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"The web is a diamond in the rough... When it shatters, chaos reigns..."
— The game's Tagline

Web at War is a Crossover game for the PC currently being developed by Rinsankajugin. The game includes characters and stages originating from comics, cartoons, games and memes on the internet. The game utilizes the M.U.G.E.N engine.

The plot revealed so far states that Diamond Channel and Unu Verzal used to be a part of an interdimensional crime fighting team, before the rest of their team died during a mission. Channel was knocked unconscious and mistaken for dead, while Verzal’s limp body was thrown into space. While Channel recovered at the team’s organization, Verzal landed on a foreign planet inhabited by a dangerous alien species, the Staroll, and experimented on. Thus, Channel has a new life suit and Verzal was transformed into Staroll himself. Long story short, Channel and Verzal are now rivals, and their latest fight near the Multiverse’s core caused the all of the worlds to merge.


The game currently has one teaser trailer here. Information on the game can be found here and here.

Features characters, bosses* and stages** from:

The game provides examples of:


Example of: