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Characters / Starlit Heroics Tale Of A Sun And Moon Heroes

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This names off the good guys in the Tale of a Sun and Moon stories.

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     Main heroes 

Allen Zetmia / Devil Eater Apollo

A rank-and-file attendant that works for the infamous Sun Arms weapon manufacturing company. He's responsible for inspecting and testing the weapons for quality control, and is a complete jackass with a good heart.

Armasol IV / Devil Eater Helios

The prototype laser blade that Allen inadvertantly steals from his company - once activated, it is revealed that it has a will of its own.

Nina Leitzal / Moon Shepherd Eos

Beatrice Rezamorts

Ralus Delarchia

Junelise Vuitton


Sidera Arlucio

Claus Laurent

Augustus Octavia

Okami Mirahime

Alice Leitzal

Ramuza Lebanic


     Rezamorts Nobility 

Victoria Rezamorts

The matriarch of the Rezamorts nobles, and Beatrice's aunt.

  • Acrofatic: Thanks to her powers, she can move her body at incredible speeds to make up for her larger figure.
  • Big Beautiful Woman: Is certainly very husky, weighing in at 230+ pounds - yet is still considered attractive.
  • Black Mage: Even more powerful than Beatrice in regard, due to her wider variety of skills and experience.

Anita Rezamorts

Camille Octavia

Stelon Armamol


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