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PROTOCOL is a (fictional) series of Urban Fantasy Role Playing Games that Creative Name 24 believes would be a collaborative effort between Hideo Kojima, Akira Toriyama and Hirohiko Araki. The series centers around an adolescent super-soldier named Leon Sierra and his various exploits and the friends and foes he meets, as well as the formation of the Whiskey-Delta Task Force (WDTF) to face against the legendary special-operations-unit-turned-terrorist-crime-network PROTOCOL.


The series was initially released Japan only for the MSX2 and the Famicom 2 years later. Toriyama wanted to appeal to an American audience, but Kojima felt that it would never catch on outside of Asia, especially since the first game was released a bit into the Super Famicom’s lifespan. Strangely, even though the first three games were only in Japan, they still had a complete English dialogue option.

However, the series got a new lease on life outside of Japan in 2004 with The PROTOCOL Saga. Released episodically in Japan with 5 parts in total, all 5 parts were released together in the U.S. and Europe for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and Nintendo GameCube. This quintology’s cutscenes use anime FMVs provided by Toei Animation. The series in general uses many tropes used by both Akira Toriyama as well as those of co-creators Hideo Kojima [. Although initial sales were slow in the U.S., word spread by mouth quickly, and reception and sales skyrocketed.


From Saga onwards, a fairly expansive voice cast was used, ranging from anime regulars like Sean Schemmel, Steve Blum, and Christopher Sabat, to veterans such as Jim Cummings and Mark Hamill, to celebrities such as Tim Curry and Nicole Kidman, among others.

Here is the list of games:

  • PROTOCOL (1989: MSX2) (1991: Famicom)
  • PROTOCOL II (1992) (Famicom)
  • PROTOCOL III (1992) (Super Famicom)
  • The PROTOCOL Saga (Japan: Release dates below, US/Europe: December 12, 2004) (PS2/Xbox/GameCube)
  • The PROTOCOL Anthology (Xbox 360/PS3) (Japan: Summer 2009) (USA/Europe: November 2009)
  • The PROTOCOL HD Collection (An HD Remastering of ‘Saga’ and ‘Anthology’, with a choice both remastered and original music and cleaned up FMVs by Toei Animation. Also marks the official US and European debuts of the original trilogy of games {For Wii U and PC only}.) (World: 2015) (Xbox One/PS4/Wii U/Steam, as well as a 2017 Nintendo Switch port)

    • Oh and there was also a failed PROTOCOL reboot made in 2007 by a different company with no involvement from Kojima, Toriyama, or anyone behind the original series.

In addition to the games, 2006-2007 anime series based on the Saga quintology with many differences and new arcs was released, spanning around seventy five 45-minute episodes, along with 2 sets of OVAs: a four-parter released in 2010 based on Origin, and a 2011 five-parter to serve as a finale (for Leon's story, at least).

Also, in 2005 a non-canon live-action PROTOCOL movie was released in Japan titled "レオンの PROTOCOL" (Leon of PROTOCOL). The film was a bright, campy action/comedy and it was extremely well-received despite taking extreme liberties with the source material. One of the most praised aspects of Leon of PROTOCOL was the authentic costumes and make-up, and it used both conventional effects and CGI along with kick-ass stunts, and Beat Takeshi as Mikado. The film was released in the US in 2006 with an English dub provided by the series' voice actors.

Tropes about the series as a whole


(Note: Voice actors are hypothetical)


    Leon Sierra 

Voiced by Jun Fukuyama (Japanese)
Voiced by Quinton Flynn (English)
First Appearance: PROTOCOL: (Famicom)

Protagonist of the series. An adolescent that grew up in Fort Kobe, Port-du-Soleil, and an Ex-PROTOCOL agent new to the WDTF. Armed with his trusty shotgun "Wendy", which is also capable of utilizing the powers of experimental elemental orbs, as well as a rod. His real name is David Connager.

    Roxanne Roland 

Voiced by Rica Matsumoto (Japanese)
Voiced by Debi Mae West (English)
First Appearance: PROTOCOL II: (Famicom)

Leon’s girlfriend and eventual wife. The daughter of renowned scientist Professor Roland, Roxanne admires her father, but decided against following in his footsteps. She uses a submachine gun capable of using the same elemental orbs as Leon. And yes, she was named after the song.

    Elisa Alma 

Voiced by Hoko Kuwashima (Japanese)
Voiced by Jen Taylor (English)
First Appearance: PROTOCOL II: (Famicom)

Leon's childhood friend, and a very street-smart young woman almost always seen in a blue dress. She makes her debut in Part I as one of Mikado, Queen, and Vincent's hostages, and once rescued, she proves to be a great ally to the WDTF.

    Francis De Volver 

Voiced by Keiji Fujiwara (Japanese)
Voiced by Earl Alexander (English)

First Appearance: The PROTOCOL Saga Part I

The WDTF's weapon and tactical expert at only 20. Operation Callister is his first field operation, and Francis considers it the perfect opportunity to test out his new weapon: An elemental gun similar to Leon's "Wendy" shotgun, except much more potent, and capable of using more elements.


Voiced by Banjo Ginga (Japanese)
Voiced by Robin Atkin Downes (English)
First Appearance: PROTOCOL III: (Super Famicom)

Specimen #6, dubbed “Kingston” by Professor Roland, is a creation of the Professor. He is a cat-like alien resurrected by the doctor after being dormant for several hundred years. Kingston was resurrected during the events of Part I, but doesn’t show up until Part II. Goliath attempts to have him taken and made into a living weapon, but he escapes and is saved from the swamp by Vincent. Soon, he encounters Leon and eventually joins the WDTF, reuniting with Roland. Eventually he starts a romance and has a kid with Roland's colleague Professor Tatyana Clark.

Villains (or characters that start as villains)


Voiced by Banjo Ginga (Japanese)
Voiced by Tim Curry (English)
First Appearance: PROTOCOL: (Famicom)

Leon’s initial adversary and the main antagonist of the two Famicom PROTOCOL games. Mikado is a green Reptiloid, and the initial founder of the titular PROTOCOL. He abandoned it after Goliath took charge and fucked shit up by razing part of southern Fort Kobe. Because of his involvement, Mikado is painted as an extremist terrorist, which he admits is fairly accurate and is killed by Leon and co. in Callister Fortress at the end of PROTOCOL II (or Part I), but he is revived as a cyborg ninja by Goliath in Part II/PROTOCOL III. After failing to kill Leon and capture Specimen #6 (Kingston), Goliath left him to be killed by Leon again, which he discovers when Leon's radio accidentally intercepts a message between him and Elena. Mikado gets reasonably pissed and decides to join Leon in taking him out. From then on, he becomes a permanent party member, developing a romance with Jacqueline Hunter.

    Vincent Lugosi and John Queen 

Vincent voiced by Takehito Koyasu (Japanese)
Vincent voiced by Phil La Marr (English)
Vincent First Appearance: PROTOCOL: (Famicom)
John voiced by Hiromi Tsuru (Japanese)
John voiced by Rochelle Aytes (English)
John First Appearance: PROTOCOL II: (Famicom)

A pair of assassins rescued and recruited by Mikado, Vincent Lugosi is a possibly supernatural man who has a fondness for knives, and he guards a spring known for healing any injury (which Goliath used to revive Mikado). John Queen, who goes by “Queen” for the sake of avoiding confusion, is a female wolf-person who met Vincent when they were both rescued by Mikado. She is armed with a gatling gun. They frequently try to finish off Leon and co. After Part I, they disbanded from Mikado and went their separate ways, reuniting in Part II.


Voiced by Norio Wakamoto (Japanese)
Voiced by Cam Clarke (English)
First Appearance: PROTOCOL II: (Famicom)

A blonde, muscular man, and the current leader of Neo PROTOCOL and founder of the base LOCOTROPOLIS. He joined PROTOCOL to essentially destroy it from the inside out. He claims to be a "freedom fighter", but he is simply an anarchist. He is also Leon's older brother.

    Elena de Winter 

Voiced by Maaya Sakamoto (Japanese)
Voiced by Jennifer Hale (English)
First Appearance: The PROTOCOL Saga Part I

A red-haired woman who is every bit as beautiful as she is deadly. She is Goliath’s lover and main henchwoman, though she appears to be serving under Mikado when she first appears in Part I. After Mikado is killed, Elena brings Goliath his body. Much earlier, during the razing of the city of Fort Kobe, Goliath caused most of the destruction, while Elena was the one responsible for most of the deaths, including Leon’s mother and sister, Roxanne’s mother, and Nikolai’s fiancée.


Voiced by Akio Ohtsuka (Japanese)
Voiced by Nathan Lane (English)
First Appearance: The PROTOCOL Saga Part IV

A blue skinned, human-like extraterrestrial warlord who lands on the planet. Goliath convinces Lobar to make him into a second-in-command along with Elena to accomplish his goals. When Lobar dies, Goliath deliberately lets his personality be taken over/merge with Lobar's, becoming "Lobar Goliath". "LG" is Goliath with Lobar as a split personality, blue tinged skin, more muscle mass, and much more power.


    Professor Stephen Roland 

Voiced by Kōichi Yamadera (Japanese)
Voiced by Christopher Randolph (English)
First appearance: The PROTOCOL Saga Part I

A dorky but extremely highly-regarded scientist. He is the creator of Kingston and is extremely protective of him, as well as his daughter Roxanne. When he becomes a party member, he uses a rifle.

  • Adorkable
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Very protective of Roxanne and Kingston. This is Played for Laughs early in Part I where he jokingly threatens Leon not to hurt Roxanne.
  • Expy: He's basically a (slightly) more badass version of Otacon, right down to the same English voice actor.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Decides to do this after he, Leon, Roxanne, Vincent, Queen, and Mikado carry Kingston to Vincent's healing lake. He becomes an actual party member from Part III onwards.

    Tatyana Clark 

Voiced by Kikuko Inoue (Japanese)
Voiced by Jennifer Hale (English)
First appearance: The PROTOCOL Saga Part II

Tatyana is Prof. Roland's colleague, and later the lover of Kingston, with whom she bears a child.

    Jacqueline Hunter 

Voiced by Hiromi Tsuru (Japanese)
Voiced by Lori Alan (English)
First appearance: PROTOCOL

Jacqueline Hunter is a retired ex-WDTF agent who trained Leon upon his entry into the WDTF, and later becomes the lover of Mikado when he joins the team, bearing a child with him.

Funny Moments


Part I

  • Mikado's grand entrance, and everyone's dumbfounded reactions.
    Roxanne: THAT'S the military genius Mikado?!
    Mikado: You'd better believe it!

Part II

  • After Leon, Roxanne, and Kingston save Mikado from Elena's kinky torture.
    spoiler:Mikado''': Have you ever considered a safeword?

  • Leon kissing Kingston on the lips to snap him out of his Heroic BSoD.

  • Leon's journal that he makes while imprisoned. He fills it full of sketches of the others with annotations.
    • Samples:
    LEON: That's me. Aren't I sexy?
    ROXANNE: I don't really have anything to complain about her, but I'll just draw a moustache right here
    GOLIATH: "Hi I'm Goliath and everyone is stupid and dumb and lame except for me and blah blah blah"
    ELENA: Bitch

Part III



  • In a more benign example, in the scene when Leon kisses Kingston, Robin Atkin Downes was unexpectedly kissed on the lips by Nicole Kidman in the recording booth to get a natural reaction.



Oh yeah and Leon and Mikado made it into Bizarro-World's version of Super Smash Bros..

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