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A rag-tag survivor group formed during the East Coast epidemic led by Lirus, Nocta and Yumi after they escape the Island of Shadows. They fend off the forces of Nachzehrer that approach them while at the same time try to learn what's causing the infestation and attempt to stop it before it gets any more out of control.

They eventually grow into a legit monster-hunting group and become the main driving heroic entities for the Nachzehrer arc of Starlit Heroics along with the other heroes.


Tropes related to the Crimson Crusaders:

  • Anti-Hero: Relatively speaking, while they are unquestionably not bad people, they have to adopt a pragmatic mindset in order to deal most of the situations they come across. Especially when it concerns people who are ambiguously evil in the Nachzehrer empire...
  • Badass Crew: Effectively so. A prerequisite made by Umbra is that to be a permanent member of the Crusaders, you have to be capable of fending for yourself - hence why even the younger members such as the three Hemidial siblings and Nocta are included.
  • Band of Brothers and Sisters
  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer: The Crusaders are made up many unique and colorful individuals, but are still referred to as incredibly dangerous and powerful even by their peers.
  • Bystander Syndrome: Averted — The Nachzehrer threat could easily be handled by someone else (in fact, there's an organization who's already made it their deal and four of them are part of this group), but the Crusaders officially make it their mission to go around and hunt down every Nachzehrer they come across but more importantly save infected towns and villages from their grasp.
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  • Color Motif: Red, of course. Ironically though, there's only a few people in the entire team who have red in their color scheme (Lirus, Verona and Yumi for starters) while a lot more people have blue (Mereno, Vilutia, Saphirade, Julian, Thalassa, etc.)
  • Empowered Badass Normal: Most of the members are people infused with a unique ability or item that grants them their power.
  • Experienced Protagonist: Relatively speaking, many of them are already very powerful and relatively well known... But eventually they get so well known for their efforts that the Neumond Reich empire is creating propaganda against them.
  • Fire-Forged Friends: At first, they didn't really get along with each other that much (specifically Thalassa and Titania, whoo-hoo!) but by the end, they kick ass and they do it together.
  • Good Is Not Soft: Due to the complexity of the situation, they can't afford to be so.
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  • La Résistance: Not at first, but they become this once they realize the true source of the zombies - the Neumond Reich empire.
  • Rag Tag Bunch Of Misfits - They were not cordially invited, and in fact most of them were recruited out of the blue.
  • Seven Heavenly Virtues: To counteract the Sacrilege Union's Seven Deadly Sins motif:
    • Patience - Lirus and Verona (Iduun is Wrath)
    • Chastity - Luciano (Shockingly enough. His devotion to Thalassa makes it so, though. Crucio is Lust.)
    • Temperance - Laitona and her three kids (Nevinna Ruzia is Gluttony)
    • Charity - Verona and Sayura (Cupidite is Greed)
    • Diligence - Julian and Nocta (Dormiende is Sloth)
    • Kindness - Thalassa and Yumi (Carminella is Envy)
    • Humility - Salutenia, Titania and Roland (Reversa is Pride)
  • They Who Fight Monsters: A mild example - they'll strike down any Nachzehrer that comes their way, but this quickly gets questioned and even then they'd still have to do it even if it is questionable.
  • The Immune: So far, only the Abyss Knights (due to them being unable to get infected because of their Valiant Crystals) can get off scot-free. Which means everyone else is a sitting duck if they get infected. However, they plan to remedy this by giving everyone something called the Soul Taffy, an Abyss Knight-made product that prevents regular people from being infected by Ranthedis. (And thank god, it has no serious negative side effects unless you consume it more than once. Plus, it's virtually useless against the NA+ version of the black blood, which is usually reserved for super powerful Nachzehrer - hence why Umbra creates stronger variants from the blood stolen from some of the enemy commanders.

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     Lirus Zetmia / Lirus Tuleriit 

"This isn't just about survival anymore... It's a goddamn war!"

Story Debut: Island of Shadows (#1— Part of the Nachzehrer arc)
Element: Light / Flame
Species: Human ( Zealite demon reincarnate)

A 24-year old soldier in service of the Libratan Royal Family and wielder of the legendary moon blade Crescent Excalibur— a sword capable of slaying demons without difficulty and a sacred weapon that chooses its wielder. He was returning home one day from a mission with the rest of his troop only to have the plane crash land in the middle of a place called the Island of Shadows. While there, he meets Nocta the schoolgirl and Yumi, one of his former associates. After surviving the island's inhabitants and traps, the trio high-tail their way out of the island thanks to a speedboat.

Upon doing so, they come back home only to be met with the Zombie Apocalypse that awaits them. Outnumbered and overwhelmed, the trio get saved by two mysterious boys and eventually meet with the Abyss Knight priestess Laitona to deal with the outbreak.

In reality, Lirus's one of the former big-name Zealites of the Deathmoon Family alongside his sister Linoura and Umbra, only reincarnated into a mortal body. Linoura prepares him for the battle ahead and tells Lirus that he is her Zealite brother. And you know what? She was right. Lirus eventually transforms back into his Zealite form when he comes into contact with Nachzehrer blood.

  • All-Loving Hero: Is respectful of all forms of life, even that of the Nachzehrer.
  • Badass Normal: Without his sword, he's no better than Roland. However, when his true calling as a Zealite reveals itself, he not only regains his strength as time passes but eventually becomes as strong as his sister Linoura, if not more thanks to Crescent Excalibur.
  • Badass in a Nice Suit: As a Zealite, to match his sister's gothic lolita theme.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Is by far one of the most empathic heroes in the story as he oftenly tries his hand at being a peacekeeper even as things are going tough, but let's not forget that he is capable of creating infernos with the snap of a finger.
  • Bishounen
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Despite him turning back into his demon form, he uses it for good.
  • Empowered Badass Normal: As a Zealite.
  • Expy: He (and the setting for Island of Shadows) were based off of a DOS game called Isle of the Dead, with Lirus being based off of the main character of the game. However, he has been changed significantly and it really makes him better for it.
  • The Fettered: No matter the situation, Lirus keeps his morality and outlook - in a Zombie Apocalypse, this is one of the most valuable attributes to have when leading a group.
  • The Hero: Strong fire, light and dark powers? Leader of a band that's bent on saving the world, etc.
  • Humanoid Abomination: Although he is easily one of the least monstrous Zealites ever when it comes to personality.
  • The Immune: Thanks to his Zealite blood, he can't be turned into a Nachzehrer. It does restore his former Zealite body and powers, however.
  • Irony: The fact that a holy-demon slaying sword chose a demon as its rightful wielder.
  • Noble Demon: Given what his real form is like...

     Nocta Ventelle / Anjorus 

Story Debut: Island of Shadows (#1— Part of the Nachzehrer arc)
Element: Dark / Cloud
Species: Human ( Antitheus demon reincarnate)

A 17 year-old schoolgirl who serves as a witch-in-training, and the middle sister of the three Ventelle siblings. Lirus discovered her as a skeleton only to return back to normal once her Immorta Stone started working again on the Island of Shadows and the two of them have been stuck with each other since. It was revealed that Nocta was actually sent to look for the Deathmoon Mansion by the House of Trescale but wound up searching the Island and the rest was history. She is renowned as being an expert shadow manipulator, being able to pull off moves by simply nudging and her Immorta Stone allows her to come back to life upon death. (Although, if it's ripped out or if the magic flow is disrupted, then Nocta dies instantly, so...)

She is actually a powerful demon reincarnated in the form of a mortal girl - with said demon being Anjorus, the eldest of the four night demons that plagued the three realms of existence (Heaven, Hell and the Mortal Realm) a long time ago, with the others being reincarnated into Laitona's three adopted rabbit children. Anjorus was a master of the dark element and still lives on in the deepest chambers of Nocta's mind, constantly beckoning her into giving into her negative emotions.

Tropes that apply to Anjorus:

Story Debut: Unknown so far
Element: Dark / Flame
Species: Infern demon

The eldest brother of the Night Demon quartet, and its leader. His consciousness was reincarnated as part of Nocta, and is easily the most dangerous one yet as he belittles her and uses her as nothing more than a tool.

  • Dark and Troubled Past: Long story short, he and his siblings were sick of the miserable living conditions in Hell and tried as hard as they could to unravel the place to get a better life. They failed, of course, and were reincarnated several centuries later. Anjorus actually wanted to take over Hell, but fell the furthest as while he reincarnated, he was actually isolated from the rest of his siblings as punishment.
  • Dark Is Evil / Knight of Cerebus: Is notably more malicious and power-hungry than his siblings, and lacks any light-hearted qualities. Most of the conflict with him is trying to stop him from consuming Nocta, body and soul.
  • Hope Crusher: He will try and stomp on Nocta's hope at any given time and will kick her when she's down.
  • Red Baron: Is known as the Eventide Slayer.

     Yumi Trescale / Gemini 

Story Debut: Black Blood Crusades (Chapter #2 - A Friend In Need)
Element: Luna
Species: Ursammel humanoid bear person ( Somalite (angelic sentry) reincarnate)

A 25 year-old bear humanoid noblewoman from the House of Trescale. She was captured by Linoura and her cronies and placed in the Island of Shadows for several months, with Lirus and Nocta being the ones to get her out. Since then, the trio's fought their way through all sorts of dangers on the way to getting home, even the massive Zombie Apocalypse that awaits them.

Her parents, Illumine and Nemuru Trescale, are part of the Libratan Royal Militia and as a result, she was raised all of her life to be both a fighter and a lady. Since her parents are part of the same army Lirus works for, she's met him on occasion, leaving them to try out a relationship together. She wields the Sacred Weapons Twilight Magnum and a red laser sword called Meian.

She'a also the reincarnation of a powerful twin Somalite known by the name of Gemini, which explains why she has two weapons instead of just one.

     Roland Tamashel 

Story Debut: Black Blood Crusades
Element: Null
Species: Human

A 27-year old knight loyal to the Libratan Royal Family and one of Lirus's friends. He and Salutenia have been stuck in the madness of the outbreak for several days, but thanks to careful planning, they've been able to get along just fine. Eventually, they meet up with the trio along with Laitona and they combine their forces.

  • Badass Normal: Compared to everyone else, Roland has no real special talents and is pretty much just a regular human by himself. (As opposed to Lirus being a Zealite demon, at least four people reincarnated from the infamous demon quartet that tried to take over Hell, Yumi being the reincarnation of the Phastista Gemini, Laitona's supreme skill in both hunting and researching Nachs, and so on.) However, with Lantheon and Zenthia, he manages to kick ass with the best of them.
  • Bishounen
  • Canon Discontinuity: Roland pokes fun at a previous adventure written by the author that he appeared in:
    Lirus: So, what exactly have you guys been doing this whole time?
    Roland: Well, you see, there were actually eleven of us. Or I think so. I don't know— Salutenia said it was a dream. She was in it and so were a bunch of other people, including a family of three, this weird nobleman, a huge zombie man covered in bandages, one of the Archbishops from the church and his Lemures rabbit lady assistant. We were trying to get away from the city of Vespera from the same thing we're trying to fight now, except it was easier and a lot trippier. We were about to fight a gang of bikers in the middle of the mall there along with a giant monster in the sky... and then I woke up.
    Lirus: ... Are you sure someone didn't slip anything into your drink? I mean, the place has become more of a hellhole than usual.''
  • Friend to All Living Things: Is a skilled Beastmaster with two partners for life (Lantheon and Zenthia).
  • Lovable Coward


Story Debut: Black Blood Crusades
Element: Light / Luna
Species: Nivelotte (bunny creatures born from the Sacratus moon)


Element: Dark / Luna
Species: Sacrella (fox creatures born from the Eclipsis moon)

     Verona Astelian 

Story Debut: Yet to be introduced'
Element: Light / Flame
Species: Human

An 18 year-old girl that goes to Nocta's school with her. While her friend plans on being a witch, Verona plans on being a monster hunter and also becoming one of her father's cardinals as she grows up, as he is this world's version of the pope, the Phastimus (Clerical celibacy is not a thing on Divixus). With that in mind, Verona constantly strives to improve her skills and gain wisdom from the others around her, with Laitona and Salutenia being her personal guides.

Upon the Nachzehrer invasion of the eight kingdoms, Verona was told to stay inside of the Nexus Basilica and not to leave, for obvious reasons. For the most part, she complied, but couldn't stand worrying about her friends, so she snuck out with a vassal. Much to the worriment of the church and her father, they realize she's gone and go looking for her.

     Salutenia Lenard / Eclipse Cross 

Story Debut: Yet to actually be revealed
Element: Dark
Species: Human ( Actually a Somalite)

A 29 year-old woman and a member of a section of the Libratan Royal Militia dedicated to protecting the church. Salutenia is a skilled swordswoman and has a friendly rivalry with Laitona, one of the head priestesses of the Lunardream Church. She and Roland go way back ever since she once saved his life, eventually leading for the two of them to become partners.

In reality, she is a Somalite by the name of Eclipse Cross who was reborn as a mere baby milleniums after she fell in battle against the legions of Hell and given to mortal parents to help raise her back into her former state.

     Laitona Hemidial / Empyreus Hemidial 

Story Debut: Black Blood Crusades (Chapter #5 - Apprehension)
Element: Light / Flame
Species: Human

A 32-year old woman who serves as one of the head priestesses for the United Lunardream Church, along with being one of the Abyss Knights elite. After the trio was teleported to the Solar Manse by Vilutia and Mereno, she offers them a place to stay and even explains to them what's going on.

As a result of her mother's abuse from when she was little, she developed multiple personality disorder from the trauma she had, which takes on the form of Empyreus. Should Laitona ever hit any sort of Despair Event Horizon, Empyreus will take control and the two of them will become one of the most dangerous Nachzehrer in the world.

  • Abusive Mom: Not Laitona specifically, since she adores her kids, but her own mother Telesa. Who also doubles as one of the antagonists.
  • Action Girl
  • Assist Characters: She has two metal snakes coming out of her back called Matthew and Gabriel in her Abyss Knight clothes, which are her imaginary friends from childhood given flesh and form.
  • Badass Adorable
  • Big Fancy House: The Solar Manse is pretty much as cozy as it can be, and she has it all to herself and her three kids.
  • Big Sister Mentor: To the trio until everyone else shows up.
  • Beam Spam: Said Bullet Hell attack— she summons several spears of light magic to appear and hit her enemies.
  • Bottomless Magazines: It makes sense, though, since Ivaldi is a magical gun.
  • Broken Bird: Considering her awesome dad was killed in a motorcycle crash and her mother was a terrible, terrible parent - it doesn't help that the stress of the zombie invasion and having to keep her children safe wears on her mind.
  • Bullet Hell: One of her attacks. And it would be wise to get out of the way.
  • Buxom Is Better: Has the largest bust out of most of the female characters.
  • Cool Big Sis
  • Cool Sword: The Sun Blade Tyrfing.
  • Color Motif: White, gold and black.
  • Childhood Friend: With Thalassa.
  • Clock Punk: Laitona has an affection towards it. She even has a clock on her Abyss Knight dress that reads the current time and everything. And then there's her second form...
  • Death Is Cheap: Her Valiant Crystal is pretty much able to undo any injury done to her, fatal or otherwise. That is, unless someone breaks it, and only then it would be the end for her.
  • Expy: Mami Tomoe, you've really grown up! Not only that, it doesn't help that Umbra is essentially Kyubey, but less misanthropic.
  • Frickin' Laser Beams / Hand Cannon: Her gun, the Holy Sniper Ivaldi is a very special weapon indeed. Other than shooting out solidified magic at her enemies, she can change its shape into whatever type of gun she wants.
  • Hard-Drinking Party Girl: When she gets to cut loose in her free time.
  • Heroic BSoD
  • Holy Hand Grenade / Playing with Fire
  • Lady of War: In battle, she and Salutenia are this.
  • Lightning Bruiser
  • Light Is Good
  • Master Swordswoman / The Gunslinger: She's been trained in swordplay and gunsmanship ever since she joined the Abyss Knights, which was when she was a young girl.
  • Magitek: The Holy Sniper Ivaldi. It's also one of the more curious pieces of technology in the series as it can change its shape to whatever gun Laitona desires.
  • Mega Twintails: Pretty much. It's also a throw back to you know who.
  • Meaningful Name: Her name is based off of Latona, which was the Roman equivalent for Leto, a mother goddess. Her last name, Hemidial, refers to Heimdall, who was known for having gold and keen insight among various other things.
    • Hell, even Empyreus has a significant meaning— Empyrean is the highest heaven in The Divine Comedy, which is a reference to Laitona being a priestess and her affilation with the element of Flame.
  • Morality Chain: She loves her kids, Umbra and Thalassa and the rest with all of her heart and values their presence in the harder times of the Black Blood Crusades.
  • Ms. Fanservice
  • Named Weapons: Ivaldi and Tyrfing were not named by Laitona herself, as Umbra found them for her.
  • Nice Hat: Which has her Valiant Crystal inside. So, essentially, her hat is the most important part of her body.
  • Nigh-Invulnerability: Abyss Knights, as a whole, are capable of reforming their bodies from disastrous events as long as the Valiant Crystal that encompasses their souls are fine. Laitona is no exception.
  • Split Personality: Of the Jekyll & Hyde variety, which was brought upon her by her mother's abuse. However, unlike most examples, Laitona's other half is more or less a Jerkass than anything actually dangerous.
  • Oh, Crap!: Upon getting decapitated by Nevinna, she basically tells everyone else to run before getting eaten whole. Good thing that she tossed her hat to them before she got eaten and wind up getting away safely, but damn if that's not terrifying to have the skilled Abyss Knight tell you to run for your life...
  • Off with Her Head!: She gets decapitated by Nevinna (who was based on Charlotte) much like her inspiration— although it doesn't kill her since Abyss Knights are naturally built tougher than Puella Magi. It does tip off to everyone else that their enemy isn't messing around, though.
  • Ojou Ringlets
  • Portmanteau: Her name is a combination between Latona and Heimdall, only spelled differently to better fit Laitona's character.
  • Pimped-Out Dress: She gets a fancy one after she releases her powers into her second form, complete with a fan.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Is the more compulsive and emotional compared to Salutenia's cooler and composed nature.
  • Shout-Out: Many. Other than the obvious, there's also her weapons, the Sun Blade Tyrfing and Holy Sniper Ivaldi, which are both based off of Norse Mythology.
    • Ivaldi in particular is a heavy reference to the Gun Del Sol from Boktai, although it's significantly different as its not powered by sunlight but by Laitona herself.
  • Statuesque Stunner: Laitona is by far the tallest of all the Crusaders (6 feet tall - with the exclusion
  • Team Mom: She already has three kids to take care of— why not add everyone else onto the list?
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: Laitona gives one to her mother after basically telling her off and admitting that she's been a greater mother than she ever was.
  • The World's Expert on Getting Killed: Zigzagged— Laitona, due to her regenetive powers and incredible skill, can survive practically anything as long as the crystal on her hat is fine, but constantly gets hit with something that would normally be fatal to everyone else but Saphirade, Zealite-turned Lirus, Nocta and Thalassa.
  • Weaksauce Weakness: Invulnerable to any sort of attack, physical or magical, due to her ridiculous healing factor. However, break the crystal she has inside her hat, and she falls like a brick. There's also the incredible waiting period she has to undergo to heal more grievous injuries, making her vulnerable to further attack.

     Vilutia Hemidial / Dusk Reaver Sathala 

Story Debut: Apprehension (Chapter #5)
Element: Light / Frost
Species: Eurediem rabbit humanoid

One of Laitona's adopted children, and a skilled mageknight scout for the military despite being only fourteen years old.

Tropes that apply to Sathala:

Story Debut: Unknown so far
Element: Luna / Frost
Species: Infern demon

The youngest of the Night Demon quartet of siblings who was reincarnated as part of Vilutia. Her consciousness exists seperate of his, and provides help to Vilutia in his more bleak moments.

     Mereno Hemidial / Midnight Weaver Rezmalel 

Story Debut: Apprehension (Chapter #5)
Element: Luna / Dark
Species: Eurediem

The oldest of Laitona's adopted children, standing at fifteen years old, and a skilled mageknight just like his younger brother.

  • Almighty Janitor: His job as a scout is to merely survey enemy areas, but has been extensively trained in and out by Salutenia and other officials to deal with sticky situaions.
  • The Ace: Is very skilled and capable in terms of combat.
  • The Archer: Thanks to his scimitar being able to double as a bow (due to his dark magic), he can fire bolts of darkness like arrows.
  • Archenemy: Celia is this to him due to all the abuse she gives him. Doesn't help that it's a Pick on Someone Your Own Size deal as Mereno is 15 and Celia is almost 21 and a head taller than him.
  • The Comically Serious: He tries to be serious.
  • Charles Atlas Superpower: Due to intense military training (and his own brand of strange-but-efficient powers), he's strong enough to knock people away a few yards.
  • Child Soldier: A mageknight of all things (even if he is just a scout). The military made a special exception for him and his brother once military officials convinced their mother that her two sons are more than capable of handling the responsibility of joining the military. That, and they can hit as hard as a truck.
  • Color Motif: Black, blue and purple.
  • Dating Catwoman: His relationship with Nevinna Ruzia starts out like this due to the... unique circumstances between them (mostly due to the fact that Nevinna is the princess of the enemy nation.)
  • Emo Teen: Has shades of this that become more noticable the more the story progresses.
  • Hurting Hero: Grows into this the more the war with the Nachzehrer progresses.

Tropes that apply to Rezmalel:

Story Debut: Unknown so far
Element: Dark / Cloud
Species: Infern demon

The second oldest of the Night Demon quartet, who was reincarnated as part of Mereno. His consciousness exists seperate of Mereno's and serves as his mentor even in his darkest moments.

     Mimi Hemidial / Dawn Eater Luzmiel 

Story Debut: Apprehension (Chapter #5)
Element: Light / Frost
Species: Eurediem rabbit humanoid

The youngest of the three rabbit siblings (although technically, she's the same age as Vilutia) and a simple gardener / healer as opposed to both of her brothers, who are combat-ready mageknights. She oftenly accompanies them to make sure that they don't get hurt and is constantly spoiled by Laitona and Salutenia.

Tropes that apply to Luzmiel:

Story Debut: Apprehension (Chapter #5)
Element: Light / Earth
Species: False Angel demon

The third oldest of the Night demon quartet who was reincarnated as part of Mimi. Her consciousness exists seperate of Mimi's, but Luzmiel generally prefers to use Mimi as a filter for her own emotions and thinks nothing much of her.

     Julian Ezemio 

Story Debut: Yet to be revealed
Element: Frost / Earth
Species: Human

A 27-year old knight loyal to the Libratan Royal Family, and the main musical composer for the Vesperan Philharmonic Orchestra. He's Lirus and Roland's best friend, and is the oldest and most mellow of the military trio. He loves playing the cello and is incredibly skilled with a sniper rifle and axe. The Crusaders come across him in the fort he's amassed in the church at that area, which was close to being overrun by the Nachzehrer.

     Saphirade / Luciano Vuitton 

Story Debut: Yet to actually be revealed
Element: Frost / Cloud
Species: Human

One of the Abyss Knights, and a man who moonlights vigilante work. He's a bit loose off his collar, but he's an overall nice guy.

     Thalassa Ultimes / Shimizu 

Story Debut: Yet to actually be revealed
Element: Light / Frost
Species: Nachzehrer

A member of the Abyss Knights, and a shy (and jerkish to everyone she doesn't know) aristocrat girl. Since she and Laitona are best friends, she decided to help her and everyone else out. She wields a parasol that can turn into a double-edged scythe and is one of the better allies of the Crusaders.

In reality, she's a Nachzehrer just like the many others they encounter on the way and is also the daughter of Umbra, the leader of the Abyss Knights and the man who began the entire Nachzehrer race to begin with. Thalassa, however, was purposefully raised so she wouldn't wind up evil like her siblings.

     Daniel Telgard 

Story Debut: Yet to be revealed
Element: Dark
Species: Human

The prince of the kingdom of Librata and one of its valiant warriors.

  • Absurdly Sharp Blade: Oblivsugan never dulls or snaps in half. Plus, it was designed to pierce even the skin of powerful demons, which is usually harder than steel depending on their abilities.
  • Animal Motifs: Wolf.
  • Author Avatar: He was based off of the creator in appearance and first name but is overall different.
  • Badass in a Nice Suit: Well, he is royalty.
  • Break the Cutie: While normally a very stable character mentally... everything that happens to him definitely takes its toll on him.
  • Bishounen
  • Flight: He's practiced the ability to fly in Ventureni.

     Diana Zilemont 

Story Debut: Yet to be revealed
Element: Dark / Luna
Species: Human

     Sayura Renshault 

Story Debut: Yet to be revealed
Element: Light / Cloud
Species: Eurediem rabbit humanoid

The chancellor of the Libratan Royal Family and overseer of foreign affairs regarding Librata. She is a 30 year-old rabbit woman (much like the three siblings above)

     Maria Rodriguez 

Story Debut: Yet to be introduced'
Element: Frost / Luna
Species: Human

Ignacio's wife and a woman who stumbled to Divixus from a wormhole several years back. Problem is, she landed in the middle of a skirmish between The Scarlet Blades and a group of monsters. In the confusion, Ignacio saves Maria in the nick of time. She and Ignacio are Abyss Knights that work in tandem.

     Titania Ardevone 

Story Debut: Yet to be revealed
Element: Earth / Luna
Species: Fairy

The Axe-Princess of the Earth kingdom Terrantia, and a girl who wants to kill every Nachzehrer she sees for what they've done to her kingdom - she would have been a quiet person otherwise.

     Umbra Ultimes 

Story Debut: Yet to be revealed
Element: Luna / Dark
Species: Nachzehrer
Starting Level: Depends on Modus Tier but is at best Lv. 3000

The founder of the centuries-old Abyss Knights, main provider for the heroes and an ageless demon who's existed for as long as anybody can remember. Originally created as part of a duo of powerful monsters for both families that rule over Heaven and Hell, he went mad with jealousy towards his younger brother Lucerna when he felt he wasn't as appreciated - when he attacked Lucerna, Umbra was sealed away by the head god of the Deathmoon Family as punishment.

Several years later, he was knocked out of stasis by a fellow Zealite, Linoura. Umbra's body was destroyed, so he commited the ultimate Grand Theft Me with his brother - unintentionally creating the Nachzehrer because their massive powers clashed. He's roamed the planet of Divixus ever since and has always been working to help people to atone for what he's done, having gained worldly experience.

     Candelabra Tuleriit 

See Starlit Heroics Deathmoon Family for more information.

     Linoura Tuleriit 

See Starlit Heroics Deathmoon Family for more information.

     Tale of a Sun and Moon Cast 

Allen Zetmia

See Starlit Heroics Tale Of A Sun And Moon Heroes for more information.

Nina Leitzal

See Starlit Heroics Tale Of A Sun And Moon Heroes for more information.

Beatrice Rezamorts

See Starlit Heroics Tale Of A Sun And Moon Heroes for more information.

Junelise Vuitton

See Starlit Heroics Tale Of A Sun And Moon Heroes for more information.

Augustus Octavia

See Starlit Heroics Tale Of A Sun And Moon Heroes for more information.


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