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Characters / Starlit Heroics Tale Of A Sun And Moon Villains

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This names off the villains in the Tale of a Sun and Moon stories.

Tropes in general

  • Motif: The enemies encountered in Tale of a Sun and Moon are primarily Apocalytes, which are condemned souls sent to Hell or created by the god of death himself, Thanatus.

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     Verus Amor - Main entities 

Artelus Fallacia

  • Big Bad: Technically speaking, as he's the head of the company.
  • Blue and Orange Morality: Genuinely believes that what he is doing (kidnapping people, brainwashing them and then selling them off as sex slaves) is a good thing.

Bellamine Fallacia

Selene Fallacia

Amedia Falacia

     Letalis Arma 

A group of eight powerful entities who are aligned with Verus Amor thanks to an agreement formed by their master Orcus.

  • Grim Reaper: All of them excluding Orcus.
  • Meaningful Name: All of them, specifically the group name itself. Letalis Arma is Latin for Deadly Weapons, which is appropriate considering they're all messengers of death.
  • Motif: They all represent an aspect of mortality and run the standard of representing the Eight Elements in the story.
  • The Masquerade: The eight beside Orcus work as every-day normal people on Divixus, making people oblivious to the fact that they are Reapers.


The gatekeeper to Hell.

  • Eldritch Abomination: Noticably more chaotic in appearance and demeanor than the other demons encountered.
  • Expy: Based off of Spiritomb from Pokemon.


A blind gravekeeper who uses darkness as his greatest tool.


A kindly woman who works as a nurse at the Day's End Hospital.


The C.E.O of Sun Arms, the infamous weapon manufacturing company that Allen works for.

Melodis / Byron


  • Meaningful Name: Chloris in Greek mythology was a nymph associated with spring, flowers and new growth.


  • Meaningful Name: Eurus in Greek mythology was one of the Anemoi (a greek god associated with a cardinal direction of wind), who represented the unlucky east wind.
  • Pun: Eurus in Greek mythology represented the unlucky east wind - Amaterasu (goddess of the sun, arts & magic) in Starlit Heroics actually helped Thanatus with the creation of Eurus and influenced his design.


  • Meaningful Name: Vesta in Roman mythology was the goddess of the hearth who possessed a sacred flame. Minerva (goddess of wisdom, healing & fire alongside Prometheus) helped Thanatus create Vesta and later on made Orcus.


     Verus Amor-aligned / Miscellaneous 

Samael Eldamis

     Delarchia Mafia 

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