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Ultimate Thor's last stand.

Thors is a 2015 limited series by Jason Aaron and Chris Sprouse, set during the Secret Wars. In this realm, Thor is not a single hero, there is a whole army of Thors that work as Dr. Dooms police.

The lead character is Ultimate Thor (from The Ultimates), who has an open case: all the Jane Fosters of the many realms are being killed. His partner Beta Ray Thor (Beta Ray Bill) is killed during the investigation. Eventually, the killer is found and captured. Just in time for the 616 Jane Foster to show up, and convince the Thors to raise against Doom at the crossover finale.



  • Cleavage Window: Stormborn (Storm) has her boobs clearly visible.
  • Et Tu, Brute?: The killer of the Jane Fosters, Donald Blakes and Beta Ray Thor was Rune Thor. He tried to kill Ultimate Thor as well.
  • Hulk Speak: As you may have guessed, Groot Thor only says "I Am Thor".
  • Naïve Newcomer: Green Thor. "Green" is for novice, not for the color.
  • Not Me This Time: When Beta Ray Thor was killed, the Thors attacked all the usual suspects, and detained several of them. Hulks, Ultrons, zombies, Ghost Riders, etc. The actual killer was not among them.
  • Planet of Steves: Everybody is Thor, so they all use variations of the name. Ultimate Thor, Beta Ray Thor, Rune Thor, Unworthy Thor, Green Thor, etc.
  • Red Herring: Beta Ray Thor asks a man in shadows for info about the case. Next time we see him, he has been brutally killed. The man in the shadows is Loki. But no, he had nothing to do with the crime.
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  • Series Continuity Error: When Ultimate Thor hears the name "Donald Blake", he is troubled by it, for reasons he can not understand. The idea is that Donald Blake used to be Thor's secret identity... in the main Marvel universe. Not in the Ultimate Marvel universe, where this identity was taken by Balder.

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