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  • Rudos del Ritmo wanted to be this in CMLL, reasoning that dancing was cool, and since they(Kung Fu, Búfalo Salvaje, Ari Romero América, Halcón Negro, Mario Prado, Gran Apache and Estrellita-who had a Brittney Spears gimmick!) could all dance, they'd thought of as "cool" despite their "anything goes" attitude.
  • It was this concept that led WCW to temporarily take the crown as the #1 wrestling promotion in the world with the New World Order. Although the nWo was comprised of heels, the charisma of its top members like Hogan and the Outsiders, combined with some innovative marketing (this announcement has been paid for by the New World Order), attracted many fans to their side.
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  • Many professional wrestlers profess to enjoying playing a heel far more than playing a face. For some of them, this can bleed through into their performances, such that a wrestler who undergoes a Heel–Face Turn actually loses popularity due to his lackluster performances afterwards. There's a reason a lot of professional wrestlers and wrestling fans tend to think Good Is Boring. Faces tend to fall into being good role-models or, because Good Is Dumb, lose any skills they had as a heel and end up with no real personality. Heel Face Turns often result in promos that don't consist of anything more than saying, "I respect my opponents," "I want to prove that I'm the best," etc., as opposed to being able to take advantage of their creative mic skills. This is probably why many of the most popular wrestlers of the last twenty years have been tweeners or even heels, as opposed to faces.
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  • A good heel turn can also save someone's career and end up making them a star after a disastrous or boring face run. See The Rock, Randy Orton, John Cena, and Santino Marella for prime examples of this in the past decade.
  • An interesting phenomena is when, through excellence in performance, an interesting persona, and good mic skills, a supposed Heel wins over the crowd and becomes a fan-favorite Heel.
    • When Kurt Angle first joined the WWE, he was considered to be a yet another "real" fighter who had not yet paid his dues as a Jobber. However, his ring skills were incredibly impressive, and his two gold medals (1996, Atlanta Olympics, and 1995, World Championships) weren't fake. Even more impressively, he won one of them while having a broken neck. And then, something miraculous happened. During a Monday Night Raw episode, the crowd started chanting "You Suck, You Suck" along with Angle's wrestling music. His reaction not only clarified his persona, but it also created the most loved heel in the history of wrestling.
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    • The Rock had little or choice in the matter. The level of his creative and imaginative speeches won over the crowd almost against his will. One example of many, many, many classic Rock moments here.
    • CM Punk doesn't like you but everyone likes him due to his rebellious and frank attitude about WWE. He often gets cheered even when he expressly disparages against the audience because they don't disagree with his claim that he's the "Best in the World".
    • While putting heels against each other in matches often leads to disaster (Big E Langston vs Jack Swagger wrestled a good match and still got shat on by the crowd, for example compared to their more positively received bouts with not even that popular of a baby face Alberto Del Rio) The Wyatt Family vs The Shield was a match everyone wanted to see, even as the Shield continued to get booed after beating faces, though they eventually became baby faces themselves as it went on.
  • MsChif was perceived this way in IWA Mid-South, to the point she could take the slowest, most obvious approach against the otherwise beloved Daizee Haze and still have audible crowd support.
  • Bullet Club with Prince Devitt, then Machine Gun Karl Anderson at the helm and The Young Bucks in the back. Especially after AJ Styles became a member of the group. They lost a lot of this when Kenny Omega initiated a hostile takeover, with Adam Cole attempting a hostile takeover as is his wont when Omega stupidly let him into the group, Cody Rhodes attempting a hostile takeover to save the group from him, Guerrillas of Destiny starting yet another hostile takeover with Bad Luck Fale over the new guys stinking up the spot with their "brand conscious" "image" obsessed behavior and Marty Scurll becoming depressed over the state of the stable. Lost this in Japan. In the United States Bullet Club was still cool.


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