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This names off characters in the Black Blood Crusades series of stories.

     Cavalry Saviors 

People other than the Crimson Crusaders who've braved their way through the Nachzehrer pandemic. They are usually doubly badass, since they lack the assistance of the Abyss Knights.

  • Badass Normal: Unlike the Crimson Crusaders, who have the privilege of being assisted by members of an organization who revolve around hunting Nachzehrer, these guys get around on their own terms.
  • Badass Crew
  • Meaningful Name: They're called the Cavalry Saviors for a very good reason.
  • The Immune: There was enough Soul Taffy for all of them, so they're safe from becoming Nachzehrer.

Ignacio Rodriguez

Story Debut: Yet to be introduced'

The military trio's commander, and a loyal member of the Libratan Royal Militia. Even in the disarray left behind by the Nachzehrer, he and his wife still search for their two lost children.

Faye Lawson

Story Debut: Yet to be introduced'

Julian's wife, and his faithful musical assistant. She specializies in pianos (and organs) as opposed to her husband's cello, and is a prominent assassin, having been taught to use the power of darkness to her advantage.

Lunatis Ventelle

Story Debut: Yet to be introduced'

The third and oldest of the Ventelle siblings, standing at 22 years old. She is a human that can turn into a weapon due to an accident when dealing with Weapon Synthesis— as it turns out, Lunatis had bonded with not only a scythe but also a shotgun and a shield - the overload caused her to gain the ability to turn into all of these three weapons at once. She's also extremely lucky for that to happen, as the negative side effects would have been either death or turning into a horribly disfigured monster.

She's also the most sensible and serious of the three siblings, but as to be expected, is not like that all the time. When she's not fighting or helping out her two sisters, she's a painter and an art critic.

Illumine Trescale

Story Debut: Yet to be introduced'

Yumenshi's father, and a nobleman of the House of Trescale.

Nemuru Trescale

Story Debut: Yet to be introduced'

Yumenshi's mother, and a noblewoman for the House of Trescale.

Phil Roastell Millione

Story Debut: Yet to be introduced'

A biker and a notorious thief who wound up helping the Cavalry Saviors. He's obviously in it to get the money and the fame, but also for the protection, since his former gang weren't up to the task. Over time though, he becomes less and less jerkass-ish the more he grows to the rest, especially since it was because of everyone else that he's still not one of the living dead.

  • Anti-Hero: Type II, for the most part.
  • Defrosting Ice King
  • Expy: Is based off of internet video game reviewer / player Phil Burnell, aka. the King of Hate. He's also got some Francis thrown in there.

Cherry Tamashel

Story Debut: Yet to be introduced'

Roland's paraplegic younger sister, and a feisty 17-year old.


A ghostly entity that clings around Cherry and offers her power and accessibility. He's shrouded in mystery and doesn't let on what exactly he is, only saying that he made a deal with Cherry to help her out.

In reality, he is one of the many former demon princes and presidents of Hell— the hierarchy called the Ars Goetia which was responsible for repressing the Apocalytes and a former branch of the Deathmoon Family. The whole organization was destroyed by an elaborate coup made by the Apocalyean leaders at the time, with its members scattered and defeated.

Elan Altozel

Not a survivor per se, but definitely not a villain— Elan is the non-violent Dullahan brother of the Altozel sisters who got his head stolen away and left for dead in a ditch. Ever since then, he's had it replaced with a pumpkin (without his consent) and roams the land while keeping to himself.

He's always hated the way things work in his home country, but doesn't find his chances very fair (one to a million)— so he becomes a part of the Cavalry Saviors as a testament to his loyalty. He is constantly referred to as "the pumpkin man" by the others, much to his dismay.

Lucera Joy

A large and buff nurse who works for the hospital.

Garland Ventelle

The youngest out of the Ventelles and the only brother of the bunch, standing at sixteen. He is a skilled magic user and axeman, but is usually meek and nonconfrontational. That is, until the Nachzehrer attacked and he had to go around to see if his sisters were alright, bumping into Lucera not long after.

     United Lunardream Church 

Fidele Astelian


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