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Digimon Trinity is a Digimon Fan Fic written by Crazyeight, best known for the Tamers Requiem series.

The fic is an alternate retelling of Digimon Tamers, depicting it as an actual sequel series to Digimon Adventure and Digimon Adventure 02 rather than a Continuity Reboot.

Digimon Trinity contains example of the following tropes:

  • Aborted Arc: Whether intended or not, there clearly was a lot of intended plot threads, particularly surrounding Digimon Frontier that got curtailed. More specifically, Guilmon being a cornerstone to help with Lucemon's release, Cherubimon playing a role in fighting the other Celestials over Renamon being a spy for Apocalymon, and other matters that were trimmed once it was revealed that the Frontier series happened in the span of less than a real world day.
  • Actor Allusion: Several regarding the English dubs of the various Digimon series:
    • First Kari in the role of Miss Asaji, both characters being voiced in the dub by Lara Jill Miller.
    • Yolei as Riley, both characters having been dubbed by Tifanie Christun.
    • The Reveal of Spencer as Rika's father makes her half-siblings with Kristy, both of whom were voiced by Melissa Fahn in the dub.
  • Adaptation Expansion: Both IceDevimon and the Apocalymon/Mephistomon that serves as Big Bad for the Battle of Adventurers movie receive this, with the latter being revealed to be the same one from Digimon Adventure and is now the head of the Nightmare Soldiers with the former serving as his Dragon. Renamon and Impmon are also revealed to be former Nightmare Soldiers themselves.
  • Adult Fear:
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  • Alternate Universe Fic: As stated above, this fic is an alternate retelling of Digimon Tamers, depicting it as a continuation of Adventure and 02, with Frontier and Savers characters being featured as well.
  • Because Destiny Says So: Following the Battle of Adventurers movie, Rika briefly wonders if her friendship with Takato and Henry is genuine or if it's because of the "Trinity prophecy" mentioned by Tai.
  • Becoming the Mask: Apocalymon and IceDevimon chose Renamon to become Rika's partner as a way of them using the bond between Digimon and Tamer to further strengthen the Nightmare Soldiers. They didn't anticipate Renamon actually starting to genuinely care about Rika.
  • Big-Bad Ensemble: Hoooh boy. First we have Takeru and Hypnos, who are being pressured by the Japanese government to find a way to stop Digimon from bio-emerging in the Real World, no matter the cost. Then there's the Nightmare Soldiers, who are hoping to cultivate the partnership between Rika and Renamon as the first of several Tamers chosen to serve the Forces of Darkness. Then we have Lucemon, who seeks to take the Digital Hazard from Guilmon and add it to his own to make himself stronger. And Zhuqiaomon and the Devas haven't even entered the picture yet.
  • Canon Welding: As part of the alternate depiction, there are several examples between several of the seasons:
    • Kari is the teacher of Takato's class, rather than Nami Asaji.
    • Yolei and TK, now under his true name of Takeru, have replaced Yamaki and Riley as agents of Hypnos.
    • Sora and Matt are friends of Rika's family, due to Sora's fashion designer job and Rumiko's modeling.
    • The Digignomes turn out to be the remnants of Yukio Oikawa.
    • Miki and Megumi work for Ken at his Digimon detective agency.
    • Rika's Disappeared Dad is none other than Spencer Damon, making her half-siblings with Marcus and Kristy.
    • Davis once dated Rumiko.
    • Jeri's late mother was Keiko Kurata, one of the Dark Spore children from the end of 02.
  • Cynicism Catalyst: It's heavily implied that the reason for TK's current personality is because Patamon was digitally absorbed by Beelzemon during the Digital War.
  • Cool Big Sis: Sora and Biyomon used to be this for Rika.
  • Fallen Hero: TK is in the role of Yamaki. No more needs to be said.
  • Famed In-Story: The original Digidestined have become as such by the time of the fic.
  • Fantastic Racism: Some humans are shown to have this attitude towards Digimon. One man attacks Henry when he sees him with Terriermon, while others try to pelt Guilmon with rocks after Musyamon is defeated. And since Savers is part of this continuity, there's always the possibility of Akihiro Kurata showing up...
  • Foreshadowing: It's mentioned early on that Ken is investigating reports of a rogue ice Digimon. Clearly this is meant to set up IceDevimon's later appearance.
  • Great Offscreen War: There are repeated mentions of a war that has resulted in the protagonists of Adventure and 02 becoming Famed In-Story. While the specifics are uncertain, it has resulted in TK having become the bitter head of Hypnos, and Tai and Agumon to have vanished for fifteen years.
  • Happily Married: Ken and Yolei, despite the latter working for Takeru and Hypnos, which the former is heavily critical of.
  • Hero Antagonist: The Celestial Trio are this for Renamon, hoping to capture her in order to make her answer to her crimes as a member of the Nightmare Soldiers. It's this apparent disrespect to a Beast-type Digimon that completes Cherubimon's pre-series Face–Heel Turn.
  • Hero Killer: If Impmon's dreams and Takeru's flashbacks are anything to go by, then the former is this for Patamon.
  • Hero of Another Story: The events of Frontier still happen on their own, separate from the rest of the canon welded story, entirely offscreen and (thanks to the time dilation effect of the digital world) within the space of a single chapter. Afterwards, Takeru is shown going over personality profiles of the six Frontier heroes.
  • Hero-Worshipper: As revealed in the first chapter, Takato admires and looks up to Kari and the other Digidestined.
  • How the Mighty Have Fallen: It's mentioned that the Royal Knights as enforcers for the digital world are a mess, what with Gallantmon not being born yet, Omnimon being a servant for the Digidestined "only coming at beck and call" and Crusadermon and Dynasmon falling to the dark side.
  • Love Triangle: One appears to be developing between Kari, Davis, and Rumiko.
  • Morality Chain: Yolei is trying to be this for Takeru. The results so far have been mixed, at best.
  • Pet the Dog: Despite Takeru having Took a Level in Jerkass by the events of this fic, he does still have moments that show he cares about his former friends; for example, in chapter 57, when Joe and Gomamon show up in Shinjuku to help tend to a wounded Biyomon, he personally shows up in a limo to drive them there for their safety, wanting to avoid them running into any anti-Digimon activists.
  • Precision F-Strike: In chapter 55, when Rika, traumatized by the situation with IceDevimon and The Reveal that Renamon was working for the Nightmare Soldiers and planned to corrupt her to their cause, punches out Takato and then runs off, Sora, faced with this and a critically injured Biyomon, shouts "Damn it!"
  • Prequel: For Digimon Frontier. Cherubimon is beginning to show signs of his corruption while Lucemon is making plans within his imprisonment to take Guilmon's Digital Hazard and add it to his own.
    • Due to the Year Inside, Hour Outside nature of the Digital World, the entire plot of Frontier ends up taking place within a single chapter of the adaptation of the Battle of Adventurers movie.
  • Reality Ensues: Digimon are clearly equal to humans in both mental and emotional ways therefore Rika's casual killing and uploading of various Digimon's data makes her a murderer and criminal.
  • Recruiting the Criminal: After being found out by Sora and Ken, Rika ends up in this position, deputized to help with defending the real world, but under stricter terms due to her past criminal work with Digimon.
  • Story-Breaker Power: Subverted. Time after time, the older generation of digidestined have either come in to fight at just the right time, or been too late to come help or any other number of situations that makes them needed for the story rather than overpowered.
  • Transformation Is a Free Action: Averted in chapter 19; Mephistomon attacks Veemon while he's in the midst of digivolving to prevent him and Stingmon from DNA digivolving.
  • Unrequited Love Lasts Forever: It's made clear on more than one occasion that even after all these years, Davis hasn't completely gotten over Kari.
    • Double Subverted, actually. It's not Kari Davis still has unrequited feelings for, but Rumiko Nonaka.
  • Used to Be a Sweet Kid: According to Sora, Rika used to be a nice child who loved Digimon and would have no problems befriending someone like Takato.
  • Vagueness Is Coming: Towards the climax of the Battle of Adventurers movie, Tai mentions a "Trinity prophecy" regarding Takato, Rika, and Henry towards them.
  • What Measure Is a Non-Human?: Digimon are seen as living beings with the same rights as humans; thus, Rika and Renamon's killing Digimon and uploading their data makes them wanted criminals.
    • This turns out to be somewhat subverted. Most documentaries and scientific papers regarding Digimon here view them merely as primitive AI codes programmed to fight which were then unleashed onto the Internet. Only the Digidestined know better due to their personal experiences with the Digital World.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: Yolei tells Ken she's going to give this to Takeru in the aftermath of Episode 7 after learning that Ken, Kari, Davis, and the Tamers were in the vicinity when Takeru used the Yuggoth program to destroy the digital anomaly Lucemon had used to capture Guilmon.

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