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  • A subplot in "The Wannabe in the Weeds" had a stalker of the victim of the week transfer her affections toward Booth. At the end of the episode, she shows up at the karaoke bar all the characters are at and prepares to shoot Brennan, whom she sees as an obstacle. Before she can, Booth stands up and reaches for his gun and the stalker accidentally shoots him. Brennan goes to him and when the stalker prepares to shoot her, too, Brennan, in one swift motion, picks up Booth's gun, shoots the stalker in the neck, and goes back to Booth.
  • Also, In order to keep her father from being convicted of murder and probably receiving the death penalty, Brennan implicates herself in the murder in order to give the jury plausible deniability. It works.
    • Angela has her own in that episode, when she refuses to testify against Brennan's father:
    Angela: I've got nothing to say.
    Caroline: You're under oath as a material witness, Ms. Montenegro.
    Angela: I swore to tell the truth, and the truth is that I am not saying anything.
    Caroline: Judge Haddoes, could you ...
    Judge Haddoes: The witness will answer.
    Angela No, the witness will not.
    Brennan: Angela, answer!
    Judge Haddoes: Silence, please. The witness will answer, or will find her in contempt.
    Angela: (to the judge) Is there any way that I could talk you out of that?
    Judge Haddoes: Why would you call a witness you knew wouldn't answer?
    Caroline: I figured once she got up here and saw your scary face she'd rethink her options.
    Angela: I'm taking the Fifth.
    Caroline: Chérie, the Fifth refers to the Fifth Amendment, which protect you from being forced to incriminate yourself.
    Angela: Okay, alright, well, the First Amendment protects freedom of association, right? Which means that it protects friendship. So I'm taking the First. Which, is even better than taking the Fifth.
    Judge Haddoes: There is no friendship in a homicide trial! This is he Federal District Court for the District of Columbia, United States of America! When this asks you a question, you answer, or you pay the ferryman.
    Angela: It ain't gonna happen.
  • "The Double Trouble in the Panhandle" has Booth and Brennan going undercover as a knife-throwing act to discover the truth behind the murder of two conjoined twins who were members of a circus. Booth and Brennan put on a show which involves Booth throwing knives targets dangerously close to Brennan, including a fake red nose on her face. Booth hits the mark every single time. Points to Brennan for her trust in Booth's aim.
  • In “The Baby in the Bough”, Brennan showing her first shades of just how much a Mama Bear she can be long before becoming a mother herself when confronting the killer of that episode’s victim.
    Brennan: There was. A baby. In that car! You son of a bitch!
  • Bones and Booth have been questioning a gang leader, who, true to form, has been hitting on Bones the entire interview. While they're waiting by the elevator, Bones provokes the guy into grabbing her arm in an aggressive manner, which is technically assault. She then proceeds to beat the snot out of him in "self-defense".
    Booth: "Feel better?"
    Bones(breathing heavily): "I think I do, yeah."
    • At the end of that episode, said gang leader has put a hit on Bones. Booth tracks him down, shoves a revolver into his mouth, and orders him to take the hit off, or he'll kill him.
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  • "The Pain in the Heart": Brennan convincing Zack to give up Gormogon by pure logic. Logic which proves he's not a sociopath.
  • The pilot episode has one where Brennan confronts the killer, who is dousing a room with evidence in gasoline. When Brennan says she can't let him destroy evidence, he pulls out a lighter and does the whole "try and stop me and we both burn" thing. Brennan immediately whips out her revolver and shoots him in the leg.
  • There's one episode whose subplot has the team undergoing security evaluations. The last one is Bones. Pickering asks her about a certain incident in her past. Bones picks up the phone and dials a number.
    Bones: Hello? This is Brennan. you told me to call this number if anyone asks about...him.
    Then she hands the phone to Pickering. By the time whoever's on the other end gets done, Pickering is looking rather disturbed.
    Bones: Are we done?
    Pickering: Yes. In fact. The entire review is suspended. I'm to stay here until someone comes to burn my notes.
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  • Greg Dored, the victim from episode "The Bond in the Boot", was an unassuming CIA analyst who managed to break his ankle twice trying and failing to complete an entry level obstacle course. However, when he picked up chatter about a plot to smuggle contraband into the country and his boss refused to act on his information, he went rogue on his own. By himself, he took down a Ex-Russian special forces soldier who was acting as a courier, hid the contraband and sent his girlfriend an encoded picture with the location so that it could be found after his death. He was then captured by the group who wanted whatever they had smuggled into the country. They bound his hands and feet together and hung him up in a position known as "the swallow". He then had over 24 holes drilled into his arm with a diamond cutting laser. Throughout it all he never talked and was eventually kept in the torture position so long that he asphyxiated and died. The CIA was so impressed by his loyalty and sacrifice they retroactively made him an agent so that they could honor him with a star on their wall of unnamed fallen Agents.
  • In the episode "The Hero in the Hold", Brennan and Sweets are interrogating the Gravedigger. After she finds out where she hid Booth, Brennan starts to walk out, picks up a briefcase, turns around, and smacks the living HELL out of her, drops it, and walks off.
    • In the next episode with the Gravedigger The Boy With The Answer after she has had all the evidence found in the previous Gravedigger episode thrown out and they find out that Bones, Hodgins, and Booth can't both investigate and be plaintiffs, they pin their hopes on a single case throwing out their own cases and it pays off when they find a dust mite between the victim's teeth. The look on Taffet's face of complete and utter shock and the way she is rattled is totally satisfying considering she had spent the whole episode completely smug.
  • In the episode "The Princess and the Pear", Sweets and Brennan are run off the road by a Black Knight. Sweets gets knocked out, and the Knight steals the Excalibur sword from their backseat. Brennan manages to get out of the car and proceeds to kick the Knight's ass and disarms him of the sword.
  • Cam manages this against Pelant by being a Spanner in the Works. She is the only person who doesn't play his game, by doing her job instead of what she wants to do even as it's killing her and as is pointed out by Caroline, is the only reason people who have a chance at stopping Pelant are still on the case.
  • Booth gets one in "The Proof in the Pudding" when a pack led by the Smug Snake "Mr. White", commandeer the lab and refuse to let the team do their work properly. Booth decides that We Need a Distraction. He starts off by cuffing Mr. White to a rail and flipping him over it...
    Booth: You know what, your job is to protect the president, mine's to solve murders. * heave*
    • He then leads Mr. White's thug squad on a merry chase through the lab, dispatching them with nothing but handcuffs and his own considerable skills. One Genre Blind agent thinks he has the upper hand...
      Agent: (* arrogantly* ) What d'ya got, Feeb?
      Booth: * Groin Attack* Good old American classic in my hometown. * cuff*
    • "Cocky", indeed. The team is properly impressed:
      Sweets: That was totally ninja!
    • Andrew, sadly, misses his chance for Big Damn Heroes duty.
      Andrew: Ten seconds earlier I would've been the hero, right?
  • Bones and Hodgins finding ways to prolong their air supply and signal their location while buried alive in "Aliens in a Spaceship."
    • Booth also gets one later on in the episode when he digs Brennan and Hodgins out of the ground with his bare hands!
      • Credit goes to the whole team digging through the dirt, Booth was just lucky enough to find them first.
  • At the beginning of "The Mastodon in the Room", Brennan and Daisy are accosted by a group of armed guerrillas. Brennan's response? Beating the snot out of them with a shovel.
  • In The Bullet in the Brain, Booth confronts his mentor, Broadsky, who has gone rogue and who is quite possibly the only sniper on earth as good as he is, on private property that his mentor bought under Booth's name, and stares him down cold. He stays on one side of the property line, telling Booth that if he wants the evidence that will prove it, he'll have to cross that line with a search warrant.
    Booth: *jumps the fence* I don't need a warrant. This land belongs to Seeley Booth.
    • Complete with an epic Oh, Crap! moment from Broadsky and equally epic cocky smile from Booth.
    • Caroline gets one when she manages to help shake Sweets out of his Heroic BSoD.
  • In The Hole in the Heart, Booth and Broadsky's hide and go seek sniper showdown. Booth has pursued Broadsky to his base of operations, a dockyard maze of shipping containers where Broadsky is not only intimately familiar with the territory but armed with a customized precision rifle that insanely outperforms Booth's FBI-approved mass-production longarm. Booth, however, gets one game-breaking advantage - Bones and the Squints, who've been puzzling over some odd cracks in the skull of one of Broadsky's victims for the entire episode, realize that due to Booth's trick shot on Broadsky in their previous encounter...
    Booth's eyes light up - With his hand in a cast, Broadsky can only rest the gun barrel on his arm and is incapable of gripping the barrel and aiming downwards.
    Booth: You may have just saved my life.
    • Booth thus goes against his training and stays on the ground, while Broadsky follows that training, takes the high ground, and is left wide open when Booth shoots his other hand before he can change cover, resulting in the CMOA-
    Booth: [from out of nowhere] Drop your weapon or I'll blow your head off.
  • The Human vs. T-Rex arm wrestling match in "The Hole in the Heart," made even more awesome by the fact that the human wins.
  • In The Body in the Bounty Dr. Benson Jude, the Science Dude wants Brennan to be on his show but she rejects him, believing his show and thus himself aren't true science. Cam offers to have him be her intern for the week. Brennan watches as he gags at the sight of the body and at first it looks like she was correct. But then Jude fights through the nausea and reveals a fact even Cam didn't know. By the end of the episode he has completely won Brennan over.
  • The sheriff in The X In The Files stonewalling Booth and Brennan from taking the body away by showing that, despite appearing a bit dippy, he does know the law. Then shows how genre savvy he is by pointing out that if he lets the FBI ship what many believe is an alien to DC to have secret tests done it will only cause more problems.
    • He later ends up helping Booth get a vital clue without needing a warrant by pointing out a sign the killer themselves put up that supersedes the need for one.
  • A brief moment, but at one point, Bones and Booth consult the chiropractor of the victim. After helping them, Bones thanks him, even though he's not a medical doctor. He immediately fires back that she isn't either. Of course, the chiropractor ended up as the killer, but it's nice to see Bones taken down a peg now and then.
  • In Finn's intro episode, everyone seems uneasy around him, believing that he may have murdered his stepfather who disappeared without a trace. Brennan operates on logic, trusting his skills for most of the episode before simply asking him for the truth. Then it turns out that he had considered murder (since the stepfather was abusive of both Finn and Finn's mother) but then Finn found an article by Brennan and immediately decided A) he'd never get away with it with her around and B) he wanted to work for her.
    • Finn manages to get 2 big awesome moments in his intro episode, one in present day and one in backstory. The backstory one involved him managing to scare off his abusive stepfather by threatening to kill him if the man ever touched Finn's mother again; it was a bluff but a good enough bluff to make the stepfather drop off the map completely. The present day one involves Finn endearing himself to Hodgins by using knowledge of snakes to save a snake that had swallowed evidence; using a combination of cold temperature to slow digestion and triggering an instinctive reaction in the snake that caused it to vomit up what it had swallowed to scare off a predator, Finn gets the evidence without harming a single scale on the snake, something that had been worrying Hodgins since the snake had come in.
  • Booth gets a big one in the episode "Two Bodies in the Lab" when he risks his life to rescue Brennan from a murderer, despite having just barely survived a freaking explosion!!
  • Zack Addy had his own Crowning Moment in "The Wannabe in the Weeds", when he told Hodgins that he had taken singing lessons as a child. When Hodgins expressed doubt that Zack could sing, Zack started belting out "Love Is a Many Splendored Thing", drawing an audience from the other Jeffersonian staff members. Before leaving, Angela turned to Zack, mouthed "Wow!" and gave him a thumbs up.
  • In "The Passenger in the Oven", a woman is murdered on Booth and Brennan's flight to China. The plane is considered American soil until they land in China, so they have to solve the murder while the plane is still in the air or lose jurisdiction to the Chinese. They finally have enough evidence that Caroline can sign the arrest warrant with literally seconds to spare.
    Brennan: Booth, I can see people, we have less than 30 seconds!
    Caroline: Booth!
    Booth: (on the phone with Caroline and Cam) Caroline, you gotta trust me on this.
    Caroline: Make the case, agent Booth. Something more than motive!
    Brennan: Booth, if this missing video game turns out to be the computer chip embedded in the victim's sternum...
    Booth: Where'd you lose the cartridge, Eli? (to Caroline) We got forensic corroboration. The moment this plane touches down, I lose jurisdiction!
    Caroline: This better be a good—
    Cam: Sign the warrant! Please?
    Caroline: Okay! Make the arrest.
    Booth: Eli Bilbrey, I am placing you under arrest for the murder of Elizabeth Jones. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law, because this is the United States of America!
    (plane touches down)
  • Arastoo gets one in "The Patriot in Purgatory" when Finn mistakenly assumes that the case at hand (a possible 9/11 victim) was too much for Arastoo since both he and the terrorists share the same religion. Then this happens:
    Arastoo: Is it too difficult for you to work with Dr. Edison?
    Finn: Um … excuse me?
    Arastoo: You share the same religion with men who cherry-picked the Bible to justify slavery.
    Finn: I'm sorry. I didn't mean nothing.
    Arastoo: But still your words have meaning, don't they, Mr. Abernathy? Those assumptions you made, those quick generalizations. What about the vengeance and the bloodshed in the Old Testament?
    Clark: Okay. He's just a kid, Arastoo.
    Arastoo: If he's not old enough to know, he's certainly old enough to learn. The Crusades, the Inquisition, are these events guided by a religion of peace? No, they were guided by self-important men who think they know more than the God they claim to worship. This was not the work of religion. It was arrogance. It was hypocrisy. It was hate. Those horrible men who hijacked those planes hijacked my religion that day, too. They insulted my God. So, no, this isn't too difficult. It's a privilege to be able to serve this victim, to show him the care and love that was so absent that day.
    • Made even better by Finn apologizing and thanking Arastoo for setting him straight.
    • The victim deserves some praise too. A former soldier with PTSD reduced to live on the streets, on 9/11 was in front of the Pentagon shouting for his fallen squad-mates to get awarded with the Silver Star. When the plane came, a small piece of debris broke his rib, but he went into the building and saved three people trapped. He had to lift over 400 pounds, way more than what his body could handle, the strain caused his rib to completely break and puncturing his lung, causing his death ten days later. The Jeffersonian crew gave him back his identity and got a funeral with full military honors. No One Gets Left Behind.
  • Arastoo also gets one in “A Day In The Life” as he tries desperately to hold the lab door open long enough for everyone to finish getting out before everything blows.
  • In the first, Booth and Bones are talking while Bones practices on a shooting range. At some point, she goads Booth into taking a shot with her gun, which ends up missing the bullseye by a significant portion. Just after Bones departs, Booth quick-draws his sidearm and puts three shots in the bullseye.
  • Booth finally shooting Pelant in "The Corpse In The Canopy." Ever since his introduction, Pelant's been walking away smelling like roses whenever he shows up. But this time, as he makes his getaway, Booth manages to line up a shot, and NAILS Pelant right in the head, complete with epic blood spatter and his getaway car careening out of sight. We later see Pelant's Plot Armor kick back in via Author's Saving Throw - Booth's shot misses everything vital, and Pelant just kills a vet during The Stinger to access medical supplies for stitching his face up - but seeing someone finally do permanent damage to the Smug Snake was absolutely cathartic.
    • Much later on, Pelant tries to get Booth to make a Sadistic Choice while he's holding Brennan hostage. Brennan just tells Booth to shoot, and he nails Pelant square in the neck. He doesn't get back up. Booth finally wiped out that son of a bitch.
    • Pelant had tried something similar (though smaller scale) before, in the same episode Booth shoots him in, draining Hodgins' bank accounts from the same server that had a drone targeting a school, so stopping one meant the other would go through. Hodgins doesn't even hesitate giving up all his money to save the girls in the school, and it nicely shows just how much Pelant's intelligence fails when up against the Jeffersonian team, that in trying to put them in a Sadistic Choice scenario, he doesn't get that they'll look out for others before themselves.
  • A Meta one for the writers of The Witch in the Wardrobe. We see a standard scene with Product Placement, in this case a Prius, showing off the "stay in your lane feature". . . which immediately gets Hodgins and Angela arrested and stuck in jail, thanks to some old bench warrants and a sheriff who takes his job very seriously. This leads to Hodgins and Angela reconnecting, leading to their wedding at the end of the episode (while still in jail). Yes ladies and gentlemen, these writers made mandatory Product Placement into an event that permanently altered the dynamics of the series.
  • "The Pathos in the Pathogens" shows just how awesome the team can be when motivated by one of their own being in danger, when an accident sees Arastoo get infected with the same unknown virus that killed the victim of the week. Hodgins comes up with a way to slow the virus down just enough, Booth drags the killer into the lockdowned Jeffersonian in order to shove his face very close to the victim's bones in order to try to get him to tell them where the cure is (which would be a confession), and, ultimately, Brennan stabs the killer with a needle that she says is full of the virus (which works, because as far as the killer knows, saying nothing would be a death sentence). Brennan was lying about the virus, but she flat-out tells Booth that if she had had a live virus syringe, she would have used it. Do not mess with anyone on this team.
  • Booth isn't someone to be messed with, especially if he's interrogating. When investigating the death of a former foreign Child Soldier he came across a wanted war criminal. While he didn't get him to confess, it's later shown he didn't need to. As long as the suspect said even a word, Booth would have what he needs to identify him. There is a reason he is the best at his job, people!
    • It's also one for Angela since she is the one who manages to compare the voices and reveal they are one and the same.
  • Booth in "The Bones that Foam" getting a suspect to reveal the information he needed by driving like a maniac towards a railroad.
  • When it looked like a potential suspect was choking a professional hot-dog eater, Bones immediately runs over and promptly throws him down to the ground. While pregnant.
  • The Season 9 finale. Three, count 'em, three rogue Delta Force soldiers go into the Booth-Brennan household intent on killing Booth and anyone who got in their way. At the end of the night they leave in body-bags.
  • In "The Bones That Weren't," Sweets interviews a street performer who only speaks in Shakespeare quotes. He holds a conversation and gets information about the murder victim - entirely from memory, not consulting any reference works in the process.
  • In "The Future in the Past", when Booth places the murder weapon in front of Pelant. Seeing the light and smug Jerkass attitude just drain out of the little shit was the most satisfying thing I've seen in a long time.
  • In "The Signs in the Silence," Booth is interrogating the couple who kidnapped a young deaf girl when she was three and had been abusing her. When the wife starts to crack and begins to confess, the husband loses it and slaps her in the face. What does Booth do? Slams the asshole against the wall and punches him in the face.
    • Later on, Booth is talking to the couple again before they are sent to jail and just as he's about to leave, he says that the only good thing about this is that he knows what they do to child abusers in prison.
    • A fairly unnoticed one; despite Bones praising Booth's assault on the husband, Booth refuses to be proud of his actions and is adamant that while he'd do anything to protect Parker, he never wants his son to see him lose control like that.
    • Sweets is awesome throughout. From convincing Bones to be gentle with the girl by playing on their (the girl, Bones and himself) shared experience in the foster care system to playing the good cop to the couple to draw out a confession (even though every word is probably making him sick), the man deserves a medal.
    • Also Brennan herself for how she figured out that the couple are kidnappers. She couldn't logically make sense of their actions because one of them should have the same medical condition that's causing the girl's deafness, which leads to her "Eureka!" Moment. She then storms up to each parent and squeezes their septum, demonstrating that neither of them have the condition. Due to how it's inherited, that makes it impossible for them to be the biological parents.
  • In a Season 11 episode featuring a victim who was an escapologist (in line of Harry Houdini), Bones has spent the whole episode deriding magic tricks and seeing through any the team try to show off. Towards the end of the episode, Booth demonstrates a trick where he folds up an important paper, rips it to pieces, palms the pieces...and makes the perfectly-fine-aside-from-having-been-folded piece of paper appear in Bones' pocket. Bones cannot figure out how he did it.
  • In "The Doom in the Boom", Hodgins finds a ringing cell phone in the pocket of the Victim of the Week. Aubrey puts it together in seconds, hurls Hodgins away with one arm and jumps on him.
  • When Gordon Gordon returns to read over Sweets' notes to see if he can find something to clear Zack, he manages to find a body that has been buried and unlocateable for over a year (namely because the killer is now dead) with help from Hodgins. And this time, the evidence can't be thrown out.
  • In the series finale, all of the remaining interns are forced to figure out what Bones' notes she was desperate to retrieve mean, since Bones herself has completely forgotten all of her medical knowledge. They manage flawlessly.
  • Hodgins talking Booth out of blowing a hole in the wall with the remaining bomb in the finale. He tells Booth it’s too dangerous and Booth replies that he’s worried about Brennan having her head injury. Hodgins yells back that he just saw his pregnant wife thrown against a wall and Booth isn’t the only one worrying. He says Booth has munitions training and should know better. Booth relents and moves away from the bomb, after which Hodgins rolls his chair closer to Booth and says he was right to kill the war criminal father of the guy who blew up the lab.

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