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Julie Frances Christie (born 14 April 1940 in Chabua, India) is a British actress.

She was actually born in India, where her father was in charge of a tea plantation. After spending the latter part of The '50s and the first part of The '60s bouncing between the London stage, television, and smaller films, she had her breakthrough role in Billy Liar in 1963. Two years later, she became a major star on the strength of two films: Darling, for which she won an Academy Award for Best Actress, and Doctor Zhivago.

Appearing in a number of classic films, Christie established a reputation as an actress who didn't shy away from challenging parts, but was also quite picky in choosing projects. She turned down at least four roles that wound up earning Best Actress nominations for the person who ultimately got the part. She also became a major fashion icon who came to embody the Swinging London scene of The '60s. She was also notable for being in a Relationship Revolving Door with Warren Beatty, who was her co-star in three films.

After a decade based in Hollywood, she moved back to Britain in 1977, and moved away from big time film projects to concentrate on smaller films, a career path that led to much critical acclaim and many awards (including two more Oscar nominations: Afterglow in 1997 and Away from Her in 2006).

Her appearances in supporting roles in several high-profile films at the start of the 2000s introduced her to younger film audiences.

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