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  • In Keychain of Creation, an Exalted webcomic, this is canonically how Abyssal Exalted get created, as shown in Renegade Deathknight Secret's backstory flashback. Her entire village is killed by a demonic plague, she's deathly ill, and just as she's given up all hope of living, the Neverborn show up and offers her Exaltation in exchange for servitude.
  • Bittersweet Candy Bowl, Lucy when she thought Mike died and shortly after, when she finally confessed her love for him and he rejected her. The first one came with Dissonant Laughter.
    • Chapter 63 is getting sadder and Lucy looks about at the horizon here. She was okay, then Mike ignored her existence. Now...
  • In Homestuck, Eridan crosses both this and the Moral Event Horizon in the same scene. He gives up any hope of beating Jack and defects to his side, killing off his unrequited love interest AND his species' only hope for revival in the process. This makes his Sgrub title, Prince of Hope, rather prophetic- it was later explained that "Prince" roughly translates to "Destroyer."
    • Later, Roxy crosses it too after a disastrous turn of events leaves nearly all of her friends dead and Rose, the alternate version of her mother who she had barely met, died in her arms. She later confesses to John that she thinks it would be better if they gave up so that they could be with their friends in the afterlife.
  • Trudy crosses this in General Protection Fault after seeing Nick, (whom she had loved) propose to Ki, which Ki accepts. She had been starting to regret her actions, but this pushes her even further, and she attempts suicide in the next arc in which she appears.
  • In Goblin Hollow, this is what happens to Penny's best friend, who sadly, is swallowed by the Horizon.
  • True Believers has Spider-Man lose his wife, his home, and his job at the Daily Bugle all in the first 11 pages. As a result, he asks Dr. Octopus to kill him. Unfortunately for him, Death Is Cheap in the Marvel Universe, so not even murder can end his suffering.
  • In Sinfest,
  • The Order of the Stick has Vaarsuvius crossing the line after realizing the true extent of his/her earlier Moral Event Horizon.
  • In No Rest for the Wicked, Claire's Dark and Troubled Past has brought her to the state that she does not even care that the villagers, looking for The Scapegoat, will Burn the Witch! because they think she killed her children.
  • Very nearly everyone with a speaking part in Gone with the Blastwave, though it doesn't manifest in quite the usual way. Rather than some grand gesture like falling into an Angst Coma or being Driven to Suicidenote , they've all just become desensitized to the constant bloodshed and are operating on some sort of Heroic Safe Mode.
  • Anna Enfield's from Sire lead a fairly troubled life which took a sharp turn when the sister that she shared a body with used it to murder their beloved uncle. Having seen herself kill someone she loved and knowing that her Hyde half could not do that unless she desired it, Anna turns a knife on herself and tries to commit suicide.
  • In Stand Still, Stay Silent the Battle of Kastrup was this for the Danish army. About ten years before the start of the story, they tried to retake part of the Forbidden Zone that used to be mainland Denmark only to have the entire force wiped out in a single night by one of the many threats roaming in the area. After this, they don't even send scouts there anymore.
  • In Snarlbear Flint passes one near the end after losing his hometown, corrupting Daisy, and then losing Daisy's support as well, in the end being left with only money. as a result, he turns into a dragon
  • The whole point of Servant Chaos's actions in Sailor Cosmos Arc was to force Usagi to this point to get her willing to merge with Chaos. Having her daughter and husband brainwashed, forced to fight them, accidentally killing the Asteroid Senshi, realizing that everlasting peace is impossible and learning that this is all her fault for unconsciously wishing Chibiusa never woke as a senshi did the trick, eventually getting her to perform a Suicide by Cop.
  • Skin Horse: Tip hits this in the aftermath of the "Sure as Your Born" storyline: Normally a metrosexual Wholesome Crossdresser Lovable Sex Maniac, he literally traded his entire wardrobe for the ultimate male power suit, in order to speak in favor of a nonhuman rights bill (without his crossdressing becoming the focus). Not only does the bill fail to pass, but in the immediate aftermath the entire world seemed to come down with some sort of Weirdness Censornote . Which made for a doubly Senseless Sacrifice, causing Tip to spend the next couple of chapters wearing a Beard of Sorrow, a dirty t-shirt and boxers (having given his other clothes away). An attempt at Playing Cyrano for Sweetheart only ending up making things worse. (That and the giant lobster attack)


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