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    Max Hunter 
Actor: Stony Blyden


  • Demoted to Extra / Advertised Extra: Despite being The Protagonist of the first season, he plays a much lesser role in Season 2, only appearing in about half of the episodes. Despite this, he remains credited in the opening titles.
  • The Nicknamer: Gives the nicknames Anika and Daniel "Spunky Monkey" and "Canned Ham" respectively. He also calls Tess "Odd Girl" and she likes it. Also names Saganash's henchperson "Hoodiehead".
  • The Prankster: His most prominent achievement was a stray dog stampede inside a house.
  • Put on a Bus: After previously being Demoted to Extra in Season 2, he is completely absent in Season 3, where he is explained that he's spending time with his biological parents.

    Tess Hunter 
Actor: Mae Mae Renfrow


  • Book Worm: If you manage to get her to look at you for even 3 seconds while she has a book, it's quite an achievement.
  • Crazy-Prepared: When required to get through a gate padlocked with a chain, she instantly produces a pair of boltcutters. Given that she'd been to the site the day before, she anticipated it would be locked the next day.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Not frequently, but enjoys a good snark on occasion.
  • Lethal Chef: Tess insists on making breakfast and says she's a great cook. Cut to serving badly burned pancakes, Anika looking physically ill and Max deciding to order food in.
  • Put on a Bus: She hasn't appeared in Season 3, with it being explained that she's in Africa for charity work.

    Daniel Hunter 
Actor: Thomas Jansen


  • Demoted to Extra / Advertised Extra: Similar to Max, he's a major character in the first season, but plays a lesser role in Season 2, only appearing in about half of the episodes. He no longer even lives in the Hunter home. Despite that, he still appears in the opening titles with the other Hunter children.
  • Dumb Jock: Daniel plays the role perfectly, having lots of muscles, but not a lot of intellectual capability.
  • Hidden Depths: Max needs new shoes as his current pair are wearing out. Daniel immediately starts a lecture on how proper footwear is important to avoid injury. Cue the rest of his siblings staring in surprise. Justified because as a physical fitness enthusiast, he would know this.
  • Real Men Wear Pink: Taking on the role of family chef in order to prevent Tess from doing it again, Daniel discovers he has a talent for gourmet cooking and takes pride in his newly acquired skill. He's also a competitive level dancer and volunteers to teach his little sister this talent.
  • Put on a Bus: In Season 3, with no explanation beyond him just being busy in the police force.

    Anika Hunter 
Actor: Kyra Isako Smith


  • Cheerful Child: And energetic as well.
  • Hidden Depths: Anika is an expert in local history, because she likes to study the past.
  • Know-Nothing Know-It-All: It's played with as she has to give some northern tourists a tour of the museum without much preparation and has to come up with something to say about each artifact on the spot. None of what she says turns out to be remotely true. But her audience is highly entertained regardless and are disappointed when she gives the official tour properly. They even ask her to continue making up stories.
  • Miss Imagination: Although fairly level headed most of the time, Anika will often come up with improbable and nonsensical theories to explain unusual circumstances. Which is why none of her siblings believe her when she sees the very real ghostly Josephine Hunter show her how to find the room where the Blue Diamond is hidden.
  • MotorMouth: She has a lot to say and says it very fast, very often.

    Sal Hunter 
Actor: Daan Creyghton


  • Child Prodigy: He has coded several apps by the time the show commences and uses source code background commands to browse the internet. He's also a Grade Skipper due to this intellect, Max is quite surprised to learn they are in the same class, given their age difference.
  • Public Hater, Private Fan: He spends all episode saying how unrealistic McMacho is and challenges Max to prove it by having each of them construct two traps to find out which one is superior. When Max quotes a line from a McMacho episode after his trap is effective, Sal instantly cites the episode name and number that the quote originated from. Then he tries to claim he only watched a few episodes.

     Jake Hunter 
Actor: Wilson Radjou-Pujalte


  • Nightmare Fetishist: When Sal placed a fake rat on his drawing table in an effort to scare him, Jake is shocked at first but then says it's cool and touches it.
  • Super Identikit: Jake is great at drawing comics. After their encounter with Jerry, Jake sketches out his face.

    Evie Hunter 
Actor: Kate Bensdorp


  • Cheerful Child: After being part of the Hunter family for a while, she develops into this kind of person.
  • The Quiet One: For most of her first appearances, she never talks, causing her new family to wonder if she even can speak. When she later gains the confidence to talk, she'll only say a few words, but will occasionally utter a complete sentence if she has information to impart. Most of the time though, she just communicates through facial expressions and head/body movements.

    Secondary Characters 

Erik Hunter

Actor:Ronald Top


  • Papa Wolf: When he finds Lucia (Evie's stepmother) in the Hunter home trying to take Evie back without consent, he tells her Evie is not leaving and warns Lucia never to come back again. Not played for comedy and he's definitely intimidating Lucia. It's important to note that Lucia intentionally waited for Erik to leave the house before trying to take her stepdaughter, that's how much she wanted to avoid him!

Kate Hunter

Actor:Tooske Ragas

Tim Turkel

Actor:Barnabay Savage
  • Not So Above It All: When Tim mentions that if Max fails to place with the Hunters, he will end up at a strict orphanage. Max says he heard that they get served gruel every day and Tim tells him that it isn't true, the gruel is only served six days a week and the seventh day you go hungry. Then he clarifies he was joking.

Simone Smith

Actor:Yootha Wong-Loi-Sing


Actor:Dawn Mastin

    The Saganash Family 

Sophie Saganash

Actor:Zoe Harding
  • Friendless Background: She was educated with hired tutors at home and never attended school, with the result of never having social interaction at all prior to meeting the Hunters.
  • Genre Savvy: Doesn't fall for Max's carefully planned Good Cop/Bad Cop routine and tells him "she's seen all those movies too".
  • HoodieHead Is a Girl: The mysterious hooded henchperson turns out to be Sophie when the Hunters manage a successful capture.
  • Secret Identity Vocal Shift: When disguised as HoodieHead, Sophie has a vocal modulator to change her voice to be unrecognizable.


Actor:Michael Krass
  • The Voice: Only seen in the season final episode. In all other appearances, he was either speaking from an hidden room or over the phone. Since the Hunters have never seen him in person, Daniel assumes the hooded henchperson they keep encountering is Saganash. She isn't.
  • Nice Job Fixing It, Villain!: Max claims to Sophie that they have a green diamond worth more then the other two diamonds combined. Shortly thereafter he texts Sophie and says she will be allowed to return home if she obtains the fictional green diamond. Given that she didn't tell him it existed, Sal works out that her phone has a audio monitoring device hidden inside it. And displeased with how unpleasantly he treats her, Sophie joins forces with the Hunters to defeat him.

    The Bruhls 


Actor:Cees Geel
  • Real Estate Scam: Bruhl is using this tactic to force the Hunters to leave their home so the block can be demolished to build his grand luxury hotel, because they are the only ones who refused his offer to sell their house. His first attempt involves having a relative pose as a building inspector and claim the building is structurally unsound. The next attempt is a forged Eviction notice and hired thugs to force them to leave their home. Both times he is outwitted by the Hunter children.

Janine Bruhl

Actor:Liora Kats

Julius Bruhl

Actor:Amedeo Feingold

  • Single-Minded Twins: They like video games and tormenting those they despise. Their nicknames are: Pain and Suffering, Doom and Gloom, Bumps and Bruises.
  • Sweet Tooth: When Anika is attempting to be friendly toward them, they mostly ignore her until she produces a large bag of sweets. Then she has their undivided attention.


Actor:Kes Baxter

    Other Characters 

Ms Clutterbeak

Actor:Eva Van Der Gucht

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