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Wizard Force is a fanfic by James Doyle, a Crossover between Wizards of Waverly Place and Stargate Atlantis, hosted by Fan Fiction Dot Net.

The story begins when Alex and Justin are recruited into Wizard Force, the ancient but of late largely-ceremonial military arm of the Wizards Council, with the promise of becoming full wizards upon completion of their tour. The story follows them as they participate in the Force's first (and quite possibly last) military engagement in space, in which they must combine with IOA forces (led by Colonel John Sheppard) in order to combat a group of Wraith who have been operating in the service of Ulysses Valenczak, a former member of the Wizards Council now bent on seizing power (both magical and political) for himself.


Will they prevail in spite of things going wrong at every turn? Read and find out.

WARNING: Tropes section contains unmasked spoilers

Wizard Force provides examples of:

  • Action Girl - Alex and Teyla
  • Actor Allusion - People at the SGC keep mistaking Jerry for Pete Shanahan.
  • Apocalypse How - Class X-2: All of Valenczak's accumulated power being sucked into a black hole triggers a subspace explosion that destroys several solar systems.
  • Beethoven Was an Alien Spy - As per the Stargate mythos, Merlin was an Ancient. Among his accomplishments were creating the first human wizards.
  • Big Bad - Ulysses Valenczak
  • Big Damn Heroes - The Apollo arrives late in the Gandalf's second engagement with the Wraith to provide cover.
  • Boarding Party - The Wizard Force infantry, and Colonel Sheppard's troops.
  • The Bridge - A variation on the classic Star Trek theme, with The Captain's chair in the center, the First Officer's chair in front of an below it, and a number of multi-purpose workstations arranged beneath a semi-circular set of windows in the front.
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  • The Brigadier - Admiral Crumbs, who came out of retirement and took a sabbatical as headmaster of WizTech in order to oversee this mission.
  • The Captain - Captain Warren Schiller of the Wizard Force ship Gandalf
  • Colonel Badass - Colonels Sheppard, Caldwell, and Ellis.
  • Cool Gate - The story features two Stargate sequences, the latter of which features Alex's first gate strip.
  • Cool Starship - The WFS Gandalf, a Myrddin-class heavy cruiser, and the three Daedalus-class ships Daedalus, Apollo, and Sun Tzu
  • Don't Call Me "Sir" - Kovalchik delivers the "I work for a living" line.
  • Drill Sergeant Nasty - Wizard Staff Sergeant Kovalchik.
  • Ensign Newbie - Justin. He gets the hang of it pretty quickly.
  • Expy - Captain Schiller is specifically intended to be Captain John Sheridan as a wizard.
  • Fantastic Racism - Valenczak doesn't believe humans have any place in the wizard world, let alone the right to any authority.
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  • Functional Magic - It's well-enough understood that it can be combined with various technologies.
  • A God Am I - Valenczak's motive.
  • Gravity Master - Alex crushes several Wraith to a literal pulp by subjecting them to an intense gravity field.
  • Hurl It into the Sun - What Alex does with Valenczak's ship.
  • Hyperspeed Escape
    Justin Russo: Setting a course for the hell out of Dodge, maximum hyperdrive.
  • Karmic Death - Valenczak gets devoured from the inside, out by a miniature black hole.
  • Large Ham - Valenczak. Lampshaded in the following line:
    "Dude," chuckled Alex, "You are making no kind of sense with your corny villain dialog!"
  • Love Triangle - Type 4: Tutor => Justin <=> Juliet
  • The Mole - Major Grimsby
  • Mission Briefing - Conducted by Colonel Sheppard.
  • Mr. Exposition - Rodney and Schiller take turns.
  • New Meat - The majority of the wizard infantry forces for this mission, with predictably disastrous results.
  • Number Two - Lt. Commander Hemmeryn
  • Phlebotinum Breakdown - Both the Daedalus and the Gandalf experience Artificial Gravity failures after sustaining damage from attacks. The Wraith have also developed a magic jamming field that blocks sensors, communications, and teleportation.
  • Redshirt Army - Most of the Wizard Force infantry, and the screamer pilots.
  • Sacrificial Lion - Lt. Tutor Hatchback and SSG Kovalchik.
  • Space Fighter - Wizard Force has screamers, spectral fighters in which the pilot's aura rides while his body remains in a pod aboard the mothership.
  • Space Marine - The Wizard Force infantry, as well as a number United States Marines under Sheppard's command.
  • Space Navy - Wizard Force's is fairly new, consisting of only three vessels.
  • Stealth in Space - The Gandalf has a cloaking device, as does the puddle jumper the Daedalus is carrying.
  • Take a Third Option - Thanks to a little sleight-of-hand involving Justin and Hemmeryn, Alex gets to keep her powers and run with Colonel Sheppard.
  • Teleportation - Both Earth and Wizard ships are equipped with both Asgard beam and ring transporters. Failing that, a teleport spell can be used at close range.
  • Tim Taylor Technology - The hyperdrive can go much faster, and the cloak can be extended around another ship, with just a little bit more juice.
  • Took a Level in Badass - Both Alex and Justin rise to the occasion.
  • We Can Rule Together - After realizing Alex poses a very real threat to him, Valenczak tries to entice her to join him in his conquest.
  • Worthy Opponent - Valenczak considers Alex this.

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