC from the real world gets pulled into the One Piece world and makes friends with the Straw Hats, Whitebeard or the Heart Pirates. Typically later falls in love with Luffy/Zoro, Ace, or Trafalgar Law. Marie D. Suesse and the Mystery New Pirate Age! is a Deconstruction Fic of what would actually happen if a invoked Mary Sue got sent there.
  • Sanji/Luffy/Nami getting sick and Zoro taking care of him/her. Instead of, you know, the actual doctor, Chopper. And yes, it always seems to be Zoro. It probably has a lot to do with Zoro's position as the "eldest brother" amongst the True Companions.
  • Any member of the crew, or even the whole crew, find out the secret behind why Sanji keeps his left eye covered. Or sometimes, just Sanji reflecting on it and no one finds out. Obviously, more common before the Time Skip, as afterward, Sanji covers his right eye and leaves his left visible, thereby proving pretty much all previous guesses wrong.
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  • Luffy, sometimes Ace and Sabo too, is taken in and raised by Whitebeard's crew.
  • Fem!Luffy out to prove that women can become pirate king/queen too. Expect over-the-top stunned reactions from her opponents when they're easily defeated. She will almost always be paired with either Zoro or Law, though Ace and even Shanks! have also been seen. They will initially find her annoying, but the tough males will soon be won over by her show of physical strength and childish (though they interpret it as innocent) behavior. She is, of course, smarter than her canon counterpart, and dazzles her designated love interest when she shows that she's not as dumb as she acts. Her characterization is confusing, but everything becomes much clearer once you just call her a invoked Mary Sue.
  • invoked Peggy Sue fics are becoming increasingly common in the fandom the longer the series goes on, now that the Straw Hats are on a strength level that could have severe consequences if they were to appear that strong in earlier arcs.
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  • Super!Luffy who knows Haki and has multiple Devil Fruit powers (despite there being only one documented case of that in the entire series and stated to be impossible for anyone else). Typically a Harem fic where Luffy is paired with numerous women, usually including Nami, Robin, Vivi, and Hancock. Occasionally also a Peggy Sue.
  • Luffy eating a different Devil Fruit than canon or (more rarely) losing the Gomu Gomu no Mi and getting a different fruit later. Logias, particularly the Goro Goro no Mi, are especially popular choices.
  • Long before Brook joined the crew, it was widely speculated that the musician that the Straw Hat Pirates would eventually recruit would be a young, beautiful woman. After the Thriller Bark saga came and went, there were still fan storylines where a young, beautiful woman joined the Straw Hats either as part of an Alternate Universe or as a precursor to Brook.


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