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A "TV show" created by DoomTay that premiered in 2047, starring a character named Taylor, who has a *little* too much of the author in him.

The story begins when resident orphan Taylor who is attracted to a floating portal. He walks in and realizes he's Trapped in Another World and initially has no idea why. Only that his issues with controlling his pyrokinesis puts others in danger. After bawling from accidentally blowing up a village, he is rescued by an Aeolad (air nymph) named Angelica rescues him, and explained that he has shown signs of being the next in line to take up the position of the Protector, the hero of this other world. He initially rejects the call, though after being forced to kill a Brainwashed fauna, he changes his mind. He learns about the titular MacGuffins and starts to look from them. The plot unfolds from there.


For a first series, it has become incredibly polarizing.

The series also is noted for the sheer number of tropes that are either Deconstructed or Played for Drama.

Not to be confused with any of the six movies or other TV series named The Protector. At all.


"I've always wondered what a female minotaur would look like. Part of me says it's like a male but more feminine, another part of me says it'll be cow-like as opposed to bull-like, and yet another part of me says I'm better off not knowing the answer."


Angelica: (Notices Taylor shuddering) Hmm? What's wrong?
Taylor: Eh, sorry. See, where I come from, there's something called cooties.
Angelica: Oh? How do you know it's not... something else?

Solu Adirolf

This series provides non character-specific examples of


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